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  If it wasn't for him, it was obvious that they wouldn't even be able to find any traces of Master.

Oliven was so frustrated and sad that the two didn't know his preciousness.


    "I miss Master…...!"


    Oliven covered his face with both hands and cried.

He wouldn't have to experience this sadness if he was with his master!


    "Then tell me.

Where is Master's location"


    Benjamin said lightly, ignoring Oliven's heart, who was sniffling in sorrow.

Then, Oliven opened his mouth feeling like if he didn't talk about the main point, something big would happen.


    "It's the Crombell Empire."

    "Where in the Empire"

    "I don't know."


    Oliven shrugged.

Benjamin squinted and looked at Oliven's face.

However, the blatant bastard seemed to hide nothing.


    "It's true.

It reacted only for a short time and I couldn't figure out the exact location."


    Oliven took out an azure-colored magic stone from his arms.

His master, who had a soul divided into two, had created magic stones that faintly connected to her soul.

One of them was owned by his master and the other by Oliven.

What he had was a magic stone that symbolized the soul of his master in this world.


    "Since the beginning of the research, Master hasn't used her original mana, right Even when casting the most trivial magic, she draws mana from the soul that will die in the other world."

"What does that have to do with Master's location"


    Benjamin's nervous voice interrupted Oliven.

Belluna narrowed her eyebrows for a moment, but she didn't stop him because she was also curious.

Oliven sighed loudly as he saw the two people who let go of their reason, regardless of their master's business.

He seemed to be the only one who could think properly here.


    "Think about it.

In order for the magic stone I have to respond, Master has to use her original mana.

Do you understand"

    "If so,......"

    "Now, Master has sealed her original mana.

She said she was adjusting so that she wouldn't use her original mana even unconsciously."


    Their master vowed not to use the mana of this world until the death of the soul in the other world.


    "It's been a while.

That side's and this side's soul."


    Benjamin and Belluna's expressions were distorted at the same time.

As they conducted the research with their master, she taught them something.

The only moment when this soul and that soul were connected was when the body was swapped.


    "She said she couldn't go back to the other world for six years, and there was no way she could continue.

What happened to Master in the Crombell Empire"

    "What the hell is Master doing in the Crombell Empire"

    "We don't need to know that.

You, me, or Belluna.

Isn't it enough if we just find Master"


    Benjamin glared at Oliven, who was sarcastic, unable to hide his soggy feelings.



    "Why Did I say something wrong"


    Oliven's face, which had looked a little excited up until a moment ago, went cold in an instant.  He squeezed the magic stone in his hand so tightly that his hand turned white.


    "We're not worth it, to Master.

It's just that we've been lucky enough to study that damn complex power."

    "I will not forgive you for insulting Master."


    Silver mana was sharply forged from Belluna's hand and was cast on the nape of Oliven's neck.

Even a brief touch would mercilessly tear the flesh of the tender neck.

However, Oliven continued with a shrug with an indifferent face.


    "What Master was thinking, what kind of person she was, what kind of face she had, and what kind of voice she had.

No one knows." 

    "Master, she was very careful.

Because she is a special person."

    "Don't rationalize, just accept reality.

We don't have enough value for Master to reveal it.

Can't you understand"


    Oliven looked down at the magic stone in his hand and smiled in despair.


    "There's only one thing that's valuable to Master.

It's the power we were studying.

And the owner of that power, I'm going to find him."




    Benjamin and Belluna looked at Oliven's face, which had a subtle obsession, and then faced each other.

They spent nearly a lifetime together, so they could know even if they didn't like it.

That once Oliven tasted something good and started to run wild, there was no one to stop him but their master.

Belluna said, taking back the mana she had cast on Oliven's neck.


    "Let's find Master first."

    "That's a good idea.

Let's go peacefully, okay Stop hitting me……"


    Oliven smiled brightly and swept down the back of his neck that had been threatened so far.

Contrary to what he said while looking at her sternly, his eyes were very calm, so Belluna narrowed her forehead and said.


    "Act ridiculously like that only in front of Master."

    "You're so cold-hearted! If I find Master, I'll tell her everything."

    "That's useless."


    Benjamin interrupted Oliven and turned around.

He had many things to prepare before he started looking for his master in earnest.  With their own goals and thoughts pressed together, finally, the disciples of the magic tower began to move to find their master.




    There was a trace of the shadow of a person who had secretly watched the scene.

In the magic tower, it was unable to grasp what the three disciples of the famous Great Elder were talking about because they usually blocked the sound with mana so that even a small story could not leak out.

However, looking at their facial expressions, gestures, and the situation that was going around, he could guess what they would do soon.


    "Shall we tell Great Elder-nim"


    He whispered to the First Elder standing next to him with a serious face.

The First Elder pondered for a moment, and then he said.


    "We should send a message to the artifact that Great Elder-nim left behind.

Even if there is no reply, she will check it out."

    "I understand."


    The magician, who was sending a message to the Great Elder at his will, thought for a moment, then glanced at the First Elder and sent another message to another place.




    Then one of the three quarreling disciples turned around.




    Sitting on a chair by the sunny window, Sarah looked at the mirror reflected in her watch.

It would be nice if the sunlight reflected in the mirror made her feel particularly warm.

Sarah thought so and blinked slowly.

The red letters floating on the mirror spread dizzyingly in the clear azure eyes.


    [It seems that the disciples of Great Elder-nim are trying to make a big deal out of it.

Seeing each of them busy moving, it seems like they are going out of the magic tower.

I don't know if you'll see this message, but you should be prepared.]


    Sarah looked at the message that was left in the artifact and then put it back into her arms.  She was drowsy because of a sweet nap a while ago, but this news made her feel like she was covered in cold water.


    'These children somehow…....

I didn't expect they would move so fast.'


    Her forehead narrowed slightly.

At first glance, it might seem to be because of the dazzling sunlight.


    "......Sarah-nim, Claude-nim is all ready".


    May, who was looking at Sarah attentively, spoke to her in a cautious voice.

Then, Sarah's gaze, which had been hovering in the air, landed on May.

May looked at her blankly, thinking the scene looked like a picture.

Seeing Sarah reaching out her hand with a gentle gesture, May gulped and grabbed her hand.


    "Are all the young masters here"


They are in the garden.

Claude-nim will come down soon, too."

    "Really Then we should hurry up."


    Sarah got up from the chair with May's support.  Ever since she fell into a deep sleep, she would take naps like this every now and then, and every time she did, she had a hard time waking up right away.

After holding May's hand for a moment and taking a few steps, Sarah seemed to feel more comfortable moving.

She quickly pulled her cane, which was far away, and held it in her hand.




    Sarah's outfit, which used to be a comfortable sleep outfit, slowly changed with each touch of her.

Her silk dress was instantly transformed into a guest dress, and her long, loose hair was pulled up neatly and tied neatly.

Finally, with her hands covered in silk gloves, Sarah's appearance was so perfect that no one would probably know that she has just taken a nap.


    "Let's go."


    Sarah walked past May, who was looking at her, and left the room.

May looked at her back as if possessed.

She had seen it a few times, but she would never get used to it for the rest of her life.

When she saw Sarah who used magic naturally like breathing in her everyday life, it seemed as if she was truly living in a world different from herself.

To the extent that it felt like a miracle that such a being was barely a nanny for Claude in this Duke Ambrosia's family.



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