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Zhuxing Wuchangs small, barely-acceptable chamber at Shennong was close enough to a creek to hear running water and cicada conversations at night. Divine Moon Cult and poverty didnt belong in the same sentence when they were the most revered cult in the Western Regions. Howbeit, he was a man who preferred to be alone, wander and disliked luxury. Besides being in the same retinue, Blade Demon, who only liked skeletons for companions, and Zhuxing Wuchangs only similarity was their preference to be alone.

“I see. I see.” Zhuxing Wuchang crossed his arms. “Hmm… It wont be easy to rescue the boy…This affects my orders, so Im not in a position to argue.”

Hua Qing had to take the risk of seeking Zhuxing Wuchangs help for they had too little to work with. The only window for them to operate was until Leng Jingliu returned, and they couldnt say for sure when hed be back. Their only two combatants were Ming Feizhen and Zhuo Fengru, while the enemy didnt have just two adepts but also an army of over a thousand, and that wasnt even accounting for the other three unorthodox factions. Since those three factions were guests of Lord Miguo, they wouldnt fight him. On the other hand, there was a fifty-fifty chance theyd attack Ming Feizhen.

Hua Qing didnt expect a throwaway remark from Zhuxing Wuchang to come in handy; however, he noticed Miguo Branch didnt treat Divine Moon Cult kindly. Even if they were in an alliance, their opposing religions wouldnt allow them to be friends.

“Big Bro, you know Lord Miguo isnt good news, but you dont know what his end goal is.”

Hua Qing decided to share all he knew about the glazed Buddhist relic in hopes of earning Zhuxing Wuchangs trust. Little did he know that Zhuxing Wuchang was the kind of man who lived by the refrain, “If I can solve it with my fists, its not a problem.” Therefore, he wasnt worried or taken aback when he heard about Lord Miguos revenge plan.

“That being said, the orders are for Brother Bai, not me.”


“I am honour-bound.” Zhuxing Wuchang whacked the table. “I like the kid. I need to have a match with him.”

A thoughtful subordinate of Zhuxing Wuchang explained, “Our Great Guardian means he wants to befriend you if he wants to fight you. Please dont misunderstand.”

“Strike while the iron is hot, they say. I cant help you with Miguo Branch, but I can help clear a path for you. Lets roll. Get them two sets of our robes.” With that, Zhuxing Wuchang strolled out.

Wandering around in Migruo Branchs forest at night was particularly dangerous as there were sentries lying in ambush. Zhuxing Wuchang, however, didnt need to be concerned seeing as he was an honoured guest. Besides, for the purpose of finding Ming Feizhen, he needed somebody to place an enquiry with. As such, he went to where the lotus platform and hollered at a Migruo Branch disciple.

“Good evening.”

“Recognise me”

“Yes, you are one of Divine Moon Cults Great Guardians, Great Guardian Zhuxing Wuchang.”

Zhuxing Wuchang smiled and flapped his cloak. “Right, so heres a question for you.”

“The boy is detained inside the formation where the moon and sun rocks are.”

“How did you know what I was going to ask! Wait, I have another question.”

“The formation is on the eastern side of the forest. You will not miss the unique shape and glow.”

“How did you know what I was going to ask! Wait, I also want to know…”

“Hohoho, it is a forbidden zone. This is the token to get through. Please come back soon.”

“Hold up!”

The disciple wagged his hand. “This one is not reading your mind. He knows what you want to ask as League of Assassins just came by to ask the same question.”

Zhuxing Wuchang, Hua Qing and Zhuo Fengru looked to each other with their eyes wide, then sprinted off toward the formation, catching up to Master Le in no time. “Stop! Stop!”

“What What Dont you even know what manners are!” Master Le showed all two rows of his teeth as he stretched up the corners of his lips. “Great Guardian Wen, what a coincidence.”

“Coincidence, my foot. Answer me: what are you here for”

“Same reason as you.”

“Have some shame! Must you always try to compete with us!”

“I plead innocence. Mr. Bai is ahead of us!”

Huh! Why would Brother Bai want to see the boy Ah, whatever, cant let these League of Asses get ahead.

Master Le wasnt happy about being second, so why would he tolerate falling to third, not to mention losing twice to the same group Hence, the two groups raced each other until they saw Bai Tianbins back.

“Brother Bai! Over here! Over here!”

Bai Tianbin looked over to see League of Assassins racing against Zhuxing Wuchang. “Wait. Turn back and kill those fools!”

Master Le commanded, “Torrential Rain Needles, Heavenly Steed Shooting Star Hammer, go!”

“Please stop.” Lord Miguos voice seemingly stopped the flow of oxygen, inducing oxygen debt. “May this one ask what you are all doing here late at night”


Yungu sat down outside the formation. “Young Master Ming, theres no harm in considering my offer. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose, not to mention you can immediately regain freedom. “

“Sure.” Ming Feizhen, lying on an angle and resting his head on his hands, sat up. “I dont want a sacred maiden, sacblue maiden or whatever, though. How about you marry me, and Ill grudgingly accept your deal”


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