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 Sarah opened her eyes as if being thrown out of a dream.




    She took a deep breath and lifted her upper body.

Sarah grabbed her chest as her heart pounded and tightened in pain.

This was the second time she had opened her eyes in this way.


    "Ha, ugh!"


    Sarah moaned once more at the pain that lasted longer than the last time.

She lay down on the bed again, feeling her eyes spinning.

She could tell by looking up at the ceiling with her blurred vision.

This was Sarah Millen's body.


    'There’s no strength in this body.'


    Sarah blinked, trying to hold her breath.

The more she did, the more she felt that her vision was gradually returning to a clearer view.

Only then could she turn her head to her side.




    Claude was asleep next to Sarah, clutching the hem of her robe tightly.


    "Duke-nim too"


    And next to the bed was Duke Ambrosia, sitting on a chair and sleeping with a tired face.

Both of them stayed up for several nights.


    "Ha……, haha."


    Seeing this, a shrill laugh escaped Sarah's mouth.

Her heart, which had been pounding like crazy just a moment ago, quickly subsided.


    "Sa, Sarah-nim"


    May, who was carefully opening the door at that time, approached with her eyes wide open in surprise.

Sarah spoke in a quiet voice in fear of waking up the two sleeping men.




    "Ah ah……."


    Seeing Sarah's smiling face, tears began to form in May’s eyes and she eventually cried with her face buried in both hands.

Sarah asked, embarrassed by the fierce response.


    "What, what's wrong Did I sleep a lot"

    "I thought you couldn't wake up this time.….."

    "Was it that bad"


    Nodding her head in response to Sarah's question, May began to explain what had happened in the past.


    "That day, you collapsed like that, and the person claiming to be Sarah-nim's disciple was trying to kidnap you, and Claude-nim suddenly glowed and healed Sarah-nim, but Sarah-nim couldn't get up, and Duke-nim told Claude-nim that he didn't have that power and asked if it got worse, and two doctors were fired, and the divine power of the priests is useless, and in the magic tower, they keep sending people to meet you……"

    "Wait, May.

I think you're over-excited, so let's calm down and say it again slowly."

    "So after Sarah-nim collapsed like that……"

    "No, explain again from the part where Claude-nim glowed."

    "So, the jerk who claims to be Sarah-nim's disciple tried to kidnap you, but Claude-nim interrupted him and the magician’s oath……"



    May was crying and trying to explain something, but she was so gibberish that Sarah couldn't understand.

Seeing Sarah pat her hair with her long sigh, May burst into tears once again.


    "Are you sick again Shall I call a doctor Or should I call a priest"

    "No, no.

Please call Sir Jade Harper."

    "Yes, yes yes! I will!"


    It seemed that Jade was the only person who could explain the situation to her in a calm way.

May nodded her head eagerly and sprinted back to the door.


    "Oh my, I’m out of my mind."


    Thanks to May, she felt like her confused mind became more confused.

She lay down calmly and waited for Jade to come in.




    Sarah sighed and pulled up Claude's blanket a little more and covered it meticulously.

Then she leaned back in her chair and looked at Ethan, who was sleeping uncomfortably.

Ethan fell asleep so deeply that he didn't even move.

Sleeping in an uncomfortable position, he was narrowing his eyebrows, and it looked like he was having a bad dream.


    "You must be busy, but since when have you been here"


    Sarah carefully reached out and tried to loosen Ethan’s arm, which was clasping her arm.

When she was trying hard and her fingertips touched Ethan’s hand.




    Ethan's eyes opened wide and he grabbed Sarah's hand.





    Ethan jumped up in surprise as Sarah moaned a little because of the powerful grip.

His blue eyes trembled violently like an aspen tree.


    "You have, you have woken up."


You were worried a lot, right"


    Sarah smiled bashfully at Ethan, who seemed to have had a hard time.

Ethan, who had been looking at her as if he couldn't believe it for a long time, breathed heavily and sat on the bed.


    "How is your body Any pain or discomfort"

    "I was a little dizzy just before, but now I'm fine."



    Ethan sighed once more and brushed his messy hair up.

Sarah smiled and asked at his gesture of relief.


    "Did I hurt a lot"

    "If the miracle hadn't happened, something big might have happened."


    Ethan said that and looked down at Claude who fell asleep.

Feeling the gaze, Sarah hurriedly said.


    "I heard May from a while ago that Claude-nim was glowing, what does that mean"

    "……A strange power has been manifested in Claude.

It's definitely Ambrosia's power, but something different."

    "What do you mean by another power of Ambrosia"


    Ethan looked at Sarah with complicated eyes for a moment.

This was because he didn't know where to start and how to say it.


    "Claude's power healed you."


    "Yes, the bleeding has stopped and your complexion has improved.

You were able to breathe properly."

    "The magic stone in the party hall contained the power of Ambrosia.

There's no way it can be cured easily, and Claude-nim's power is……"


    Sarah muttered in disbelief.

No matter how much Sarah burned Ambrosia's power within herself, it was literally a power that robbed her of her vitality.

Clearly, even Sarah must have been deprived of some vitality, and it must have been a speed concussion because Ambrosia's power and mana collided inside her body.

Claude, who had the power of Ambrosia, couldn't heal a condition that could not be easily treated even by a high-ranking priest.


    "It's hard to believe, but it's true."


    Ethan nodded as if he understood Sarah.

It took him quite a while to accept it even though he had seen it all.


    "Is Claude-nim okay"


    Sarah raised her torso and placed her hand on Claude's chest, who was sleeping next to her.

His chest went up and down evenly to the sound of his deep breath.

After carefully examining the child's complexion, Sarah lay down on the bed again, stroking his head.


    "He’s fine……"


    Ethan placed his hand over Sarah's, who was stroking Claude’s hair.

Then, a warm warmth spread across Sarah's cold hands.

It was only then that Sarah realized that her hands were as cold as ice.


    "Claude couldn’t wake up for several days at first.

When he woke up again he told me he didn't remember anything he did that day."


    Saying so, Ethan took Sarah's hand and pressed his fingers against the palm of her hand.

So that even a little more blood could circulate and warm her hands.

Seeing Ethan acting so naturally as if he was an attendant, Sarah stiffened without even responding for a moment.


    "And you've been lying down longer than Claude."

    "……How long have I been like this"

    "A month."


    "You haven't woken up for a month……, you were asleep just like this."


    Hearing an unimaginable period of time, Sarah jumped up.


    "What do you mean a month……, ugh!"


    She was so startled that she jumped up and the world started spinning.

Sarah fell back helplessly again.




    Ethan, startled, reached out and grabbed her body.

Sarah, who had her head resting on his tight chest, slowly blinked her eyes for a moment.

At that time,


    "Uh ung, Nanny……"


    Claude rubbed his eyes and got up when he heard Ethan's shout.

The child watched Sarah awake and he opened his mouth for a moment, blankly.

Then he started to shed tears.




    It was when the child rushed into Sarah's arms and hugged her.


    "Is it true that Countess Millen-nim woke up!"

    "Veron! Lower your voice!"

    "Countess Milleeen-nim!! Hueooong!!"

    "The same goes for Sir Jade.

You’re so distracting!"


    At that time, Veron, Ronda, and Jade rushed into the room at once.


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