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Ren Qi looked at the raging fire behind him, a smile appearing on his face.

This situation might be like a nightmare to the invading lords, but to him, it was a very happy scene.

After seeing it, he couldnt help but feel happy.

After all, they and the invading lords wouldnt rest until one of them died.

The surrounding new lords were all excited, and the respect in their eyes became even more intense as they looked at Ren Qi.

As expected, there was no problem with following big boss Ren Qi.

Only Big Boss Ren Qi could achieve such an outcome, right

He was simply too amazing!

If it were them, they probably wouldnt even be able to achieve half of what they were doing now, much less achieve what they were doing now.

“Boss Ren Qi, youre simply too godly.

You brought us to directly confiscate those invading suzerains.

I reckon that even the other party didnt expect us to do this.”

“Hahaha, thats right.

By the time they react, well have already exterminated all of their territories.

I wonder if theyll die from anger when they learn of this situation.”

“I think that theyll die from anger.

After all, this kind of thing is a little too out of the ordinary.

Theyre being held back here, and then their homes are stolen.

I think that theyll be so angry that theyll vomit blood.”

Hearing the surrounding new lordswords, a smile surfaced on Zhao Yuhengs and the othersfaces.

This kind of situation was indeed very beneficial to them, and it also made them very excited.

However, Li Tianlans gaze soon landed on Ren Qi.

He lifted his brows slightly when he saw Ren Qis slightly knit brows.

“What is it Ren Qi, why are you still frowning in such a situation”Li Tianlan came to Ren Qis side and softly laughed.

Ren Qi turned around and his gaze landed on the other party after hearing Li Tianlans words.

“Its nothing.

I just feel a little uneasy.

As for the new lords that we have set up around the main camp of the invading Horde Leader Alliance, have you received any news”

Just as Li Tianlan was about to shake his head, the communication device vibrated.

Opening it, Li Tianlans expression suddenly changed, and his expression became a little ugly.

“Whats wrong Is there something new”Ren Qi looked at Li Tianlans expression and asked.

Li Tianlan glanced at Ren Qi and nodded slightly.

“Theres news from the other side.

The invading Lords Alliance seems to have discovered that were blocking their reinforcements.”

Ren Qi nodded.

“Thats not surprising.

No matter how stupid they are, they should have discovered that were blocking their reinforcements by now.

What are they doing now”

Li Tianlan asked curiously, “According to the news, the invading Lords Alliance isnt chasing after us.

Instead, they are attacking Chuan Jingfeng and the others.”

Ren Qi frowned when he heard Li Tianlans words.

Then, he asked, “What about the number of troops How many troops did the invading Lords Alliance send to attack Chuan Jingfeng and the others”

Hearing Ren Qis words, Li Tianlan also realized that something was wrong, so he hurriedly asked.

Soon, the news was sent over.

Li Tianlans expression changed.

“All of them! The invasion Lord Alliance sent out all of their troops.

They sent out all of their troops!”

“Are they angry from embarrassment Do they want to destroy Chuan Jingfeng and the others”

Li Tianlan looked at Ren Qi and guessed.

Ren Qis eyes flickered slightly before he shook his head.

“The situation doesnt seem right.

If the other side isnt stupid, they should be able to guess that were attacking their territory.”

“At this time, they didnt choose to come back to support their territory.

Instead, theyre attacking Chuan Jingfeng and the others.

They must have other plans!”

“Theres only one possibility in this situation.”

Li Tianlans heart skipped a beat.

She thought of something and looked at Ren Qi.

“Are you saying that the invading lords of the Lords Alliance are heading toward our territory with all their troops”

Ren Qi nodded.

“Theres only one possibility now.

The other side is very smart.

They know that even if they come to stop us now, its useless.

Most of their territory has already been destroyed by us.”

“If they want to turn the tables, they can only go the other way and attack our territory.

If both sides exchange territories, well still be at a disadvantage.”

Li Tianlans expression turned solemn when she heard this.

“If theres a choice, Im afraid that all the new lords wont be willing to exchange territories with the other party.”

After all, there werent many new lords, and they needed a recruitment pool.

If they exchanged territories and lost their recruitment pool, they would suffer a huge loss.

When the surrounding new lords heard Ren Qi and Li Tianlans conversation, their expressions changed.

“F * ck! I didnt expect the other party to be able to steal our home.

Were happy here, but if the other party steals our home, well be doomed.”

“Yeah, we definitely cant let them succeed.

Lets hurry back so that our territory wont be destroyed.”

“But, even if we go back now, will we really be able to catch up If those invading lords rush over and organize to destroy our territory, will we be able to stop them”


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