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“Thats it You couldve had someone pass on such a trivial message. I told you and Poison King to keep an eye on Canhu Town in case Night Fortress master tries something again. You know how derelict what were doing is, yet you are dismissing priorities Go back!” Abels emotions were rather unpredictable recently. True, he was harder to guess the more his martial arts skills improved. Having said that, he was emotional whenever he conversed with River Monster. “Do what you will with Shen Yiren as long as it doesnt impact my plan. Im done talking, so you can leave.”

River Monster just shook in spot, teeth and lips glued together.

“What” Abels coldly asked.

“… Youve changed a lot.”

“Explain yourself.”

“Havent you noticed” River Monster tucked her arms under her bosom and continued, “Ever since… you got hurt at Shaolin Temple, you not only failed to recover your full abilities but also changed the way you approach things. What can Luo Ming provide us with that is worth us risking our lives for You know how many brothers have died since arriving in the Central Plain, yet you never spared a thought for them because youre so fixated on helping Luo Ming forge a sword.”

Virtually skewering River Monster with his eyes, Abels replied, “Since when did you have the right to dispute my decisions I know what Im doing.”

“Why do the imperial court members matter We know firsthand that they arent weak. Were bandits. Are you telling me you dont know how perilous it is to challenge them to fair fights Even if we could win fair and square, is it worth the sacrifices”

“I already mentioned we need to proceed from the shadows. We have to convince Canhu Town that the imperial courts group is responsible for Luo Yans deeds. The opportunity to strike is ripe once they buy the story, and we fan the flames. Thats the task I gave you. Did it go out your other ear”

“I remember every word you said. I just dont understand why we have to put our lives on the line when we there was never any animosity between us and the imperial court. If anything, we started the fight. You dont mean to tell me that were fighting them solely because theyre searching for Shen Yiren, do you”

“I dont owe you an explanation. Are you… challenging my authority right now”

“I am. I am challenging your authority right now. My men will die under my leadership. I have the right to know why my men must offer their lives.”

Abels got to his feet and stared down at his woman as if she was his enemy: “Because I, I am your master!”

River Monster stood her ground to reply, “What did Luo Ming promise you Land or women How did he buy your loyalty”

Abels refused to answer for the reason that he couldnt silence intrepid River Monster with pressure.

River Monster inhaled slowly and exhaled softly: “Do you know how we got to where we are Do you know why we have a one hundred percent success rate Because of you. Our brothers look up to you. You weathered death and spent dozens of years in a desert for revenge. Every kid in Tiezhen Kingdom knows your story. Every teenager admires your courage. Our men see you as the invincible eagle that the heavens cant stop from reaching them, not a thief who covets paltry sums. Can you tell me what happened and why you want them to die for you”

“… You came here to spout this tripe”

River Monster almost recoiled.

“While Im busy with pertinent matters, all you do is throw tantrums and get jealous. All you do is get in my way, you disgrace of Nanjiangs imperial family.”

As if a fire-seed bloomed inside her, River Monster quavered, “H-how did I throw tantrums and get in your way”

“I merely want Shen Yiren for a sacrifice, yet you harboured jealousy and wanted to kill her. Are you denying that Mountain Monster only loves Ox Demon and works for me, so why are you doubtful of her all the time I ordered you to fight the imperial courts lapdogs to get rid of roadblocks in the way, yet you think its for Shen Yiren All youve brought up since arriving here today is your jealousy. Ive had enough of you for some time now.”


Abels instantly pushed River Monsters hand on her sword hilt, sheathing the sword she attempted to draw: “You realise how big the gap between our skills is Upset Not satisfied Leave, then. Before you leave, however, you need to complete your mission as a member of Evil Spirits.

“… Fine! Once Im done killing those imperial court lapdogs, we will go our own ways!”


River Monster stormed the door down with her foot upon returning to her lodging, stomped over to Shen Yirens bed as if she was performing a night raid and plunged her sword into the bed in precise locations - in line with Shen Yirens throat, abdomen, heart and between the eyes.

“You wouldnt even know how you died. What fun is there to your life How about I end your life, and we consider ourselves even!”

River Monster then discarded her sword aggressively before sobbing in her room, the only place she could cry her heart out without having to worry about her image or her subordinates seeing her. Once her handkerchief was too drenched to absorb any more tears, she threw it on the ground in frustration. Upon seeing a white handkerchief come into her sights, she took it to wipe her tears.

Wait, where did the handkerchief come from

River Monster raised her head to see an elder sighing: “Zhong Ning! What are you doing here!”-

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