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Martial King s Retired Life Book 12: Chapter 43

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Book 12: Chapter 43

Since Su Xiao and Tang Ye gave their word to compete in the academy idol contest, they had to prepare. Su Xiao carried a tall stack of books because he needed to do plenty of writing to tackle the “rites” contest. Tang Ye lugged hundreds of empty scrolls, brushes, inkstones and pots of ink as he chose to compete in “calligraphy”. Su Xiao could handle the arithmetic side of the competition, while Tang Ye planned to take care of music, archery and chariotry. Ming Feizhen Neither of them thought they could count on him for any of the six subjects.

Seeing Su Xiaos gait come to a halt, Tang Ye questioned, “Whats the matter”

Su Xiao squinted. “I suspect someone is tailing us.”

“… Why”

“Hmm…” Su Xiao pointed to the rear. “Because there really is somebody following us.”

There was a tall and bald pretty boy with a phoenix tattoo on his face and a girl just past her teens spacing out. Upon meeting eyes with Tang Ye, the monk smiled and went to speak, but Tang Ye set down his stuff and coldly asked, “You want to fight”

The monk scratched his head. “I never said that.”

Tang Ye looked askance at Su Xiao. “He says he wants to fight. Ill go over. If things look like theyre heading south, run.”

When Tang Ye took his fourth step forward, Xun Feng opened his mouth to speak; however, Tang Ye launched himself forward to execute a downward chop – Chop Mount Hua. Xun Feng could smell burnt charcoal and feel hotter once Tang Ye was within three metres of him.

Su Xiao bolted off with his stack of books, but he stopped once he reached the neighbouring courtyard for his obstructed vision alarmed him.

The girl in the martial arts robe declared, “Hi, my surname is Bai. I am here to challenge you.”

“Hi, my surname is Su. Stay away from me!”


Xun Feng performed a hand brush motion, reducing the heat somewhat, then performed the same with his other hand, gradually speeding up the motion and reducing the interval between each brush. The breezes he generated gradually cancelled out the incoming heat.

Tang Yes destructive approach couldnt overcome Xun Fengs force, rendering him stationary whilst airborne. Had he still pushed forward with tunnel vision as he did in the past, it wouldve been the final exchange between them.

When you couldnt tell if your opponent is committing or feinting, committing to an attack of your own was the same as giving your weakness to your opponent. Alas, being airborne severely limited ones choices.

For someone who said he wasnt interested in fighting, Xun Fengs unreadable answer sure wasnt reflective of that.

Having learnt when to push and when to pull back, Tang Ye retracted his arm to guard himself whilst spinning to his feet. Countering defence with defence nullified the advantage ones opponent had gained.

Xun Feng allowed Tang Ye to reset and smiled. “Youre a little impulsive, arent you This one did say he wasnt here to fight, no”

“Would you approach us with bloodlust oozing out of you if you werent after a fight”


“… So your goal was to commit murder.”


Tang Ye nodded. “I wont stop you from trying to kill me, but I dont suggest you do so here; itll cause inconveniences for others. Theres a mountain to the west of the city with cool breezes and cold water. If it werent for the lack of tigers, itd be perfect. How about we duel to the death there You first.”

“Mm… I dont want to kill you, either.”

Tang Ye nodded again. “Ordinary fights here arent acceptable, either.” He then got into stance.

“Wait, you got it wrong.”

“To the mountains, then”

“No, no need.”

“Right” Tang Ye was already airborne and boiling the air by the time his reply reached Xun Fengs ears.

Xun Feng instinctively strafed, though he could hear crackling flames and smell smoke. He didnt need to look back to know a pillar had just become his scapegoat. He wanted to experience the thrill of playing a villain, especially the cliché, dangerous provocation. He never expected his opponent to be a mad dog who went at whoever was in front of him!

“Are you a battle monger! I came to greet you!”

Tang Ye showed a relieved smile. “All right, lets have a life-and-death greeting, then.”

Tang Yes hands heated up even more.


Shen Kuang clocked off early. Well, technically, he was only his sisters personal assistant since he didnt have a legitimate post at Liu Shan Men. Because of Shen Clans special relationship to Liu Shan Men and Emperor Yuanshengs decree, they were allowed to access files only available to the imperial court, albeit in a different form. Shen Kuang massaged his shoulders, though, as it was sometimes a heavy responsibility.

Nobody noticed Shen Kuang leave after work. He never was the person to draw attention between him and his sister. Some people thought it was nice to have such a capable sister. To Shen Kuang, nevertheless, it was sometimes a form of pressure at the office due to the way people looked at him. After all, the societal norm was that men were supposed to do the heavy lifting. While his sister was racking up merits and setting records, Shen Kuang was the opposite of his name – a still body of water. Nobody was aware of his internal thoughts beneath his quiet and cute exterior.

Shen Kuang suddenly stopped and looked up. “Whos there”

“Judging from the fact that you didnt ask,Who are you it seems Song Chi was right when he said Young Master Shen isnt as cute as he appears.”

Shen Kuang took a step back due to the speakers tone. “Cute Im a man, you know”

“I do.” The swordsman in his mid-twenties emerged and licked his lips.

In response to the swordsmans leer, Shen Kuang grabbed his arms, where his hairs were erect.

“Even better that youre a man.”-

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