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Martial King s Retired Life Book 12: Chapter 52

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Book 12: Chapter 52

Hai Yecha, Nine-Lives Cat Fiend and Drought Demon were feared spirits in Water Domain for the murder they brought with them. Despite controlling water channels, they didnt control any faction. Instead, they resided at a mysterious place known as Fiends Genesis Water Domain. Suffice to say, their fellow spirits, especially Lord of Fiends, were feared individuals. Lord of Fiends still held onto a Dark Token, on top of a seat among the black rankings in Black and White Reflection, in spite of going missing. Had that war not occurred, Lord of Fiends would still be a nightmare terrorising the orthodox sects.

Twenty-two years ago, when Mount Lu Sword Sanctuarys Ling Hanzhong was at his peak and eyeing more power, he linked up with nearby adepts to march on Fiends Genesis in the name of purifying Jiangnans water channels. His unspoken goal was actually to establish himself as the head of the Seven Champion White Princes. News outlets competed to provide updates on the battle due to how hot the topic was.

Fiends Genesis was notorious for being difficult to locate and conquer. Howbeit, Ling Hanzhong was able to request the aid of Lai Jingzhen, who cracked all the mysteries with his divinations, located the entrance to Fiends Genesis and solved every layer of the forty-two puzzles. Even so, it took the twelve swordsman from Mount Lu Sword Sanctuary, nine monks from Cold Mountain Temple, young patriarch of Valley of Yearnings Bai Clan, three elders of Black Robe Brotherhood and many disciples of every group to win against the strategies and combat strength of the seven Fiend Stars. When they finally came face to face with Fiends Genesis leader, the man in black asked from his throne, “Do you really want to die so badly” That was the last thing many people heard in their life.

Lord of Fiends slaughtered all of Mount Lu Sword Sanctuarys swordsmen, Cold Mountain Temples monks, disciples of Bai Clan and Black Robe Brotherhood; even Jian Changzai, the candidate to succeed Mount Lu Sword Sanctuarys “Young Sword Immortal” title lost his life. Everyone expected the orthodox sects to mow down Fiends Genesis with their army of over a thousand combatants, but only ten-odd people, all of whom were in terrible shape, from the expedition returned. They were so soundly crushed that they didnt even have what it took to turn around and curse. Ling Hanzhong fled all the way back to Mount Lu Sword Sanctuary without waiting for his allies.

Thanks to the battle, two people gained widespread fame. The young patriarch of Bai Clan, Bai Zhiqing, became known as the man who held off Lord of Fiends for fifteen minutes so that his comrades could escape and then escaped with his own life gained widespread fame. The second person was Bai Zhiqings opponent, who was severely underestimated. Jian Changzai had reached Divine Realm, yet Lord of Fiends ripped his limbs off his body. Many others were killed in a single exchange. From then on, Lord of Fiends remained on the Black Rankings.

Because of Jian Changzais demise and Bai Zhiqings severe injuries, Mount Lu Sword Sanctuarys retired swordsman and Bai Clans travelling broadsword adept returned home. A year following the big fight, Wordless Sword Immortal and Brilliant Broadsworder entered Fiends Genesis together. When they left Fiends Genesis, Fiends Genesis was written off in the pugilistic world for the next twenty-one years.

“This one has heard of you, but it is an honour to be in your presence,” expressed Master Qi.

“Enough with the drivel. State what exactly it is that you want,” Hai Yecha demanded.

Master Qi politely smiled. “This ones master requests an audience with your master.”

“Not happening. His Excellency doesnt meet with outsiders.”

“In that case, a meeting with Mr. Jiang Chen would also suffice.”

Corpse King Jiang Chen was lower in rank only to Lord of Fiends, so he led the seven Fiend Stars. He personally handled logistics and affairs unless told otherwise.

“Hmph, were not good enough Are we being underestimated, or are you plotting something”

“Not at all. This one has not forgotten you slew Wudangs Elder Song with a single palm strike in the past. This one has no place crossing you, Mr. Hai Yecha.”

The man waved his meaty hand. “Theres no need to put this old man on a pedestal. This old man is neither a match for that damn Xian Suiyue or Hangzhous Metal Yu Feiyuan. Jiang Chen wont come, and we wont take you to His Excellency. If you have something to say, out with it. Else, were out of here.”

Aware that the three did as they pleased, Master Qi also knew that Li Muyes payment and plan would be as good as binned if they left now, so she filled them in. Once she was done, Drought Demon was first to speak. “If theres a fight, Ill go anywhere.”

