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Martial King s Retired Life Book 12: Chapter 76

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Book 12: Chapter 76

Owing to the light that blanketed the sky, Fiends Genesis was extremely busy that night. Their main force at the manor had to correct intelligence delivered to their various branches. They had to contact each branch under various circumstances to recall the forces that had begun to march. What was supposed to be an epic return to the world stage ended up being an imperfect, unorganised cluster of chaos – as the footprints left behind from their helter skelter retreats showed.

If there was a silver lining, it was that, thanks to their extensive preparations, they were able to mow down all foes in the way like mowing down autumn wheat. While they mobilised a day earlier than scheduled, they didnt suffer many losses overall given they marched every soldier in their garrisons. Their unpredicted injuries were approximately 10% higher than expected only because their retreat was conducted disorderly.

Hai Yechas allies had to physically restrain him from killing Hong Jiu out of revenge. Once Hai Yecha calmed down, he thereupon reorganised troops and turned his attention to the wounded. Drought Demon couldnt be counted on for logistical work. Nine-Lives Cat Demon had the astuteness for such work, but she was besides herself after meeting Guan Ning, so she was constantly distracted. Consequently, Hai Yecha had to burn the midnight oil, writing as if he was in a race to send out messages via pigeons, then raced off with Vivianite to complete their task. Thus, the strike that was meant to be carried out at dawn was delayed until the next day. As much as hed have liked to go down to the dungeon and beat the snot out of Hong Jiu, he had to ensure their forces were moving into position before the sun came up, were equipped, off to intercept pursuers and so forth.

Instead of opening his eyes first, Hong Jiu devoted his attention to his ears, only to discover he couldnt hear or open his eyes. Unsurprisingly, the ability to mould qi had also been inhibited due to accupoint seals imposed on him.

Reflecting on the obvious, single slash that knocked him straight out, Hong Jiu could easily convince himself he fought a ghost because there was time for him to perform a defensive manoeuvre, yet it seemed impossible. His injuries werent debilitating, but his qi flow had been clogged tight. Vivianite used a unique accupoint sealing method whereby, as he sealed them, he sealed them in line form. As a result, he sealed all accupoints capable of supplying true qi. The method was beyond someone of lower level, such as Hai Yecha, and someone without attention to detail, such as Drought Demon.

Hong Jiu pulled his brows together whilst guiding his true qi around to the seals. To him, it was as easy as a hot knife through butter, restoring his hearing in no time at all.

“Lies! Lies! He still remembers me, so why hasnt he come for me! He… God damn him…” That was Nine-Lives Cat Fiend screaming.

A male replied, “This one is not lying. Shifu told this one and his siblings that, if we were ever to meet someone calledMiss Ye, we were to tell her…I have never forgotten what you did for me. Shifu never lied to you. If you do not believe it, you can visit Valley of Yearning. This ones fellow disciples can testify.”

How could Nine-Lives Cat Fiend possibly remain composed after hearing the man she loved hadnt forgotten her, especially when it had been something suffocating her for years

“H-he cant see me if I go to Valley of Yearning… You orthodox sects will capture me, too.” Nine-Lives Cat Fiends softening voice proved she was struggling to convince herself.

Guan Ning responded, “If you come to Valley of Yearning, Shifu will receive you as a VIP guest! Why would he ever do otherwise”


“Of course. Else, why would Shifu tell us to pass on the message if we ever met you”

Nine-Lives Cat Fiends tone changed. “What about your shimu, then!”

Guan Ning opened his mouth, only to stop, unable to find an answer.

“While your shifu may welcome me, what about your shimu” Nine-Lives Cat Fiend sneered, “At least youre an honest kid. Had you lied to my face just now, youd be headless! Even if your shifu truly misses me, your shimu despises me to the core. You think she will accept me”

As someone uninformed, Guan Ning had no response. He exhaled disappointment and replied, “Miss Ye, no matter what your grudge with shimu is, Shifu truly cares for you. Think about it for yourself.”

Under her breath, Nine-Lives Cat Demon muttered, “On account of what you said… I shall let you live for another day…” Once she stepped out of the cell, she looked back and added, “Only one day.”

Whether it was owed to his own circumstances or Nine-Lives Cat Fiends persistence, Guan Ning felt compelled to sigh.

“Never thought you guys would end up being caught, too.”

Guan Ning raised his head to look in the direction of Hong Jiu, who had his arms tied behind his back. He was going to speak when Hong Jiu opened his left eye and, employing Voice Transmission, communicated, “Were under surveillance; dont let them know.”

Guan Ning was delighted to know Hong Jiu was well and around. He sighed again as he stood up and went over to Hong Jius side, pretending he was tending to Hong Jius injuries. Stifling his own voice, he said, “How are you Ive lost my ability to fight. Miss Wen is being held elsewhere.”

“What happened”

Suffice to say, Hong Jiu was surprised Vivianite didnt finish him off in that situation or at least take a limb. Equally surprising, though, was that Master Qi and Guan Ning failed to escape with him stalling the enemies. Prior to passing out, he remembered hearing Master Qi cry out his name, but… she had left.

“In an attempt to save you, Miss Wen fought three of Fiends Genesis Seven Stars. Vivianite refused to succour, reasoning he already helped them incapacitate you. Miss Wen took more and more damage as she fought, but she refused to back down. In the end, she threatened to kill herself instead of surrendering if they hurt you, forcing Hai Yecha to swear an oath that he wouldnt kill you. I never thought she would be a Mount Tian disciple. If Miss Wen lost her life here, Glacial Sword Empress would definitely hunt them down.”

Hong Jiu smiled, respecting Master Qi. “How about Xiaoyu”

“Xiaoyu I bet you never wouldve guessed that were not being subjected to any torment thanks to him.”

“Uh… explain”

“Do you know who hes affiliated with”


Shimu – Cant remember if I mentioned it before, but its a synonym for shiniang (title for your shifus wife). Shimu is used a lot more commonly now compared to in the past.

The way Hong Jiu was tied up – He was restrained a specific way. This is how it looks: https://www.baike.com/wiki/五花大綁-

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