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    'I don't want to get involved in this.'


    The disciples had already received enough help.

Sarah's disciples did their best for her against Ambrosia's dangerous power that took away vitality.

However, unlike Sarah, who could use Park Hyeyeon's mana, they had to sacrifice their own life force to deal with Ambrosia's power.


    'I'm sure they won't hesitate to use their power for my sake.

I can't leave it like that.'


    During the study of Ambrosia's power, the disciples tried to use their power several times for Sarah, who vomited blood.

Even though they knew that they would be robbed of their own vitality, her disciples were determined and rushed towards her like moths.

She said she would never take her disciples to correct the Flower of Darkness.


    "Countess Millen-nim, you have arrived at the mansion."

    "Thank you.

I'll walk from here.

I have some things to think about."


    She walked slowly from the main gate of the mansion, immersed in deep thought.

During that time, Sarah devoted herself to teaching and guiding her disciples one by one.

At first, she fell in love with the talent they had, she was grateful that they believed in herself and followed her, and felt proud to see them grow.


    'Even though they no longer need a master, they don't want to get away from me…...'


    The disciples no longer needed a master.

It was because each one of them had enough to do their part now.

But somehow her children showed a strange obsession with her, and they tried to stay by her side forever, even though the time had come when they had to get out of her arms.


    "I didn't tell them because I thought this would happen."


    It didn't seem like it would make much of a difference though.

They didn't know why Sarah was so obsessed with Ambrosia's power.

Sarah confessed to her disciples that she was living a life swapped out with a body in another world, but she didn't confide in 'Flower of Darkness'.


    'Master, I think it would be better to stop here.

It's an interesting power, of course, but I'm not going to study it all this way.'

    'There's no way it won't strain your body.

Master, look at my face and stop it now.

I can’t, I can't watch it anymore…...


    'I'd rather do it.

It doesn't matter if I die.

Rather, Master will think of me more that way.'


    The disciples were unaware of Sarah's guilt and did not understand the study of this power until she vomited blood.

So Sarah went out without talking to them.


    "Ah ah, really!"


    Now, something was going well, but because of her disciples, who were good at taking action, the number of things to be concerned about had doubled, no, tripled.

Ambrosia's power was still suppressed within Ethan for a while, but it was boiling over so it wouldn't be strange if it exploded.

No matter how much she controlled it, it was likely to break through at any moment, unless she completely quenched his thirst.

And Claude was still unstable.

As the child grew, Ambrosia's power would gradually grow stronger, so delicate protection was required.


    "Anyway, just come here.

I'm not going to leave you alone."


    Everyone was probably doing this because they didn't know how terrifying the master's scolding was.

Sarah thought so and moved on with her steps.

She could see the Ambrosia father and son sitting at a tea table in the garden and drinking tea stiffly.




    Ethan glanced at Claude while holding the teacup awkwardly, and Claude only picked up and let go of the fork without looking at his father.

When they were left alone, seeing the awkward appearance of the two father and son more than anyone else, Sarah's mind, which had just been entangled in complicated thoughts, became clear in an instant.


    "Because it was cute."


    Claude was the first to find Sarah walking in the distance.

Ethan, who followed the child's gaze and moved his gaze, also found Sarah.





    When he saw Sarah, his expression softened as if he was relieved, and his eyes were welcoming her with his pretty sparkling eyes.

She smiled brightly, thinking that she wanted to keep this moment somehow.

Still, she enjoyed this life as she belonged here.

Sarah exclaimed brightly as she greeted Claude, who was waving his hand at her with a smile.


    "I'm back!"




    "Ambrosia sent a reply"


He said that not only himself but also Young Lord Ambrosia will attend."



    The second prince took a deep breath and buried himself deeply on the sofa.

It seemed like he breathed out all of his worrying thoughts, which made his head hurt like it was broken until just now.

Even with a simple invitation, Ambrosia took a long time to send a reply.

It was true that the longer the period, the more nervous he was.

Ambrosia’s family, who was still neutral, only picked up the sword once, but the First Prince was forever separated from the throne.


    "Did it look like it means anything else"

    "I didn't figure that out, I'm sorry."



    The Second Prince swept up his messy hair and asked after organizing his thoughts for a while.


    "Did my older brother say that Alton Estate is worth staying"

    "It is said that the First Prince’s attendants die several times a day."

    "He seems pretty at peace."


    He thought of his half-older brother who was doing all kinds of evil with a sly smile.

Even though he was the Emperor's only beloved son, he was a pathetic little boy who didn't even know how to protect what he had.

If he had shown any qualifications as an Emperor, the Second Prince and the Third Prince would probably never have been born.


    "I should greet His Majesty."

    "For the time being, he will not accept greetings from the princes."


It's heartbreaking to hear that the son you love the most has gone away."


    To the Emperor, there was only one son.

The Second Prince and the Third Prince were just measures prepared because he was worried about the Empire that the First Prince would lead.

Even though he was well aware of it, on days like today he still ground his teeth so hard that it felt like they were about to be broken.


    "However, His Majesty expressed his intention to attend the party."



    The lips of the Second Prince, who clenched his teeth, opened foolishly.

This party was a party to solidify his position as the most likely successor to the throne in the Crombell Imperial family, where the First Prince was dismissed.

Before that, he begged several times for the Emperor to come to the party, but he did not budge.

It was suspicious that such an Emperor suddenly expressed his intention to attend.


    "What changed His Majesty's heart"

    "This is the list of participants."


    The Second Prince hastily accepted the list given by the follower.


    "Claude Ambrosia and……, Sarah Millen"


    The Second Prince rolled the two unfamiliar names in his mouth.

Feeling like an awkward stone rolling in his mouth, he narrowed his forehead and asked his follower.


    "If it was the Count Millen’s family, wouldn't they have retreated for 6 years When did Countess Millen come out of the house"

    "Ah…… well, that's it."


    The Second Prince's follower made a somewhat shaky face and chose his words for a moment.

This was because, depending on how this fact was conveyed, the Second Prince's scolding might or might not fall.


    "When they informed us whether they would attend the party this time…… they said that they would bring the Young Lord's nanny from Ambrosia.

But looking at the list……"

    "That nanny was Sarah Millen"

    "......Yes, that's right."

    "Since when Since when did Sarah Millen become a nanny for Claude Ambrosia"

    "I’m sorry.

I couldn't figure it out.

No matter how much the information guild was involved in Ambrosia's internal affairs, they kept their mouths shut and never spoke out……"

    "Is this only enough Does it make sense to say that I, who will lead the Empire in the future, did not even know who the nanny of Young Lord Ambrosia was"

    "I’m sorry."


    Even so, people were put into Ambrosia in a variety of ways to find out how this happened.

However, some returned as idiots, some never came back, and some were arguing that wrong facts were true because of confusion in their memories.

In the end, they had no choice but to get the information that the Duke of Ambrosia kindly provided.


    "......I feel like I know why my older brother was obsessed with Ambrosia."


    In the hands of the Second Prince who was grinding his teeth, the party invitation list was crumbled mercilessly.

The Second Prince soon held back for a moment, took a deep breath, and exhaled, calming his agitation.

Having learned the words of the First Prince, who regarded Ambrosia as an enemy, he had to take a different approach than his older brother.

In order to achieve his immediate goal, he had to be able to make the enemy an ally to be the true Emperor of the Empire.


    "If Ambrosia doesn't work, then learn about Sarah Millen.

You can do that, right"



    The Second Prince's follower bowed his head and went out of the office.

The Second Prince, who was left alone, looked at the crumpled list in his hand and soon threw it away.


    "Damn the Emperor."


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