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The First Prince, Cazer de Crombell, who was staying at the castle of the lord of the Alton Estate, had been spending extraordinarily quiet days lately.


    "So, what is he spending his time doing these days"

    "There's nothing much.

He just drinks alcohol during the day and sleeps at night."

    "......It's good to hear, but I'm nervous because he's too quiet."


    Powell Alton, the second son of Alton Estate, tilted his head as he received the report of the First Prince's actions.


    "I know that Young Master Python often visits First Prince-nim's room these days and comforts him."

    "Older Brother"


    He opened his eyes in amazement and asked.

Powell's follower smiled and nodded his head.


    "Yes, doesn’t Young Master Python travel to the capital city a lot Perhaps that's why there's a little connection with First Prince-nim."

    "Is that so......"


    Powell nodded his head slightly, feeling the complex nuances of emotion.

It was because he was confused about whether he should like the fact that his wandering older brother was now thinking of Alton Estate and drew the attention of the First Prince or worry about him getting along well with the fallen First Prince.


    'Well, if Older Brother can do something, I'm happy with that.'


    Powell thought so and received the following report.


    "And the wandering merchant I saw last time."



    Powell narrowed his forehead and traced his blurred memories.


    "Wasn't there someone selling something mysterious to appease First Prince-nim"

    "Ah Ah ah......"


    It was only after his follower added a few words that Powell remembered giving the First Prince a mysterious orb as a gift.

When he thought about it, it seemed that the First Prince's arrogant personality had subsided a little since that day.


    "What about the merchant"

    "That is......, he disappeared as soon as he sold the item."


    At Powell's question, the follower gave a sheepish face and reported everything.


    "Aren't all wandering merchants like that"

    "That's true, but it's a little suspicious."


    "He bought alcohol for people at Baker's Pub for several days.

Perhaps all of the people living in Alton Estate have been drunk alcohol bought by him at least once."

    "His money must be corrupted and overflowing."


    Powell leaned his upper body forward as if intrigued.


    "The person who acted as the middle man for the merchant said that he would give him a big reward if Ihe sold the goods, but he disappeared immediately."

    "Well...... You might get angry if you negotiate a deal and get nothing in return, but isn't it unreasonable to call it suspicious"

    "But isn't the purpose too clear In order to sell that item to the First Prince, he must have been buying alcohol for a few days and looking for someone to help him."


    Powell pondered for a moment.

In order to approach the First Prince, he only sold things neatly and disappeared.

That didn't mean that the item was dangerous.

It was expensive, but when he thought about it, it was not a price to devote enough effort to buy alcohol at Baker's Pub for a few days.

Merchants tended to seek profit, but the profit he saw was relatively small.

Considering the money and dedication he put into it.


    "Should I report it to the Imperial family"

    "......Let me think for a second."


    Powell shook his head and fell into trouble.

It was highly likely that the merchant's purpose was to hand over the orb to the First Prince.

However, nothing had happened so far to say that it was a dangerous object, and the First Prince was as usual except that his temper was a little dead.

Was it right to report when there was no damage or abnormality


    "......Shall we report to Lord-nim first"


If it were Father, he would definitely report it to His Majesty the Emperor.

The Emperor is only thinking of bringing the First Prince back from time to time, so with this incident, he could bring the First Prince back."

    "Then isn't that a good thing! Ever since the First Prince came here, the atmosphere in our territory has not been very eloquent."

    "But after that"



    At Powell's question, the follower opened his mouth blankly.

He didn't think about it that far.

He sighed and pressed his fingers against his temples as if he had a headache.


    "Since the First Prince has lost his right to the throne, it is unlikely that he will ascend to the throne as long as the other two princes keep their eyes open."

    "......That's right."

    "Then one of the two princes will become emperor.

Would he like to see the Estate that sent the First Prince back to the Palace"



    It was only then that Powell's follower nodded and could understand his master's worries.

If the First Prince was given a justification to go back to the Imperial Palace, the Emperor would do anything to return the right to inherit the throne to his son.

And it was clear that anyone who would ascend to the throne in the future would harbor a grudge against the Alton Estate for starting that tough fight.

The Alton Estate was attacked by monsters several times a day, so support from the Imperial family was essential.

It would be the end of them if the Imperial family bore a grudge against them.


    "Even if you report it, you have to report it to the Second Prince or the Third Prince."

    "I see."

    "They will be glad to hear the little news about the First Prince.

The question is, to which one should we send it......"


    Powell shook his head and squeezed his memory.

Due to the nature of Alton Estate, it was far from the capital, and he was busy caring for the Estate, so it was not long before he entered the social world.

Therefore, it was not possible to figure out what the recent conflict between the Second Prince and Third Prince was like and which side it would be advantageous to stick to.


    "Ah, right.

I'll have to discuss it with my older brother."


    Powell recalled Python, who liked to wager cooly and had a deep illusion of central politics.

Python Alton, who was always alert to the news of the capital’s society, might be able to provide some proper advice.


    "This is the future of the Estate, which will be led by my older brother, so I cannot decide."


    Powell put down the documents he was looking at and headed to Python's room.

Come to think of it, the number of monsters attacking the territory had decreased significantly these days.

It had been a long time since he spent time with his older brother directing maintenance work that he had not been able to take advantage of that opportunity.

Thinking of talking about various things at this opportunity, he hurried his steps.

At that time, he saw a servant standing restlessly in front of Python's room.


    "Older Brother"


    Python's attendant was startled when Powell suddenly appeared.


    "Ah, ah Young Master Powell! How can there be no notification......"

    "I live in the same house with my older brother.

When did we become so formal...... Is Older Brother inside"


    Powell shrugged and knocked on Python's visit as if he had heard all the nonsensical remarks.

However, no answer was heard from the room.


    "Um Where is he, if not his room, at this late hour"


    Powell tilted his head and touched the doorknob.


    "Ah, ah please wait......!"


    Not knowing he would open the door, Python's attendant grabbed Powell's arm.



    "......That, he went out to take a look at the Estate.

He'll be back soon!"

    "It's hard to see monsters these days, but still, the Estate is dangerous at this time.

He knows that well, but why......"


    Powell muttered while narrowing his eyebrows, then suddenly realized that the attendant's palm was wet as he grabbed his arm.




    An expression that looked somewhat anxious, a face that was deathly pale, and eyes that trembled incessantly.

Something was suspicious.


    "Did Older Brother really go to take a look at the Estate"

    "Of, of course! Why would I lie to Young Master"

    "......Let me go for a second."


    Feeling suspicious, Powell went into the room after knocking away the hand of the attendant.




    His eyes widened as he looked into the room.

Powell's eyes, which had hardened in astonishment, shook violently and slowly looked at the things scattered around the room.


    "Young, Young Master Powell......, what, what should I do with this......"


    The attendant who had stopped him took the initial step this time and grabbed Powell's pants and wept.

But it was Powell who wanted to cry, not anyone else.

He sat down on the spot and covered his mouth with trembling hands.

It was because he thought he would vomit.


    "Why Older Brother......monster corpses...... Uh ugh!"


    Python's room was full of monster corpses that had died in a bizarre way.

They weren't cut by swords or stabbed with spears, but the corpses of monsters that died in a really strange way.


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