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"Countess Millen Just now, in what sense do you mean me……"


    Unusually, he muffled his lips and furrowed his brow.

Perhaps he thought he heard it wrong.

However, Sarah's face was more serious than ever.


    "To be exact, I need the time of Duke Ethan Ambrosia.

Once a week, about three hours would be nice."

    “I'm sorry, but since His Majesty announced that he will abdicate, the movement of the nobles has been unusual.

At this point, I cannot separate the time."

    "You swore, right If there is anything I need, you will prepare it for me."

    "Is all you really need is my time"



    There was still a smile on Sarah's lips.




    Ethan thought, rubbing his throbbing forehead.

    The current emperor, Kylos de Crombell, turned 80 this year.

He was one of the most long-lived emperors, and he wielded such a powerful imperial power.

Then he declared that he now wanted to step down from the throne and live in a garden.

    In fact, this wasn't something Ethan Ambrosia would be busy with.

Unfortunately, however, the Emperor did not designate any of the three princes as heirs, and he had no choice but to step forward.

    The nobles were already divided into three factions, continuing a fierce struggle for succession.

In the midst of the typhoon's vortex, only the Duke of Ambrosia was in balance, unbiased by anyone.

As the center of the Empire, he kept his neutrality, so the nobles also noticed and did not cross the line.

But it would soon reach its limit.


    'My head hurts.'


    Ethan Ambrosia looked at Claude, who was calmly in Sarah's arms.

Sarah Millen was absolutely necessary for that child because the curse coming down to Ambrosia was gradually taking roots in the child's body.

    The only people who could control that power were the magicians who could use magic.

It was possible because the power of Ambrosia was similar to magic at first glance.


    'There will come a day when you will need my strength.

I am sending an artifact to prove it and send it to Deline’s side.

Until then, please take good care of Deline and the child.'


    Ethan smoothed the ring on his index finger, recalling the letter he received from Sarah six years ago.

It was an artifact that he received with the letter.

This artifact was the only thing that allowed him to control the power that was raging and fluctuating inside him.

For the first time in all his life, he felt liberated from the power of the family.


    "Will it be difficult"



    That was why he couldn't refuse Sarah's offer.

It was a terrible power that could not be controlled even by family heirlooms passed down from generation to generation.

Ethan Ambrosia's father, the previous Duke, was also engulfed by this power and ran wild and died.


    'I need her for Claude's sake.’


    Not long ago, the power of Ambrosia was manifested in the child's body.

In addition, Ethan's power, which he had controlled with artifacts, began to seep again as if resonating with that power.

    The ring sent by Sarah Millen gradually lost its power, and since Claude’s curse had also been manifested, Ethan had no choice but to lose patience.

    Sarah Millen also disappeared after Dieline made up her death and fled after giving birth to Claude.

Count Millen even declared that he would lock the family door and suspend all communication.

    Ethan even thought about finding the Duchess, who fled along with his younger brother, Hugel, and disappeared, again after six years.

If he found Dieline, he would be able to bring Sarah Millen, who has been hiding, to the surface as well.

    He would have done so if he hadn't got a letter from Sarah Millen just in time.

She mentioned Ambrosia's curse, saying she would visit the dukedom as Claude's nanny.


    'Maybe I can break the curse that has been passed down through the generations of the Ambrosias.'


    Ethan Ambrosia absolutely needed the power to resolve the cycle of despair that had been passed down for a long time.

He needed to hold onto it by any means.

    After finishing the calculation, Ethan looked at Sarah with a gentle smile.

Sarah, noticing that his mind had changed positively, also smiled at him.


    "If three hours is a burden, let's reduce it to two hours.

How is it"


    Once a week, 2 hours.

Numerous schedules were rearranged in Ethan's mind.

There was no need to calculate profits or losses.

Sarah Millen had what he wanted, and it wasn't hard to please her for that. 


    "Instead of reducing it to just two hours, there is another condition."

    "Let’s hear it then"

    "From now on, you will have breakfast with Young Master Claude.”


    Ethan's eyes twitched at the unexpected condition.


    Claude, who was quietly in Sarah’s arms, also had the same reaction.




    The child looked at Sarah with surprised eyes.

Except where other nobles were invited, Claude had never dined with his father, especially if it was just the two of them.

    Everyone said he shouldn't disturb his busy father, so he thought he should do so.

Claude looked at Sarah and Ethan's faces alternately.

    Sarah peeked at the child's trembling eyes with subtle expectations.

Looking at that, she felt like she was going to burst out with a faint smile.


    "I heard that you always eat simple meals in your room"

    "......You know well."


    Ethan's eyes narrowed.

Others might find it hard to believe a woman who was known to have lived in seclusion for six years knew the private life of the Duke.

However, after all, she was the one who had known and approached Ambrosia's power first, which only the imperial family knew for a long time.

So knowing one more of these little things didn't change anything. 


    ‘Magician Sarah……’


    He looked at Sarah Millen in a new light.

She didn't have much presence in Ethan’s life until he knew Sarah Millen was a magician.

    The forbidden jade leaf* of Count Millen, a prestigious family with a long tradition, the most beautiful, virtuous, and wise lady in the social world, she was the only woman to have attained the title of 'Countess Millen' by herself, without having had a single encounter with other men.


*Forbidden jade leaf: the precious and treasured child in a family


    She might have been an interesting target for energetic noblemen, but not for him.

Perhaps that was why when he thought about whether Sarah Millen's personality was originally like this, he couldn't recall it as if his memory had been erased.

    Now standing in front of Ethan Ambrosia, a woman named Sarah Millen was emitting a completely different presence from that blurry impression.

He couldn't tell what she was thinking, and her smiling face was even beautiful.


    "So will you accept my offer"


    With a soft but strong voice, her eyes seemed to know that he couldn't refuse the offer.

She exuded a sense of intimidation that came out naturally as if breathing.


    'I don't have a choice in my hand yet, so I can't help it.'


    He had to keep up with Sarah's rhythm.

She knew it and was able to hand him an offer.

Ethan whispered to Sarah in a subtle and low voice.


    "How am I going to spend my time, if I allow it"


    As Ethan Ambrosia revealed his positivity, the atmosphere surrounding him softened in an instant.


    Sarah answered with a clear laugh filled with joy.


    "It’s going to be a fun playtime."



    Sarah smirked at the Duke of Ambrosia and Claude in her arms, whose faces were bewildered.

Perhaps the same goes for the servants, who alternatively looked at their master and Sarah.

Only then did Sarah realize that her explanation was a little lacking and urgently added. 


    "To be exact, the Duke and Young Master Claude will spend time together.

It will be a very fun and enjoyable playtime."


    Claude's eyes widened at Sarah's words.

Instinctively, the child could understand what Sarah's purpose was.

In short, he would make time to spend with his father.

Expectations that couldn't be hidden came up with a pretty blush on the child's cheeks.


    "How about you, Young Master Claude"


    The child was startled by Sarah's question and looked at his father.

Claude nodded slightly only after confirming that the gentle smile did not disappear from the Duke of Ambrosia's face.


    "I, I like it......."


    Sarah smiled very brightly as if she was happy to hear the child's answer.

With that beautiful smile, not only Claude but also Ethan Ambrosia, instantly lost their gaze to Sarah.

The child's cheeks heated up awkwardly.


    "Since both of you agreed, let's start from the day I officially join this Duke's family."



    Duke Ethan Ambrosia nodded gently.

At that time, someone rushed into Claude’s room, having a hard time breathing heavily.


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