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Qiao Xi nodded.

As expected, that servant was one of Gu Zhengs people.

What the servant did earlier today was probably Gu Zhengs idea, but how was he going to explain what happened after that

Gu Zheng saw the doubt in her eyes and added, “Chairman Lu has an assistant by his side called Ji Nan.”

When Qiao Xi heard this name, her entire body instantly stiffened.

Sure enough, Gu Zheng already knew that Ji Nan was one of hers, but Ji Nan had remained hidden for so long.

How did Gu Zheng discover him

“Ji Nan…” The corners of Gu Zhengs mouth curled up as he said casually, “Ji Nans secretary is one of my people as well.”

Qiao Xi: “!!!”

Her ears buzzed, and her heart skipped a beat.

Ji Nans secretary

Gu Zheng knew the truth, but he did not expose her.

Instead, he continued, “Ji Nan is Chairman Lus personal assistant.

Of course, Ji Nan will hire a secretary to handle miscellaneous matters.

This secretary can be hired by Ji Nan himself.

Besides, the Lu family wont investigate the identity of a secretary.

“Ever since Ji Nan joined the Lu family as an assistant, Ive arranged for a secretary to follow Ji Nan.

Today, Ji Nan recorded a video when no one was paying attention.

If the Lu family makes things difficult for me, this can be used to threaten the Lu family.”

Qiao Xi was silent for a short while before asking with a strange expression, “The person you arranged is Ji Nans secretary, not Ji Nan himself”

Gu Zheng smiled and nodded.

“Of course.

Ji Nan is Chairman Lus personal assistant.

No matter how powerful I am, I cant bribe Chairman Lus trusted aide.

Although Ji Nan has only been by Chairman Lus side for two years, hes especially valued.

Everything in the Lu family is handed to Ji Nan to handle.

He can even speak on behalf of Chairman Lu.

Even Lu Yan respects this assistant very much.


Gu, do you think he can be bribed by me”

Qiao Xi said, “Uh…”

The glint in Gu Zhengs eyes grew brighter as he asked casually, “Why would you ask about Ji Nan, Mrs.

Gu Could it be that Ji Nan was really planted in the Lu family by someone else”

Qiao Xi gulped nervously.

“Um… I heard you mention Ji Nan, so I just asked casually.”

Gu Zheng smiled meaningfully.

“Just because I mentioned Ji Nan, you guessed that he was bribed Could it be that you… know the inside story”

Qiao Xi blinked and pretended to be calm as she smiled charmingly.

“Oh, I was really just asking casually.

Ji Nan is in an important position.

If hes been bribed, then it can only mean that Chairman Lu is too stupid!”

Although she said that, Qiao Xis heart was filled with disdain.

The Lu family was indeed hopelessly stupid.

Gu Zheng was so outstanding, yet they insisted on supporting Lu Yan, whose aptitude was average.

Seeing the change in Qiao Xis expression, Gu Zheng suddenly chuckled.


Gu, you have a point.

Since his position is so important, it looks like we should find a chance to get rid of him.”

Qiao Xi: “!!!”Damn you! Hes my subordinate!

The smile on her face gradually disappeared.

Ji Nan was her subordinate.

If he died in Gu Zhengs hands, who could she reason with Hence, she gritted her teeth and said with difficulty, “I think…”

Gu Zheng smiled even more arrogantly.

Before he met Qiao Xi, he had never smiled like this.

If he continued to tease Mrs.

Gu, Mrs.

Gu would be exposed.

At that time, she would inevitably be angry with him.

Gu Zheng restrained his smile and said in a gentle voice, “Mrs.

Gu, dont be nervous.

Im not an unreasonable person.

Although Ji Nan is the man by Chairman Lus side, he has never harmed me.

Why should I attack the innocent”

Only then did Qiao Xis expression ease up a little.

She had finally saved Ji Nans life.

From what Gu Zheng said, he did not know that Ji Nan was one of her people.

She sized Gu Zheng up seriously a few more times.

Seeing that his expression was normal, she was relieved.

Fortunately, Gu Zheng did not notice.

If she was discovered, her weak image would be ruined.

After testing the waters, Qiao Xi left in relief.

After a while, Song Shijing walked in, wanting to report on the company.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he entered, he saw Gu Zhengs cold expression.

His eyes were vicious, and he exuded a cold aura.

“President, whats wrong” Song Shijing asked.

Gu Zheng frowned, his eyes revealing a trace of impatience.

His tone was cold.

“Who let you in Get lost!”

Song Shijing was shocked.

Didnt the president ask him to come in and report Had he forgotten what he had just said Now that he knew the president was in a bad mood, hed better get out!

Just as he was about to turn around and leave, Qiao Xi suddenly returned.

She pushed the door open and rushed in while shouting, “Ah Zheng!”

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