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Claude's eyes as he looked at Ilior changed in an instant.

Claude recalled the lessons he had just received from his father.


    'In order to protect something precious, you should not distinguish between means and methods.'


    He knew instinctively.

He knew he had to do something.

Claude looked at his father before moving on.




    Ethan looked down at Claude, apparently feeling the gaze, as the child looked straight at him with a face asking for permission.

Then, he placed his hand on Claude's head and nodded his head.


    'Father allowed it!'


    Claude looked at Ilior and Sarah, delighted at the thought that somehow he had a connection with his father.

And he took a deep breath.


    "So, how did Countess Millen…..."



    As Ilior was about to continue talking to Sarah with a smile on his face, a faint cry escaped Claude's mouth.





    Then Ilior and Sarah looked at Claude at the same time.

Feeling the gaze, Claude cried, holding Sarah's dress in his hand, and soon burst into tears.



    "Oh my, Claude-nim!"


    Sarah stretched out her arms and Claude hugged her tightly, crying for good.


    "Why are you like this…..."


    Hugging such a child, Sarah said with a troubled look.


    "I'm sorry, Your Highness.

Our Claude-nim is very shy."


    Sarah bent one knee slightly to be polite and then turned around to soothe Claude.


    "Ack……, hold on."


    Ilior stared blankly at her back walking with Claude in her arms.

Then Claude, who was burying his head on Sarah's shoulder, raised his face.

Then he made eye contact with Ilior, who still looked that way.




    At the moment Ilior thought 'He's not crying' Claude looked at him and stuck out his tongue.




    Ilior swallowed a false laugh as he watched the boy show his lust for monopoly with his scorching eyes.


    "Duke Ambrosia, did you see it"

    "What do you mean"

    "Your son."

    "I keep looking at my son's cuteness."

    "No, I was wondering if that was clever."

    "......I don't know about that."


    Ethan added, tilting his head as if he really didn't know.


    "If you teach him one, isn't it cute of him to know ten"


    What the hell did the Duke tell him to do

    Ilior, who was completely unaware, opened his mouth with a sigh.


    "I see that you're such an idiot son.

Why didn't I know that until now"

    "There is no need for Second Prince-nim to know about my family history."


    The line that cut like a knife was firm and sharp.

Since it was Ethan who never allowed anyone to cross that line, Ilior couldn't resist his curiosity and asked.


    "Does your family history include Sarah Millen"

    "What do you mean"

    "It's because I don't understand that Sarah Millen is only the nanny of Young Lord Ambrosia."


    Ilior hurriedly added, raising his hands with a choking sound.


    "It's not that Young Lord Ambrosia is the one, but that Countess Millen is only a nanny."



    Ethan looked at Ilior for a moment and remained silent.

The longer his silence, the more anxious Ilior felt.


    "Only Countess Millen has what I and Claude need."

    "Really What……"

    "His Majesty will be entering soon.

Will you continue to keep the party hall empty"


    As if that was all he had to tell him, Ethan gave a congratulatory address to Ilior in a soft voice.


    'You have a nature that deserves to be hated by your older brother.'


    He could feel the leeway that came from the one who had an overwhelming advantage in Ethan.

Even though he was treating the Imperial family with courtesy, he couldn't shake off the feeling that Ethan Ambrosia was above his head.

Perhaps he would be the same in the presence of the Emperor.

It was not difficult to predict that the First Prince couldn’t withstand it, but he was different.

He knew how to persevere for what he wanted, and he lived like that all his life.

Now he was only one step closer to the throne, but he couldn't make a mistake with an untimely sense of authority.


    "I've confirmed that Young Lord Ambrosia is okay, so I'll leave."


    "I'll tell His Majesty, so you can rest here a little longer."

    "Thank you for your consideration."



    Ilior smiled nicely and took a step back.

Seeing this, Ethan's eyebrows rose slightly upward.

Know when to back down and know how to give what he wants.

That was the case just by openly expressing curiosity about Sarah Millen.

It meant that he would properly recognize him under Ambrosia's eyes, without arguing behind the scenes like the First Prince.


    'He’s useful.'


    Ethan nodded his head as he commented on Ilior.


    "I'll invite you to the mansion once in a while.

To apologize for Claude's rudeness."



    Ilior forgot to respond to the unexpected invitation of the Duke of Ambrosia.

This was an unexpected harvest.

He put his face down for a moment and nodded his head hastily.



I also have an apology to your son, so if Young Lord Ambrosia likes something, please let me know."

    "I will."

    "Uh, okay.

See you later then."


    Ilior hurriedly left the lounge, fearing that Ethan would change his mind.

Ethan looked at his back and sighed quietly.


    "Sir Harper."

    "Yes, My Lord."

    "Is the Third Prince at the party"

    "It is said that he's entering with His Majesty."


Then, let's take a little more rest and go."


    Ethan leaned on the sofa in the lounge and closed his eyes for a while.

Since he threw something appetizing to the Second Prince, his concern was probably leaning this way.


    "I’m sure Claude will have a friend soon."


    At Ethan's words, Jade asked with a worried face.


    "Is it really okay"

    "Both of them will be able to create a relationship with Ambrosia on an equal footing, so we can strike a balance."

    "But the Second Prince would still think he was defeated."

    "Isn't he shining on me and Claude Because Viscount Naven was in the arms of the Second Prince, he could run wild without knowing the subject.

He has a responsibility in that matter."



    Just sending Naven to the First Prince's side didn't mean he wouldn't fill the castle.

Jade thought so and shook his head.




    "Huu, huur……"

    "Claude-nim, please stop crying."


    Claude glanced at Sarah with a glance.

She comforted him with a troubled look, but there was a faint smile on her lips.

Claude, reassured by this, said, leaning his head against Sarah's body.


    "Nanny might marry Prince-nim."

    "I won't!"

    "However, Nanny said that before.

Second Prince-nim and Third Prince-nim have to obey, and they are to your taste."

    "I am"


    Sarah asked, astonished, pointing her finger at herself.




    Claude nodded his head resolutely.

Sarah was perplexed at the sight, and searched for her past memories.


    'Until now, I had not appeared, so he would have given up, but now the Emperor can dream again in vain.'

    'It's not bad.

Compared to the First Prince, the Second Prince or the Third Prince are better.

They are quite to my taste.'


    Then Sarah groaned quietly when she remembered the conversation she had like a joke last time.


    'That's why you have to be careful about what you say in front of children!'


    Sarah, who had buried her face in her palms for a moment, lifted her head.


    "So I had made a promise with Claude-nim and Duke-nim.

I'll stay here forever."



    Claude opened his eyes wide and looked at Sarah as if he remembered it late.

Sarah said with a smile as she saw his cute face.


    "Don't be nervous.

I'll keep my promise."



    Claude nodded his head and smiled at Sarah.

He seemed a little reassured now.

Sarah, who was looking at the child's face, took Claude's hand and closed her eyes.




    Then a faint azure light leaked from Sarah's body, and it spewed out like a long thread and wrapped around Claude's pinky finger.


    "Nan, Nanny."

    "Can you stand still"



    Claude didn't know what Sarah was going to do, but he quietly nodded and watched the mysterious scene unfolding before his eyes.

Surrounded by the sparkling azure light, Sarah was like a goddess depicted in a book.

A moment later, a light emitted from Sarah's body, like a thread, wrapped around Claude's pinky finger, and likewise caught Sarah's.

It was like their pinky fingers were connected.

Seeing Claude staring blankly at it, Sarah smiled and said.


    "Have you ever heard of a magician's oath"


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