Nine-Lives Cat Fiend and Ocean Yaksha: “Shut. Up.”

“You want us to commit a few crimes in the capital” Nine-Lives Cat Fiend continued in a chiding tone without the uncomfortable sense of superiority, “The three offices patrol the capital, and adepts are ubiquitous. Apart from the Seven Champion White Princes, Tianhu from The Ultimate Three comes and goes unpredictably. Yan Shisans successor, Yingfeng has never shown his face. Its clear the capital is dangerous for us. Missy, you look quite decent, but your heart is made of venom.”

Although Master Qi was advanced by internal discipline standards, her heart thumped harder just listening to Nine-Lives Cat Fiends voice. It was as if she was spellbound. “We have taken that into account. At present, the White Princes are not willing to act. Jiangnans unorthodox sects are starting to re-emerge, and I am sure you have noticed it.”

Of course the trio knew that; they themselves were the best evidence. Owing to Luo Sword Manor relinquishing their rank, the other White Princes reduced the pressure they imparted on unorthodox factions. Among the factions biding their time, Fiends Genesis was just one example.

“The White Princes emissaries in the capital intend to back off on the unorthodox factions. At your levels, you would not leave clues to expose yourselves, would you”

“You want us to foment turbulence, and then you swoop in to subdue us Hmph.” Hai Yecha added, “Wishful thinking.”

Master Qi pulled her brows in. “What is that supposed to mean”

“Your master has a sound plan. What makes him think he can control the capital, though What guarantee is there that we can escape once weve fulfilled the request Are The Ultimate Three friendly Are the three offices overseeing the martial world easy picking We have no problems fulfilling a request in exchange for money, but not having the life to spend it isnt desirable.”

“The Qilin Guards main force isnt in the capital. Emperors Entourage has no time to spare on the capitals security at the moment while monitoring the Seven Champion White Princes.”

“Theres still Liu Shan Men, no”

“Liu Shan Men is even less relevant. Though Shen Yiren is capable, she has her bowl full. There are a lot more places to survey in the capital now compared to the past; she doesnt have the manpower to cover all the ground. Besides, are you implying the three of you fear one girl”

“We dont know Liu Shan Men. From what you just said, you dont know enough about them, either. When we accept a job, we do it properly. We have our own principles for choosing our clients. Your master hasnt enticed us.” Hai Yecha turned to his allies. “What do you two think”

Drought Demon didnt give a response. Nine-Lives Cat Fiend shook her head.

“There you have it. Weve made our decision.”

Drought Demon sighed as he reached into his shirt for the five hundred thousand taels. Master Qi, equally disappointed in the results of her efforts, took the stack of notes passed over to her. The trio was paid with cash, yet they returned the payment in notes, which could only mean that they werent short on money.

Master Qi held her hands in salutation. “In that case, let us meet again in the pugilistic world. This one shall take her leave now.”

As Master Qi turned to leave, she heard from Nine-Lives Cat Fiend, “Who let you leave”

“Word is that Fiends Genesis honours the rules of business.”

“Of course,” replied Hai Yecha. “We have returned the payment since we have turned down the job. Arent you holding it”

Nine-Lives Cat Fiend giggled, then said, “As we are not accepting your commission, youre not our guest; were now strangers. At best, you are an unfortunate individual with five hundred thousand taels who happened to bump into three Stars from Fiends Genesis when the moon was out.”

“What do you want”

Hai Yecha snorted. “We have a principle to never sell ourselves short; why would we pass up an opportunity to make money Hand over the five hundred thousand, and well let you go.”

Nine-Lives Cat Fiend added, “And the water fiend garment.”

Master Qi: “Hahaha, you run from a challenge, but you pick on your juniors without remorse. No wonder why Mount Lu Sword Sanctuary retired you cowards for two decades.”

“Provocation wont work on us,” Hai Yecha responded. “If you think youll be able to make an opening with your provocation so that you can escape, youre out of touch with reality.”

Hai Yecha and Nine-Lives Cat Fiend assumed positions anterior and posterior to Master Qi.

“Now that were in position, you wont get away. Drought Demon, att-, eh”

Drought Demon already extended his grey hand, generating a boom with his launch speed. Master Qi was surprisingly prepared because she knew they planned to confine her from the moment they moved. Her legs beat Drought Demon to the punch, getting inside of his arms to finger spear him on the chest.

Master Qis two fingers undoubtedly found their target, yet Drought Demon didnt even gasp; even his face remained ashen white.-

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