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Martial King s Retired Life Volume 12 Chapter 14 Master Jiu

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Volume 12 Chapter 14 Master Jiu

“Is dumping him in the lake not bad enough Why did you take his belongings” grumbled Uncle Huang. “So, you took this small knife”

I nodded. “Yeah.”

I was actually going to get rid of the knife, but, judging from its architecture, it had to be around ten silver taels, so I kept it. That would be enough to buy ten chickens, man! Everything else was mine.

“Whats that seal in your hand”

“This Wearing bling is in fashion in the capital these days. Wearing this around your neck makes you look wicked. You want it, Uncle Huang”

“No.” With a hand on his beard, Uncle Huang paced around, then sighed. “To err on the safe side, make peace with Zhao Xin.”

“What Zhao Xin I thought hes called Zhao Yuejing.”

“His father wields a tremendous amount of influence in the military. On account of you being affiliated with Liu Shan Men, its best you avoid disputes with them.”

“Uncle Huang, a little brat who cant even handle the smallest breeze has you quaking in your boots Where has the energy you used to chase my shifu through eight cities straight gone”

“Thats because he dumped me at Spring Wind Lunar Brothel!”

“I never imagined I could be even more disappointed in you. Why would you waste the opportunity to enjoy yourself at such a high-class place”

“Enjoy, my foot! He owed them fifty thousand taels and sold me off!”

Okay, I take back what I said…

“As for Zhao Tiankui, he doesnt scare me. That said, with students here forming cliques, theyre forming complicated networks… Zhao Xin is one of such faction. One of his friends is Lu Feiming, who broke Yingyangs leg.”

Speaking of Yingyang, the guy was a freak. The man started writing as soon as tests began and stayed back to read once he was done. How does such a student exist! Nevertheless, he was the favourite type of student among teachers, yet nobody did anything when someone broke his leg.

“How come nobody has said anything about his leg”

“Its not that people are turning a blind eye. If we want to fairly dispute the case, then well have to clash with Lu Feimings backing. When matters are so complicated, its better to avoid them wherever possible.”

While my shifu can lead Uncle Huang by the nose, Uncle Huang is quite the man in the capital, yet hes avoiding a confrontation Is the student some hot shot I should make some time to find out more over tea with Uncle Huang.

“Therefore, you know what Im about to say. Thoughts”

“Oh, Ill start with roast duck and grilled chicken.”

“… Can you… grow some sense”

“Grow some what”

“… Just come with me!”


Although Ming Feizhen had gone into “hiding” after signing the agreement, Hong Jiu, Ming Feizhens best assistant, still didnt feel safe about leaving his defenceless brother alone. Therefore, he sneaked into Daren Academy the same afternoon they parted ways. To be more specific, he infiltrated Daren Academys Miscellaneous Logistics Department.

“Hey, you the new guy who didnt ask for a salary while promising to do more work than a bull and rise earlier than a chicken What was your name again Hong… Zhichuang”

“Yes sir. This one is ninth in his family, so you can call him Hong Jiu.” Hong Jiu didnt need to prepare a business smile when he already practiced implementing one all throughout his days as a wanderer.

”Your name… is ear murder.” The manager cleared his throat. “If Ol Chang did suffer an injury out of the blue, need to go home for rest and recommend you, we wouldnt have employed you since we usually dont recruit new employees. All our employees have to go through a two-year probation period.”

“Indeed, it was strange for Brother Chang to suddenly fall into a hole. I wish him all the best.”

The accident was anything but an accident. Hong Jiu dug up evidence of Ol Chang frequenting brothels, gambling and squandering money, and then he approached the man to give his head a kiss with his warm fists. Once Ol Chang was beat, he persuaded Ol Chang to write him a letter of recommendation.

The work quota that the manager assigned Hong Jiu for the day really would take until midnight to fulfill. “We are the soul of the institute. Without us, the place is crippled, so dont slack off.” With that, he strolled off.

“Understood.” Hong Jiu crossed his arms while musing. “… Lets start with a three day nap first.”

How was it Hong Jius problem if the place was crippled He threw the broom he just took out back into the storehouse and dusted off his hands.

“Hey, you the new guy”

“Yeah.” Hong Jiu, sporting a bright smile and innocent puppy eyes, pivoted around to see several students who made his stomach turn.

The group performed a visual audit of Hong Jiu, then began discussing amongst each other.

“Pretty sure its him. Tall, wears white and has a small pouch. Fits the description word for word.”

“Yeah, he also admitted hes the new guy.”

“Hey, you started today”

“Yeah,” replied Hong Jiu.

“Hes our guy.”

“Lets make sure. Theres no room for mistakes. His name is supposed to be Hong Jiu.”

“Yeah, thats me.”

The five asked each other, “Is there any way someone coincidentally has the same given name and surname”

“I remember hes supposed to be ugly.”

The five looked back at Hong Jiu, then turned back to each other. “Its him for sure!”

“Can I help you” Hong Jiu still kept up the innocent act.

Their leader politely responded, “Nothing much. We were ordered to beat you.”


“Talks are over. Come over and accept your beating!”

Though their lanky physiques made them look unassuming, the five were quick on their feet and knew how to throw a punch.

Moments later, Hong Jiu could be heard griping, “How you can just suddenly assault a man Besides, who are you expecting to hurt when youre so weak Like, I didnt even get to finish one move.” He palmed head of the student at the top of the stack he formed and said, “Hey, Im talking to you.”

The student groaned, “H-how dare you hit me… My father…”

Hong Jiu slapped his face the other way. “Shed another tear and your old man is getting it, too! Now, whos the prick who sent you after me”

None of them answered.

Perhaps Hong Jiu understood Ming Feizhens predicament best because the number of enemies he made and problems he caused werent that far behind Ming Feizhens. At the very least, itd take more than four hours to list all of them.

“You asked for it.” Hong Jiu rubbed his hands whilst sneering. “Hope you like the touch of my Big Swinging Cracker Hands.”

“Wait! Wh-what will happen to us if you hit us”

“Youll… have an extra butt crack.”

“Okay, okay, well talk! Zhao Xin sent us. Sir, please show forbearance. Please spare our bottoms!”

“Hmph, Ill decide based on how cooperative you are. Whos Zhao X-”

Hong Jiu felt the air stir abnormally due to someone closing in at high speed. He reactively pivoted around and extended an open hand. He managed to force his assailant back, but he was also forced to skid back.

“Not bad.” Hong Jius assailant chortled.

“Who goes there! How dare you sneak attack Master Jiu!”


Grow some sense - The joke doesnt work in English. This version of “grow some sense” has components that make up “dessert/snacks” and similar words. So, after Huang Yuzao says that, Ming Feizhen actually asked, “Theres dessert, too”

Note: potential update to release frequency message below in “Featured Comment”. Just so that youre prepared, it is a long read.-

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