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Harden wanted to use his identity as the director to teach Anna a lesson, but there was a knock on the door of the interrogation room.

It was Mo Long who wanted to send Leanne in.

Leanne was very resistant.

“What do you mean Cant you see that she wants to eat me You still want me to go in Do you want to see me die”

At such a critical moment, Leannee did not care whether the man in front of her was the Mo Long that she had always wanted to seduce.

She shouted angrily and wanted to make the man in front of her deaf.

Jiang Yu smiled.

“Leanne, Anna would not want to see you for no reason.

There must be something shameful between the two of you.

Thats why she cant wait to see you after the accident.”

“Nonsense…” Before she could finish her sentence, Leanne was pushed by Mo Long and staggered into the interrogation room.

Seeing this, Harden also tactfully left with his men.

Only Leanne and Anna were left in the interrogation room.

The rest of the people stood at the door and quietly listened to the conversation inside.

Anna saw Leanne and sneered.

“What, you finally dare to see me now”

“What nonsense are you talking about” Leanne looked away guiltily.

“Dont say such things.

If others hear it, they will misunderstand.”

“I cant wait for others to misunderstand!” Anna burst into laughter, “Didnt you know when I said I was going to cut off wire You knew about this and didnt stop me or warn Jiang Yu.

Instead, you tacitly agreed to let me do it.

Do you know that this is also a crime”

“I dont know!” Leanne raised her voice.

“Anna, Im also angry that you did this! But you cant count me in because I didnt know about this!”

“You dont want to admit it, do you” Anna laughed until tears were about to come out, “Leanne, youre really good to bite me at this time.

Back then, you were the one who said that you wanted to make Jiang Yu suffer, and you were the one who said that you wanted to seduce Mo Long.

In the end, I was the one who did everything.

Well, now that the matter has been exposed, youve completely shirked your responsibility and let me bear it alone”

“Anna, you dont have any evidence.

I can sue you for slander! Do you know that” Leanne calmed down and looked at her coldly.

“If you dont want to die a horrible death, I advise you to take back what you shouldnt have said.”

But now, Anna was so shocked that she could be called a fugitive.

She was no longer afraid of any threats.

She even banged the table and shouted happily, “Help! Help! Jiang Yu! Mo Long! And that pig-headed chief! Leanne committed the crime of covering up for me.

She covered up for me! Quickly arrest her!”

“Anna! Are you crazy!” Leanne was so angry that her eyes were bloodshot.

If they were not in the police station, she would definitely strangle Anna to death.

“We were originally on the same boat, but the boat sank.

You left and threw me into the sea.

Do you think Ill go crazy” Anna shouted and cried, “Im going to be in prison for the rest of my life.

I wanted to come back, but now I have no chance! I shouldnt have believed you in the beginning.

I didnt know you at that time, but I believed your nonsense! I thought that I could return to being an international supermodel after making a movie!”

Anna was crying her heart out, but Leanne didnt want to comfort her.

She just wanted to leave this place as soon as possible.

Just then, Harden opened the door and said to Anna, “You have already admitted your crime, havent you”

Anna nodded with tears in her eyes.

“Then sign your confession and criminal record.

We will send you back to the country,” Harden said as he took out a criminal record.

Anna signed it and immediately felt the strength in her limbs being taken away.

She could only be dragged out.

Anna had received the punishment she deserved, so the only one left was Leanne.

However, Leanne was not involved in this matter, so it was not an easy task to catch her.

“Annas words are all fake.

Dont believe it,” Leanne walked to the door and said to Jiang Yu.

Jiang Yu looked at her and said after a long while, “Of course, Anna is so crazy.

Of course, you cant believe what she said.”

“Thats good,” Leanne said and turned to leave.

“Lets call it a day, shall we” Harden smiled apologetically.


Mo Long, look at what you said before…”

He didnt finish his words, but Mo Long knew what he meant.

So Mo Long said, “I wont forget what I promised you.”

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