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Martial King s Retired Life Volume 11.5 Chapter 45

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The first reason Zhuo Fengru didnt kill Kongcang was Miguo Branchs backing. The second reason was the poison that he personally witnessed Kongcang employ to effortlessly beat someone he considered tough competition.

Despite appearing emotionless on the surface, Zhuo Fengrus stomach was in knots. He didnt believe Ming Feizhen was an immediate concern as he couldnt have gotten rid of the poison so soon, but Ming Feizhen didnt resemble a victim of poison from the way he rose or poised himself. If he had time on his hands, hed muse whether Ming Feizhen really needed him to take out Kongcang just now.

“Lord Miguo is at Shennong,” Ming Feizhen said out of the blue. “Lord Miguo is the leader of one of three branches of the Western Regions Lotus Cult. Years ago, he decided to develop his career in the Central Plain after his failure in the Western Regions. At present, their group numbers around a thousand people, with skilled members connected even to the underworld. Lord Miguos signature discipline is calledKarma, a discipline that empowers him to transfer internal energy he absorbs into another body. Thats how he grew so much in a matter of years and gained influence rivalling their cults leader.”

Hua Qing raised his hand. “The name of the discipline doesnt sound very dangerous. Why transfer energy to someone else instead of keeping it for yourself”

Zhuo Fengru cracked a smile. “Thats actually what makes him smart. He provokes people into fighting him, absorbs their energy, then passes the energy on. Those who receive the gift feel grateful and indebted. Those who hear about the blessing will imagine what they could do if they could receive some energy. How many people do you think, like Kongcang, are constantly looking for ways to reap benefits without labour Im also an example of someone who was lucky. Thanks to Lord Miguos strategy, he has plenty of reliable subordinates now. If you think building an army of elites is the extent of his ambition, you couldnt be more wrong. I heard he can also retrieve the energy he passes out.”

Hua Qing: “Doesnt that mean he can recollect those thousand peoples energy on a whim”

“If he absorbs it all back, the clashing attributes of styles will likely lead to instant death. Besides, at his current level, he cant house that much energy. Thats the reason he urgently needs two items, one being Xu Clans sarira to convert all the energies into the same attribute. The second thing he needs is the highest level of Vajra Realm to store the energy. At the moment, only Lord Wugou can endure the volume of energy. Anyone else will lose their mind. As he is supposedly the only individual in possession of it, Lord Miguo cant leave Shennong. Should Lord Miguo succeed, youll be able to count on one hand the number of people who can stop him.”

Hua Qing squeezed his garments, mentally feeling the weight on his shoulders.

“You done” Ming Feizhen asked.

“Yes,” replied Zhuo Fengru.

“Lets start throwing hands, then.”

“Wait. We agreed to lure Kongcang. We have completed our deal. Ive also shared everything I know about Miguo Branch. I havent heckled you for crossing the line and exposing my family secret, so why do you keep picking a bone with me”

In their fight just now, Ming Feizhen used Voice Transmission to convey his plan to expose Kongcang. Had it not been for the circumstances, they wouldve resumed their fight after Zhuo Fengru feigned injury because of Ming Feizhens act.

Ming Feizhen smugly crossed his arms. “Why dont you heckle me, then”

“Now that Kongcangs plot has been foiled, Miguo Branch wont spare this old one. As a man with a family, this old one wont engage in meaningless fights.”

“… Theres always been someone I wanted to beat ever since I started training; however, I lost every time. Ive been reflecting every day. Im confident in my strength and technique, but speed is something Im unable to grasp. My school does have movement syllabuses, but theyre not for my personality, so I doubted I could ever get anything out of them. In comparison, your Aerial Flower Divine Seal is right up my alley.”

That was the first time Zhuo Fengru saw a genuinely happy Ming Feizhen, albeit too happy for what was acceptable.

“Unfortunately, the skills belong to Xu Clan. This old one already feels bad about learning Xu Clans skills, so he will not impart them to anyone besides Yupin.”

“You dont have to teach me. I just want to have a crack.” Ming Feizhen smiled. “My shifu told me skills learnt without permission are statistically more solid. I wont understand even if you give me a lecture on it. One proper fight, on the other hand, will shed a light on everything.”

“Thank you for being honest. This old one sh-”

“Besides, even if I dont bring it up, you were planning to drop me when the opportunity presented itself, werent you”

Nobody could keep up with Ming Feizhen and Zhuo Fengrus pace because they never detected any insincerity on Zhuo Fengrus part.

“You have surprised this old one again. How did you know”

“Its not that hard to figure out. Our truce was only temporary; were not friends. Im friendly with Liu Shan Men. Your collusion with Miguo Branch is out. Youd assume Ill try to detain you. Logically, itd be wisest to put my lights out while the poison is still besetting me. Youll have been long gone by the time I woke up. I knew you were targeting me from the moment you slept Kongcang, then turned to me instead of finishing him. Im just being candid to make things easier for you.”

Zhuo Fengru let out a heaven-bound sigh. “Ive said this sort of thing many times. If you dont consider me a nag, allow me to repeat myself. You really are… impressive!” Punctuating his own sentence, Zhuo Fengru added the period in as he seemingly teleported up to Ming Feizhens face. “Dont move forward.” His two fingers were akin to a loaded arrow sitting right in front of Ming Feizhens forward. “You cant beat me in a speed contest.”

Ming Feizhen took two necessary steps back.

“You are prudent and strong. In a decade from now, youll surpass me as long as you keep it up. Today, nevertheless, I am a notch above you.”

Ming Feizhen, hand at his chin, mumbled, “Nah, thats not it… Mm, it should be like this.” He stepped back to his previous spot. “I wont accept the praise. You told me not to come forward, did you” Ming Feizhen whipped his neck forward.-

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