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“Ming Feizhen.” Boss eyes were hard-rimmed and fixed as though theyd rusted into place. “Dont put yourself on a pedestal. Is this time to be worrying about this kind of trivial stuff”

I held my gaze: “I dont believe theres anything that requires you to sacrifice your life for. Letting you venture into the Seven Champion White Princes territory on your own was the first time. Disregarding your safety to stay with River Monster and Poison King was the second time. If I let you risk your life a third time, Id be irredeemably stupid.”

“As vice-captain of Liu Shan Men, its not called risking my life but doing whats right.”

“Your definition ofright doesnt align with mine. I cant turn a blind eye to your condition.”

Boss Shen didnt argue once I mentioned her condition or give a reaction.

“Mm, insomnia could be minor or serious. For as long as Ive known you, you always work until the middle of the night and sleep no more than six hours. Your average is even less than that. I havent seen you sleep once since meeting up with you. Youre not Su Xiao; you dont need me lecturing you about how vital sleep is, do you”

“I understand.” Still holding onto her brush and leaning on her desk, Boss asserted, “Ill ask the imperial doctor with His Majesty to check me. Dont worry. Ive said what I have to, so you can leave now.”

“Thats not necessary. I can answer on the doctors behalf. I can prescribe any medication he can. Thing is, none of the medications we can prescribe now are fit for your condition. To treat a condition, it starts with a correct diagnosis. Boss, I need you to answer my question: what happened to you While you can soldier through it, you have two eyes and a mouth just as every other human does. No human is immune to sleep deprivations consequences. We will be surrounded by danger on all sides starting from tomorrow. If your sleep deprivation affects you for even a second, you could lose your life. Thats what I mean by risking your life. Its not the right thing to do; its just being asinine.”

Seeing Boss face turn white as though it was the moons work, I elaborated, “Though your insomnia is showing up now, it mustve been gradually deteriorating until what it is now. Commonly, insomnia has to do with psychological issues. Im sure you noticed signs of its onset until it reached the current stage.”

“Thats merely your conjecture. Ive never been one to sleep much and have been busier recently. Not everybody sleeps as much as you do. I take naps when youre not around. Im just being vigil nowadays since were in foreign territory.”

“I dont know the cause of your condition, but I suspect it worsened recently. It might be due to your injuries…” I gazed down to Boss left hand. “Or… stress you never shared.”

“… Enough.”

“The impact of your left hands injury is more troubling than I imagined.”

“Enough! I dont need your diagnosis. Ming Feizhen, just take care of yourself.”

I think I poked a sore spot or something for Boss to be that sullen.

“You live blithely. You are negligent at work, and now youre not even seeing the priorities here. I dont need you here. Get lost, and reflect on yourself.”

I also started to feel frustrated. “Think before you speak. I forewent eating and sleeping to rescue you, yet youre going to accuse me of making light of negligence of duty”

Boss cracked a sardonic smile: “What about Wutong Jin Yuxuan Yu Feiyuan and Abbess Huofeng are your childhood friends, arent they Youre engaged to Interim Patriarch Yu, arent you You found me and happened to meet with your lover. Wow, what a tough job. Mustve been hard on you.”

“The reason for our engagement is a misunderstanding between our elders. She and I… My personal business doesnt have anything to do with work. Are you telling me you dont know if Ive been negligent of my duty or not”

“I thought you only had eyes for your aunt, but what do you know You even have a fiancée Thats Mount Daluos future patriarch for you, one woman in each arm.”

“Whats your point Werent you the one who said she doesnt care about my background”

“I can ignore it, but does that change the facts I dont know what youre condescending yourself to work as a small-time constable at Liu Shan Men for; however, it cant be to uphold justice, can it How about you confess why you joined How much of what you tell me is true I dont even know who you are!”

I stomped to my feet and took a few shallow breaths before I calmed down. “… True, I joined with my own agenda. I know what Im doing, though, and I know what the path I chose is. Have I ever betrayed you once since joining Have I really been negligent in my duties”

“… Where is Tang Ye right now”

Tang Ye… I admit to negligence. I doubted anyone could understand the bet I made on Tang Ye, nevertheless, so I couldnt bring it up.

“… Instead of worrying about my private issues, how about you focus on fulfilling your responsibilities, Future Mount Daluo Patriarch. Although Liu Shan Men has fallen from grace, please do not treat it as your playground.”

“You said” - my throat suddenly felt excruciatingly dry - “that, no matter who I am, I am your reliable subordinate. Is that… true”

Boss hung her head. “Just formality. Whod take it serious”

I exhaled slowly through my nose and walked out.-

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