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The Rong familys house.

“Outrageous!” The Rong familys second wife, Hua Qingmei, slammed her hand on the sofas armrest.

“A divorced b*tch whos pregnant with someone elses child actually has the guts to seduce our Jinghui!”

“Qingmei, you dont know this, but this womans methods are extraordinary.” Rong Xiaoping exaggerated as she described her to Hua Qingmei.

“I heard that she used Jinghui to find a good job in the Rong family corporation.

From the moment she got the job, she hasnt even worked a day and is still receiving her salary!”

“I heard that Jinghui even fought with Young Master Jiang because of this woman.

If this is a woman from another family, I wont care either.

But this woman was my previous daughter-in-law.

I know very well what kind of person she is.”

Second Madam Rong waved her hand elegantly.

“Dont say anymore.

Jinghui usually does things that anger me to death.

If he can find a girl from a good family, I also hope that someone can help me control him.

But this kind of woman… Our second branch is already not valued by the Old Master enough, but he still wants to cause trouble for us.”

“Qingmei, I really want to help you teach that b*tch a lesson.” Rong Xiaoping sighed.

“I even told Zhifei to lower himself and remarry her because I wanted to get Jinghui out of her clutches.

Who knew that after Jinghui found out, he actually believed that womans slander and broke Zhifeis hands.

I, Qingmei, Im not here to complain about Jinghui.

If you want to blame someone, blame Su Yanyun.

She was the one who instigated it!”

Hua Qingmei knew very well what kind of ruthless person her son was.

But no matter how wrong it was, it had to be someone elses fault.

Furthermore, she was bent on making Rong Jinghui marry a rich family in the city.

How could she let a married woman ruin her plan

“Hearing you say that, I really wish I could make that woman disappear from this world immediately.” Hua Qingmei rubbed her temples.

“But Xiaoping, you know that our Jinghui is especially rebellious.

If he knows that Im dealing with the woman he likes, our relationship as mother and son will be irreversiblely damaged…”

“Ive also considered this matter.” Rong Xiaoping smiled flatteringly.

“Qingmei, you and Jinghui have a deep mother-son relationship.

Its not easy to do such a thing.

Why dont you send someone you trust to work in the corporation and help you teach her a lesson”

“But I dont have anyone I can trust and rely on.” Hua Qingmei frowned.

Rong Xiaoping was waiting for Hua Qingmei to say this.

“I have a good candidate here.

Shes a girl I know.

Shes very reliable and knows Su Yanyun well.

She knows her weaknesses.

Her name is Luo Weimin.

Why dont I bring her over to meet Qingmei tomorrow”

Hua Qingmei smiled frankly.

“Ill definitely be at ease with the person you recommend.

Bring her resume over, Ill arrange it immediately.”

Rong Xiaoping was overjoyed to have her way.

Luo Weimin was a greedy woman who only knew how to demand but didnt know how to give.

She relied on her having the Song familys child and increasingly didnt know her place.

She had already tolerated her for a long time.

This time, she finally had a chance to use her to do something real.

Besides, the corporations salary was not low.

Before she gave birth, she, Luo Weimin, could forget about getting a single cent from the Song family!


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