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    "So is it over now"

    "Yes, there is no more sign of it."


Is it finally over"

    "If we go a little further, it will be Pavel Estate, so this will be the last."

    The Third Prince took a deep breath and looked at the corpse of a monster that was engulfed in flames.

    "How many corpses of monsters have we burned while coming here"

    "Over fifty."


    The Third Prince shook his head with a slightly tired face.

    "So Ambrosia killed all those monsters"

    "Yes, that’s right.

We're going down the road that Ambrosia has paved."

    "Then why didn't they clean these up"

    "......I don’t know."

    The Third Prince's subordinate also sighed with an indistinct look as if he could not understand the reason.

The remains of monsters were scattered all over the place like a signpost showing the path Ambrosia had taken.

The Third Prince's party was gradually slowing down as they were taking care of the aftermath.

    "How much money does Ambrosia have left to rot"

    It was natural that the Third Prince's voice sounded sulky.

The corpses of monsters ranged from skins to hearts, and sometimes magic stones.

Those were traded at a very high price if they were properly separated.

There was a reason why Alton Estate was embedded in the most corner of the Crombell Empire but was not supported by the royal family.

However, Ambrosia didn't take anything with them as if they didn't care.

It was so visible that he handled the monsters with a very neat skill as if he were even saying 'Take care of yourself' to the Third Prince who would follow.

    "It's a shame that we're taking care of that much right now."

    The Third Prince looked at the carriage that had gathered useful things from the monsters.

It was already filled up, so he couldn't put it in anymore.

There was a lot of work to be done in Alton Estate, and he couldn't slow down anymore, so he had to burn the monsters he saw now.

    "Ah ah......, what a waste."

    The Third Prince looked at the burning monster corpses with a sad gaze.

The battle for the throne was not only a battle of power but also a battle of money.

The amount allocated to the princes by the Imperial family was astronomical, but the battle for the Emperor's seat required more.

So he was very heartbroken that he had to move without taking any more of them.

    "But I have a feeling Ambrosia wants us to arrive a little late.

Is this my illusion"

    "Could it be From Ambrosia's point of view, the schedule must be hastened, so they must have gone without collecting the monsters like this."

    "I guess so.

But why......"

    There was a feeling that the corpses of monsters had been left in a good way to slaughter them in various places along the way.

There were even traces of killing in the distance and dragging them so that the Third Prince could see them on the way.

With great care.



    The Third Prince exchanged glances with his subordinate for a moment.

But soon he stopped thinking and got back on the horse.

    "Anyway, we've already packed as much as we can, so let's hurry up.

Brother Ilior has already arrived at the Alton Estate."

    "Yes, Your Highness the Third Prince."

    At the command of the Third Prince, the subordinates organized the corpses of the monsters in perfect harmony and prepared to depart again.

He already knew that Ambrosia had arrived at Pavel through the homing pigeon.

When they met there, the magician who joined Ambrosia's group decided to move to the Alton Estate at once through teleportation magic.

    'That magician is Countess Millen......'

    Now he knew what Ambrosia was hiding.

Sarah Millen was a magician.

And that there were two more magicians who were her disciples in the Duke of Ambrosia’s mansion.

Whether the Emperor was aware of this fact or not, the Third Prince did not know.

But it was true that, at least by knowing this, the Third Prince was a little closer to the throne than the Second Prince.

He had established a cooperative relationship with Ambrosia by entrusting Penelois and Elexa.

    'Even though I gave my weakness to the Duke of Ambrosia.'

    It was said that there was something to gain when there was something to lose.

In return, he had the power of Ambrosia.

According to Penelois, Sarah Millen's two disciples were those who pretended to die if she wanted to.

To be precise, it was expressed as ‘people who will really ransack if Countess Millen is going to ransack.’ That meant she had a deep affinity for Ambrosia and would go all out if anything happened to Ambrosia.

The same would be true of the two magicians, who were her disciples.

This was a huge thing.

    'If the Empire can use that power, it's not a dream to rule the continent.'

    Now, if there was anything that the Emperor had been longing for all his life, it was this Crombell Empire was going to be the only empire on the continent.

Knowing that, Ethan Ambrosia was also taking a step back from the royal issue.

    "Should I say it's fortunate that he doesn't intend to become the Emperor"

    The Third Prince sighed deeply and drove the horse faster.

Even if he became Emperor, he would have to watch Ethan Ambrosia for the rest of his life.

It would be hurtful as it hurt his pride as the Emperor, but in fact, it meant nothing to the Third Prince.

    "If it’s me, I just want to live happily with Penelois and Elexa."

    The Third Prince thought it was his strength.

The new Emperor should be someone who could bow to Ambrosia without any pride.

You could tell just by looking at what the First Prince had become, who had failed to admit it.

    "......How about Brother Ilior"

    Could the Second Prince, Ilior Crombell, be a person like that


    The Third Prince clearly remembered Ilior's eyes as he looked at Sarah Millen the last time they visited Ambrosia's mansion together.

How would Ambrosia respond to Ilior's feelings Before leaving for Alton, he remembered what Penelois had said while holding his hand.

    'You know, Eleon.

The atmosphere between Duke Ambrosia-nim and Countess Millen-nim is extraordinary.'


    Penelois looked like a dreamer.

The Third Prince pouted his lips as he saw it.

    'Yeah, I think the two of them......'

    'But Penelois.

Can't you focus on me right now'

    The Third Prince regretted not hearing the last words because he wanted to hog Penelois’ attention before going to Alton.

So what were the two of them Knowing that, he could have predicted how the Second Prince would be treated.


    The Third Prince took a deep breath and shook his head.

Even if he tried to restrain himself, in front of Penelois, he would forget that he had a great cause ahead.

But how could he keep a cool head in front of her

    'If you get hurt, you will die by my hand.'

    'Um, not nursing, but killing'


I'm going to kill you.

I'd rather kill you neatly than have a hard time nursing you.'

    'Penelois......, you worry about me that much.

You really love me, don't you'

    'Of course.

So, if you don't want to die, come back intact.'

    'Yes, I will.'

    The face of the Third Prince, who recalled the conversation he had with Penelois, was colored with ecstasy.

He completely forgot that he had just been calculating on Ambrosia and the Second Prince.

    "My Lord, we'll be in Pavel soon!"

    "The Duke of Ambrosia is out to meet you.

Would you like to meet him"

    At that time, the Third Prince’s servants, who had been sent to Pavel first, returned.

The Third Prince, who floated up on cloud nine and fluttered in the thought of Penelois for a moment, sank as if he had been hit by cold water again.


I'm going to meet him."

    He returned to his expressionless face again, as if he had been smiling lightly.

He thought that he really didn't want to work.

But it seemed that the Duke of Ambrosia was the same.

    "......You came quickly."

    The Duke of Ambrosia looked at the Third Prince with a blatant grim face.

    "Yes, I tried to speed up as much as I could."

    The Third Prince replied in a polite and friendly voice.

Still, thanks to that, he was able to take the expensive by-products of the monsters, and it was because he didn’t even fight attrition with the monsters on the way.

Duke Ambrosia, who was watching the Third Prince quietly, muttered in a low voice.

    "Were there not enough monsters prepared"



It's nothing.

Let’s go."

    Duke Ambrosia clicked his tongue in disapproval.

Then, with an indifferent face, he turned around and entered Pavel.

Seeing that, the Third Prince thought.

    '......Couldn't he come sooner'



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