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Hearing Qiao Xis confession, Madam Yes heart ached even more.

Lu Yan was really too arrogant.

He could not win against Gu Zheng, so he came to make things difficult for Mrs.


What kind of man would make things difficult for a weak woman!

If Lu Yan was really unconvinced, he could look for Gu Zheng to have a chat with.

However, he did not dare to offend Gu Zheng.

Even though he knew that Mrs.

Gu had a weak character, he chose to make things difficult for her while Gu Zheng was not around.

Was such a vile person worthy of being Lu Qingyuns son

Madam Ye gently bade farewell to Qiao Xi and left with her husband.

When she left, she even complained to her husband, “Lu Yan is too much of a bully!”

Gu Yao knew that he had to discuss a collaboration with them later, so he gestured for everyone to wait for him in the private room.

He walked to Qiao Xis side and asked tentatively, “Q-Qiao Xi, why were you crying just now”

The corners of Qiao Xis mouth twitched slightly.

She was about to answer when she was interrupted by Gu Yaos agitated voice.

His eyes were filled with anger as he asked in shock, “Could it be that Lu Yan really bullied you This bastard! How dare he”

Ever since he met Qiao Xi, he had never seen her cry so hard.

If she was really wronged, she would take revenge on the spot.

However, she actually cried today.

Moreover, she did not look like she was pretending.

Her eyes were so red.

She clearly looked very sad.

Could it be that before he came, Lu Yan had really done something overboard that made the usually strong Qiao Xi unable to help but cry

Gu Yao felt like there was a huge rock in his heart.

He should not have let Lu Yan leave just now.

A scumbag like him should be beaten up and sent to the intensive care unit!

“Actually… I choked on some chilies,” Qiao Xi said in embarrassment.

“I came out to digest my food and find some water to drink, but I accidentally choked.

Then Lu Yan happened to appear.”

At this moment, Gu Yaos face was filled with confusion.

He stood rooted to the ground in a daze and asked in confusion, “Does that mean you cried from the spicy food It had nothing to do with Lu Yan”

At this moment, Gu Yao seemed to sympathize with Lu Yan.

He had clearly not done anything, yet he was accused of bullying Mrs.


How tragic!

At this moment, in the Lu familys private room, Lu Yan looked at his red and swollen knee, his eyes filled with viciousness.

Lu Xiang, who was at the side, shouted with a ferocious expression, “Those two bastards want to attend the Lu familys ancestral worship ceremony Are they worthy

“If it werent for that little b*tch, Qiao Xi, todays plan wouldve succeeded.

This little b*tch always ruins the Lu familys plans.

Sooner or later, Ill…”

Lu Xiang suddenly stopped talking and looked around in a panic.

Although they were in a private room, this was Huazhong Building.

Perhaps the walls had ears.

She only dared to say these words in the Lu familys mansion.

She definitely did not want Gu Zheng to catch wind of her saying these things.

She hated Gu Zheng, but at the same time, she was afraid of him.

Hence, even though she hated Gu Zheng to the core, she did not dare to say anything too overboard in front of him because she knew that Gu Zheng was a vicious person.

If she angered him, the consequences would definitely be unimaginable.

Lu Xiang lowered her voice and said angrily, “They actually mentioned the ancestral worship ceremony in front of everyone.

If it wasnt because it wouldve affected the Lu familys reputation, we definitely wouldnt have agreed to let them participate!”

“Let them attend.” Suddenly, Lu Yan said in a hoarse voice, “Its just an ancestral worship ceremony.

They can come if they want to.”

Lu Xiangs expression changed drastically, and her face was filled with shock.

“Ah Yan! What are you talking about! Those who can participate in the ancestral worship ceremony are the most outstanding descendants of the Lu family.

This represents their status in the Lu family.

Ive worked hard for so many years to get the chance to participate in the ancestral worship ceremony.

What right do Gu Zheng and Qiao Xi have to participate”

Gu Zhengs influence was huge now.

Everyone in Li City knew that if he officially returned to the Lu family and became a descendant of the Lu family, Lu Yan would no longer have a place in the Lu family.

Even though they supported Lu Yans rise to power, those shareholders were already dissatisfied with him.

If Gu Zheng returned to the Lu family, the shareholders would definitely support the more outstanding heir.

How could Ah Yan not know what she knew Then why did he agree to let Gu Zheng go home to pay respects to their ancestors

Lu Yan glanced at Lu Xiang indifferently.

Lu Yan did not care about this aunt of his who was a little stupid.

They were not even related by blood.

He showed a trace of disdain, but his tone was still gentle.

“Aunt, we did agree to let him attend the ancestral worship ceremony, but we didnt agree to let him enter the ancestral hall to pay respects to our ancestors.”

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