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 "I don't plan on waiting long."

    Did they know that they couldn't reject his offer Ethan urged with a soft voice, and Belluna and Benjamin eventually nodded their heads.

    "We'll accept it."


    Ethan leaned back in his chair with satisfaction and called for Jade.

    "Did you call me"

    "Give those two the keys to Ambrosia's relics."

    "Yes But......"

    Jade hesitated for a moment and pondered.

He wondered if it was possible to hand over the keys that could only be given to the family's successor so easily.

However, Ethan said in a determined voice as if knowing he was having other thoughts.

    "They'll do things for me that I wouldn't be able to do on my part."

    "I understand."

    As Jade nodded heavily and left, Benjamin, curious about Ambrosia's relics, asked.

    "What's Ambrosia’s relics"

    "A place where the documents that recorded the power of the family were compiled and kept in books.

What this power took away and what it destroyed are all written down, so it will be helpful as a reference."


    Benjamin and Belluna's eyes sparkled at the same time.

They stared at Ethan Ambrosia with inquisitive eyes.

The most lacking thing in research with their master on the power was specific data.

Since it was a power that ran in one family from one bloodline to another, they continued the research by finding hidden and concealed traces all over the continent.

However, if what was in Ambrosia's relics was a record of its power, more specific research would be possible than when they studied it with their master.

Perhaps they could also find out the exact reason why their master vomited blood every time she received the power.

    "Can we study this ourselves Master is......"


    Ethan shook his head silently for a moment.

The disciples hardened their faces in that they had to proceed without saying anything to their master.

But, knowing that without Ethan's cooperation, they would not be able to proceed with the research again, they ended up keeping their mouths shut.

    "Now, you don't have time to worry like this anymore.

Go ahead and get started right away."


    "Thank you for the opportunity."

    Belluna and Benjamin rushed out of the office without anyone talking first.

Then there was a big commotion outside, and Jade came back soon after.

    "They really like it."

    "They found a way for their master, so of course they do."

    "However My Lord, another person from the magic tower will be sent over soon."

    "I will make a justification for them to remain in Ambrosia in moderation."

    "Then to Countess Millen-nim......"

    Ethan quietly shook his head.

She hid her own physical condition thoroughly.

That meant she didn't want to tell Ethan and Claude.

He wanted to respect Sarah's desire to hide.

Apart from the decision not to leave her the way she was.

    "I'll tell her one day, but not now."

    "I see."

    Jade had an expression as complex as Ethan.

This time he also became aware of Sarah's condition for the first time.

It was the same for Veron and Ronda.

His Lord, who didn’t want to see the disciples, even thought of borrowing their hands.

It wasn't an ordinary thing.

    "Is Countess Millen-nim okay"

    "She should be okay.

We must reduce our dependence on Sarah in the future."

    "But Claude-nim's power still needs to be suppressed by Count Millen-nim……."

    "That's right."

    Ethan sighed heavily as he remembered Claude, who was blindly relying on Sarah.

* * *

    Sarah sat on the bed to put Claude to sleep.

Claude's eyelashes quivered as he closed his eyes and grabbed her hand.

It meant that he was about to fall asleep.

    "Good night, Claude-nim"

    She carefully pulled out Claude’s hand and covered the child up to his chin with a blanket.

And when she gently stroked his soft hair, the child's trembling eyes relaxed peacefully.

There was a faint smile on the corners of his slightly opened mouth.

A similarly relaxed smile formed on Sarah's lips as she looked at it.

    "......So cute."

    Sarah looked at the sleeping child's face for a while.

How she wished she could make him sleep with such a peaceful face every day.

Sarah felt like she could do anything for the sake of this child's peaceful life.


    Then, carefully, quietly, she got up, closed the door, and went outside.

She hadn't seen May since earlier.

Without May, Ronda, who had to stand by Claude, was also nowhere to be seen.

Strangely, she felt an unknown tension inside the mansion.

    "What on earth are they doing"

    Likewise, she sighed quietly, recalling her disciples who were not seen in the mansion.

Then she took out the message artifact from her arms.

    [As Great Elder-nim was concerned, there was a collaborator inside the magic tower.

It seems that most of the people who have found another route right now, even though supplies are blocked, are involved.

That means there were frequent exchanges with the outside world.]

    [Wow, I found it.

I found it, Great Elder-nim! I found it! What have those crazy people been doing all this time......]

    [They all burned down the labs and disappeared.

I don't know the exact details, but it seems to be related to it.]

    [There was also a madman staying next door to me.


Somehow, crazy guys kept stealing my magic stones, and I was stabbed in the back properly.

Kill me instead.

I will avenge them with blood.]

    [There are traces of the magic circle of Great Elder-nim's secret lab being touched.

Fortunately, I could solve it.

However, I think you should come at least once.]

    [Great Elder-nim's secret lab is really cool! I didn't even know there was a place like this in the magic tower, and I heard that even Great Elder-nim's disciples couldn't enter this lab.

Thank you for letting me have this opportunity to take a look.

But can't you just let me take a look around a little bit more I heard that Great Elder-nim has the power to research.

If you let me go out this time......]

    [The Second Elder and the Third Elder had set off secretly to Ambrosia’s dukedom.

They'll see you soon.]

    The messages from the magic tower came to her mind dizzily.

She asked them to investigate just in case, but things seemed to be happening all over the place as expected.

Even the magicians who had been studying magic peacefully in the magic tower were also confused, and a huge amount of messages were piled up.

And for the most part, everything was as Sarah expected.

    "Oliven......, this foolish disciple."

    She sighed quietly and walked down the hallways of Ambrosia's mansion.

Then, little by little, she let out her mana, scanning all the signs inside the mansion.

Benjamin and Belluna were going down to the basement of the mansion, and Oliven's presence was not felt at all.

He ran out of the mansion.

    "In the end, you made that choice."

    Sarah closed her eyes painfully and opened them.

Benjamin and Belluna didn't know how far Oliven could do.

Ever since she heard that Oliven had approached the First Prince, she secretly investigated his whereabouts.

Just in time, Ethan shook the magic tower all over, so he was able to move the magicians of the magic tower without a doubt.

    [I found the magic that Oliven had planted in the monster forest near Alton Estate.

It is the magic that scatters the scent that monsters love.]

    [The number of monsters jumping out of the monster forest has been extremely reduced.

However, the corpses of the monsters were not naturally dead.]

    [Great Elder-nim, I'm sorry to say this, but this......]

    Sarah read the reports of the magicians she had ordered to investigate, and soon put the artifact back into her arms.

She could know and feel it even if she didn't like it.

The unpleasant scent felt from the body of her disciple, who was looking at her with hot red eyes.

    [is black magic.]


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