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“Stop arguing, Madam.”

Qiao Xi rubbed her knuckles and looked at the woman who had fallen to the ground in a sorry state.

She smiled lightly and said in a gentle voice, “Madam, I really want to help you! Werent you very afraid of ghosts just now If I beat you up, youll realize that Im even more terrifying than ghosts.

This way, you wont be afraid of ghosts anymore!

“Madam, how do you feel Youre not afraid anymore, right”

The woman on the ground was so angry that her face turned red.

She held her red and swollen face.

This woman looked weak, but the punch just now almost knocked out her teeth.

At this moment, her son reacted as well.

He pointed at Qiao Xi and roared furiously.

“You actually dare hit my mother I wont…”

“You wont let me off” Qiao Xi raised her eyebrows and raised her fist.

Since she had already hit this woman, she couldnt let her son off.

She couldnt be biased.

“I can take down two good-for-nothings like you with a single punch.

Do you have the ability to say such harsh words to me” As she spoke, Qiao Xi gave the young man a heavy punch.

At this moment, Qiao Xi, who looked gentle, was like a demon from hell in their eyes.

She was really more terrifying than a ghost.

Qiao Xi wiped her hands as if she despised making any physical contact with them.

The middle-aged woman was unwilling to give up and roared angrily, “This is the Lu familys residence, not Longwan Residential! Y-You actually dare to beat me up in the Lu familys residence!”

“Yes, I do.

Whats wrong” Qiao Xi blinked as if she didnt care.

“You clearly know that this is the Lu familys residence, yet you still dare to attack My husband is the general manager of the Lu familys branch company.

Youll definitely pay the price for hitting me!”

Qiao Xi had an indifferent expression.


The middle-aged woman flew into a rage and pointed at Qiao Xi while shouting, “Let me tell you, help me up immediately and kneel on the floor to beg for my forgiveness.


Before she could finish speaking, Qiao Xi spoke first, “Shut up, you idiot!”

The surroundings were silent for a few seconds.

The womans face turned red as she roared with all her might, “What Say that again How dare you insult your elders”

The corners of Qiao Xis mouth curled up in disdain.

“I really didnt expect you to have such a strange hobby.

Since you want to hear it, Ill say it again.

I said… youre an idiot!”

“Ah!!!” The middle-aged woman shouted at the top of her voice, “Im from the Lu family! Im Gu Zhengs aunt.

Youre actually scolding me A junior like you is actually scolding me”

This middle-aged woman was the wife of Lu Qingyuns cousin.

According to seniority, Gu Zheng should indeed call this womanAunt, but this did not mean anything! This woman shouldnt have spoken ill of Gu Zheng and Eldest Miss Lu behind their backs!

“You just said that Gu Zheng isnt from the Lu family, and now youre saying that youre Gu Zhengs aunt.

Dont you think its very contradictory” Qiao Xis tone suddenly turned cold.

“You want to use your status as an elder to suppress me Do you think youre worthy If you cant control your mouth, Ill help you sew it up so that you wont gossip behind my back!”

The middle-aged woman moved back in horror.

She was afraid and angry.

“No matter what, Im Gu Zhengs elder.

Y-You actually dare to… Alright! I wont let you off!”

A trace of impatience flashed past Qiao Xis eyes.

“So, youre unconvinced” She shook her neck, cracked her knuckles, and smiled sweetly at the two of them.

Gu Zhengs aunt How laughable!

Had anyone admitted that Gu Zheng was from the Lu family all these years In the past, Gu Zheng was thought to be an illegitimate child, so the Lu family had reason to target him.

Now that his identity had been confirmed, the Lu family was still unwilling to accept him and chose to make do with the situation.

In that case…

The flames of rage in Qiao Xis heart surged.

She had long wanted to beat these two idiots up, but Gu Zheng was present just now, so she could not attack.

Coincidentally, Gu Zheng was not around now, so she could fight to her hearts content.

That woman never expected the seemingly weak Mrs.

Gu to be so violent.

A few minutes later, Qiao Xi withdrew her hands again and smiled indifferently, but her tone was very impatient.

“Quickly disappear from my sight!”

The two of them hurriedly stood up and staggered.

They were about to escape when they suddenly saw something.

Their eyes were filled with horror, and their legs seemed to not listen to them anymore.

Qiao Xi frowned.

“Whats wrong Are you trying to scare me Do you think Im as timid as you two pieces of trash”

The womans mouth was wide open as her entire body trembled in fear.

She raised her trembling hand and pointed behind Qiao Xi.

“Back there, he…”

Qiao Xi had already lost her patience.

They were pretending to be frightened and thinking of scaring her That was impossible! She wanted to see what was behind her.

If there was nothing, she would beat them up again!

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