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“Weak. Too weak.” The victorious man pulled his arm back with his lips going from ear to ear. “Yan Ling Nineteen Slashes claims to be the number one in Shandong, yet…”

The masked man whipped his hand, lodging droplets of blood into the ground - a sign of immense strength. Like a man with a broken soul after taking one palm strike, his opponent gasped blood moments after taking damage, and the wind blowing fearfully in the silence at the outskirts of Canhu Town dropped his opponent.

“… he only lasted one punch”

The man wearing an odd outfit over his buff physique fastened a big weapon on his back with a thick strip of cloth - presumably a broadsword judging from its handle - and another enormous back that appeared cumbersome. He made no effort to hide the variety of weapons hanging out despite the weapon theft case still being investigated.

Unsurprisingly, it took less than fifteen minutes for virtually the entire town to catch wind of the man strutting around with a weapon collection, drawing people en masse. That was exactly what he wanted and why he flamboyantly challenged people as he strolled around. The man started smashing people and then taking their weapons before continuing on not long ago, starting from the south and collecting a dozen-odd by the time he reached the east side. It was the first time that somebody brazenly stole weapons, yet nobody else dared to challenge the man after he demonstrated what “crushing defeat” meant.

The man didnt celebrate or even smile as he added Yan Ling Nineteen Slashes weapon - Purple-Gold Yan Ling Broadsword - to his collection, stashing it as though it was just procedure. He swept his gaze over the crowd then haughtily walked off.


“Hahaha, you want me to wait” Without looking back, the man continued, “Mad Desert Sects broadsword style called among the best of broadsword styles, proven by the fact that Patriarch Chigan is considered the leader in the east of the pugilistic world.”

Patriarch Chigan replied, “You are the weapon hunter I have wrongly accused Dragon Phoenix Inns big boss sister all this time.”

“Weapon hunter Im not a coward who sneaks around, ambushing people and running.”

In other words, “I have no need to sneak up on you punching bags.”

“I hope youre ready to be face slapped on the spot since youve got such a big mouth.”

The man turned back to Patriarch Chigan: “I hear you can slice seven grains of sand precisely in a sandstorm. You are an opponent I dream of crossing swords with.”

The last statement affirmed that the large weapon the man had strapped to his back was a large broadsword.

Hearing the praise showered on his style, Patriarch Chigan smoothed out his wrinkles: “So you arent just an ignorant bum.”

Patriarch Chigan estimated the big broadsword to be approximately a hundred kilograms. Plus, with all the extra weapons he carried, the mans speed should logically suffer. Hence, Patriarch Chigan was positive he could beat the man to the bunch, especially since speed was his forte.

“Hahaha, thats why Id like to cross swords with you today.”

Patriarch Chigan had enough experience to understand that the big man possessed immense might and speed that shouldnt be dismissed when he witness the tall man knock some people over with his violent torque. By the same account, the big mans swing would be a burden to intercept. Nonetheless, due to the lack of time to think, Patriarch Chigan executed Sand Deity Broadsword Style - Six Righteous Slaughters.

Patriarch Chigans six blazing-fast strikes all missed their target by a hairs breadth, while his target beamed.

“I heard Sand Deity Broadsword Style only consists of one move, but it consists of seven levels called Seven Slaughters, where progression is less one slaughter. Are you telling me youre only capable of six slaughters when youre the sects patriarch”

Such an incompetent man doesnt need a weapon.

The man capitalised in Patriarch Chigans astonishment to attempt snatching the latters weapon, only for a gust comparable to a sandstorm to stall him. Nevertheless, the man disregarded it once it didnt damage him and blitzed through with a punch. Five tornadoes around evolved into a blue silhouette zipping into Patriarch Chigan. As the two men went backwards, the big man couldnt snatch Patriarch Chigans weapon in time.

Once the blue streak ceased moving, he revealed himself to be a young man who oozed the aura of a lone wolf. He swiped the bloodstain by his mouth and then threw away the contorted blades - courtesy of the big mans punch - in his hand.

The big man checked his fist and grinned: “Not too shabby at all. Youre pretty quick. Who are you”

Patriarch Chigan replied, “This old ones youngest son who is twenty this year.”

The hot-blooded youth looked down and answered, “Chigan Sha.”

“Chigan Sha, Chigan Sha, hahaha… The apple doesnt fall far from the tree, I see. Your old mans maximum is Six Righteous Slaughters. Your five tornadoes must be Five Tornado Slaughters, correct Youve already surpassed your old man. Old Man, is he the ace that gives you the courage to come all the way here”

“Who would dare set foot in a White Princes territory without a life saver”

“Exactly. Exactly.” The smile on his face didnt change. His craving for a fight, on the other hand, grew exponentially. “I was going to take your broadsword if you couldnt prove yourself worthy of it. Ive changed my mind now. Chigan Sha, youre not strong enough yet. If you want to beat me, Ill let you assemble a team of any number and consisting of anyone. Ill give you a chance to fight me fair and square when youre ready. Dont play the hero and turn me down, or you will regret it.”

Chigan Sha shouted after the man who walked off, “How do I contact you Whats your name”

The man stopped: “You wont be able to find me. Everyone in Canhu Town will know of me as of now. As for my name… You can call me Weapon Seeker…” With power that bent blades of grass, he enunciated, “Bodhi.”

Bodhi sped off into the darkness, muttering to himself, “Thats fourteen in a row… Bloody Luo Sword Manor has to hide all of the heavyweights on their island. Attacking the unorthodox sects wont be enough to draw them out. Where else… can I find worthy opponents”

Bodhi abruptly came to a halt and surveyed the first big estate he came across from the east entrance: “Wutong Jin Yuxuan, huh…”


“Give me a kilogram of white rice as well as two hundred and fifty grams of salt,” requested Bai Yeshuang.

The owner of the food store kept stealing glances of Bai Yeshuang as he scooped rice and salt into the back until he couldnt resist inquiring, “Miss, thats a high-quality sword, isnt it”

Bai Yeshuang frowned: “Im not selling it.”

“No, no, you misunderstand, Miss.” Wagging his hands, the owner clarified, “I was trying to remind you to keep it concealed.”


“You havent heard about the weapon hunter in Canhu Town ever since the horde of people in the martial world arrived The robber attacks people from the darkness and pinches weapons. Just yesterday, another weapon hunter showed up and blatantly stole weapons. You must be careful walking around with your sword.”

“Thank you for the kind reminder.”

Sporting a stoic face, Bai Yueshang stood out despite not trying to owing to her praiseworthy looks, especially her rhythmic walk one would see in a military march. I think Bai Yueshuang disliked standing out in that situation as much as I did because it was a damn hassle trying to tail her when there were so many eyes. Some people deliberately tried to walk closer to her, even.

Eventually, I found an opportunity to get close to whisper, “Miss Bai.”

Bai Yeshuang looked over her shoulder, eyes narrowed: “You are…”

Bai Yueshang didnt recognise the elder with two giant black bears for companions. I was a street busker imitating what I saw as a kid, such as having dogs jump through fire hoops and what have you.

Stifling my voice, I notified, “Im Ming Feizhen. Act natural. For starters, dont look my way in case people watch me.”-

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