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Martial King s Retired Life Book 12: Chapter 86

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Book 12: Chapter 86

Report after report and document after document made their way into Liu Shan Mens Vermillion Hall. The brisk footsteps of the female constables closing in couldve potentially generated smoke.

“Maam! Another death has been reported in the east. The victim is a sixteen year old young man.”

From behind the pile of documents that was nearly as high up as her in her chair, Shen Yiren thundered, “Bronze mask, bronze mask, again! The next time I hear those two words, Ill fillet him alive!”

Knowing better than to respond, the female constables stayed silent.

While Liu Shan Mens workload was multiplying daily, Shen Yiren didnt turn down jobs and personally attended to them because Emperor Yuansheng was finally entrusting them with big jobs. Every time there was a case, shed be first to rush to the scene, collect evidence, apprehend culprits, try them and send the verdict in. As she cracked cases left, right and centre, Emperor Yuansheng sung her praises.

Personally attending to everything wasnt something to be praised. It demonstrated a leaders attitude, particularly when someone was plotting against them.

Shen Yiren was experienced at closing cases since she grew up in the office. Her investigations, in contrast, were inferior if the two were juxtaposed. Even with Yan Shisans edification, she was still only one person against the number of cases inundating their office. Owing to her strong sense of responsibility, she forewent nights of sleep. As a result of lack of rest and using Precision Scout tirelessly, her eyes were swollen. Had the female constables not hung onto her legs and begged her to not go out, she wouldve continued overexerting herself. Nonetheless, merely trying suspects was tiring enough given the sheer volume of cases.

Liu Shan Men was in over their heads at this point. Thus, Shen Yiren was forced to request the support of Qilin Guards and Emperors Entourage from Emperor Yuansheng. Additionally, she sent out a letter to an old friend for assistance, but they wouldnt arrive until autumn had past – if everything went to schedule.

Owing to the workload ever increasing, Shen Yirens mood soured correspondingly. It was written all over the wall that the Seven Champion White Princes were purposely making things hard for them for numerous reasons. Therefore, every time she remembered Song Ou, one of their members, was living in their quarters, shed feel even more inflamed. For the past few days, she nearly made suspects wet their pants when she showed up to court hearings, and theyd hastily confess to everything without her even needing to use her gavel. Everyone had been trying to avoid her, but the female constables put their hearts in their mouth and decided to report to her because the bronze-masked murderer was becoming increasingly dangerous.

All three law enforcement offices were ordered to tackle the bronze-masked killer case together, with none of them having any privileges over the other. He was to be apprehended on sight. Despite their efforts, no progress had been made on their end. Meanwhile, the culprit had broken his records.

The female constables were fully aware that the best way to calm down their irate vice-captain was to solve the problem. That was why they thought of one particular person, the very person she herself would often discuss problems with and somehow solve the majority of the problem through talking alone. When they needed him, though, he wasnt around!

Ming Feizhen had been gone for three days, and nobody had heard from him.

“Whos absent!” With her chewed brush end in her mouth, Shen Yiren shot a piercing glare at the female constables. “Get out! Why are you all just standing here Do you have time to spare!”

“Y-yes, Maam!”

Shen Yiren had another brief look at the document in front of her, then angrily threw away her brush. “Hmph, just you wait! Im reporting you to Uncle!” She went back to writing for a short while before pausing again. Following a shallow inhale, she gazed out the window and muttered, “Just where have you gone…” Some time passed before she went back to writing again.

Ming Feizhen still hadnt returned four days after he went missing.

“Something definitely happened to him,” Shen Yiren asserted straight off the bat in her meeting with Su Xiao and Tang Ye.

Su Xiao opined, “I agree! Big Brother Ming never goes missing without a word prior for so long!”

Tang Ye: “Principal Huang is furious enough to make him do a handstand at the academy doors for his absence. Though Big Bro likes to laze about, he isnt fearless enough to think Principal Huang will let him off the hook.”

So that she would have half a day to search for Ming Feizhen with Su Xiao and Tang Ye, Shen Yiren divided half of her work with Shen Kuang. It was much easier to make people talk thanks to Shen Yiren being around; however, nobody had seen Ming Feizhen in days. They did find out one piece of interesting information, nevertheless.

Many people – even from different cliques – reportedly saw Ming Feizhen at the academy four days ago behaving suspiciously. The trio split up to find and question witnesses. They learnt from those who ambushed him where they ambushed him and traced their paths.

Ironhead Palaces group was rather willing to admit to everything unlike the others. Still, Tang Ye and Shen Yiren had their ways of making the uncooperative bunch speak.

“According to them, Big Bror shouldve gone missing around here.”

“I dont see anything. They told me they bashed Big Brother Ming!” Su Xiao folded his arms. “Once this is over, theyll be paying for it!”

They had a vague map of Ming Feizhens route the day he went missing, but Shen Yiren perpetually analysed testimonies and the surroundings for further clues. “If Feizhen wanted to escape… he wouldve gone this way. Follow me!”

At the end of an alley, they only found haystacks, yet Shen Yiren finally looked relieved. “Feizhen mightve been here. Look around for clues.” While Su Xiao and Tang Ye searched the haystacks area, Shen Yiren searched outside. “Hey, check this out.”

Despite the hot temperature spoiling the food inside the container, its aroma still lingered somewhat. Four days ago, it wouldve been a piping hot, crispy, golden braised pork shoulder.

In a shaky voice, Shen Yiren stated, “Feizhen… is in trouble!”-

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