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Very red and dark red blood was dripping from Sarah's mouth.

She hurriedly covered her mouth with her hand, but couldn't stop blood flowing from between her fingers.

Sarah groaned once more and muttered as she gasped for breath only after she vomited more blood.



Is this too much"


    Ambrosia's power covets and takes away life.

In order to revert that power, it required mana that contained life force as well.

To solve Claude's misfortune, she had to erase the buds of this curse that had manifested in the little child.

    From the moment she found out about it, she decided not to use Sarah Millen's mana and life force.

She would probably die prematurely if she ran out of her mana, which contained her vitality.

She had to be by Claude's side for a long, very long time and do her best for his happiness.


    'I have to live long.

I'm going to live a long time.'


    She had to buy time to be with Claude.

So Sarah decided to draw and use the mana of Park Hyeyeon, another soul still vaguely connected to her.

It took as much as six years for that to happen.

    During the six-year period, she conducted research on how to receive the mana of Park Hyeyeon from her Millen's body as the main research.

The final goal of the study was the death of Park Hyeyeon, another self of Sarah.


    "If she's faded to this extent, she's going to die."


    Since the soul was connected, some of the symptoms that Park Hyeyeon received also appeared in Sarah.

As what she was using was Park Hyeyeon's vitality, there would be no damage to Sarah's body, she was just pouring out some blood and suffering from weak anemia.

Her stamina was also running low a bit.




    Sarah covered her mouth as she felt like she was about to vomit her blood once more.

She had become accustomed to the sensation of her inner churning every time she vomited blood.

Perhaps Park Hyeyeon's body was feeling more serious pain than she felt now.

If she vomited blood a few more times like this, Park Hyeyeon might die.


    'That's not bad either.'


    Even if she went to the other world and revised the novel, she couldn't change this already twisted fate.

She had lived two lives at the same time throughout her life.

There were times when it felt like a curse to live in two completely different worlds together.

The gap when Park Hyeyeon, who lived in a world without a status system, returned to the world where Sarah Millen, who lived in a strong status system.

She struggled to live a normal life while hiding as much as possible her feelings of not belonging to anywhere and her excessive abilities given to her.




    After Sarah had calmed down a bit, she lifted her head.

So when she decided to give up on Park Hyeyeon's life, it would be a lie to say she wasn't happy.

Because she was finally able to end the two lives she had been getting sick of coming and going.

    Now, the only thing left was to quickly end Park Hyeyeon's life, separate her soul, and make her mana belong to Sarah Millen entirely, so that she could gather the mana to neatly erase Ambrosia's power.

It was something that only Sarah Millen, who had the strongest mana in the world, could do.


    "I didn't know life would be this tough, Park Hyeyeon."


    Sarah's voice muttered bitterly.

Six years was too short to draw out all the mana Park Hyeyeon had.

It was also very inconvenient to have to vomit blood over and over again.

It didn't look good, and it was perfect for buying unnecessary worries from the people next to her.

    Somehow, whenever she vomited blood, she felt strangely bad.

Even though she was perfect in theory.


    "This's why I'm going to die first before I can even be a proper nanny."


    Sarah smiled quietly, moving spontaneously.

Then she took a small artifact out of her arms.

She had put a message enchantment on her pocket watch.

    This artifact, invented by Sarah and her disciples when they were in the magic tower, was able to leave messages to each other.

When the clock lid was opened, the mirror with the magic circle shone transparently.

As soon as Sarah's gaze touched it, it glowed red, and countless messages began to appear on the mirror.


[Come back.

Please come back, Master.

It's not the time yet.

My Master, Master…… Any reason why you have to do this I told you it's still dangerous.

Master's body can't stand it.

How can you say there's nothing wrong with spitting up blood Others don't know, but I don't believe it.

What would you do if I found you So please come back while I'm still sane.


I beg you like this.

Please Master......]


[Master, do you know that Benjamin is half crazy This punk, no, his eyes, no, his eyes are halfway around.

I'm so scared.


Where in the world did you go…… I will never tell Benjamin.

Please tell me a little bit.

You trust me, right Yes You know that I can't sleep unless Master pats my head.

Have you forgotten all the worries that 'Our Oliven can't sleep without me' What kind of bastards are taking Master away from me now.

It's not enough that he makes Master suffer for 6 years I will never leave him alone.

It's real!]


[Master, this is Belluna.

I took care of the two beast cubs that Master personally collected and tied them up.

Having been plunged into the swamp of eternal sleep, the two cubs who are suffering from insomnia will not be able to get out easily for a while.

However, what's worrying is that Master disappeared without telling us.

With this incident, we realized that we don't know anything about Master.

Master's face, voice, and even age are unknown to us disciples.

I felt a sense of shame.

I regret that I knew that you would always be by my side and didn't even think to find out about you.

So, from now on, I will do my best to learn about Master.

It's the order to ask permission, but in fact, I'm also leaving a message like this because what I see is slowly disappearing.

Then I'll come to see you soon.]


    The artifact was full of messages filled with worries mixed with the obsession of the disciples looking for the disappeared Sarah.

Her heart was shaken by the countless messages that had piled up, but it was not enough to shake her firm oath.


    'I have only one symptom of anemia and it's like I'm going to die right now.'


    There was not enough time alone to conduct research on the power of Ambrosia and Park Hyeyeon's soul in a different world.

Therefore, she had no choice but to tell her students about her secrets.

Since then, her students have become more inclined to overprotect her to the extent that they even swore without hesitation that anyone who divulged this secret would have their mana and even their soul annihilated.

    So she had no choice but to leave the magic tower without informing her disciples.

She didn't want to get involved in this anymore.


    'I have to leave them one day anyway.'


    Her mouth trembled with a bitter smile.

Perhaps her disciples were madly looking for Sarah, who had disappeared from the tower without even leaving a trace by now.

However, her students, let alone her tower, were unaware that she was Sarah Millen of the Crombell Empire.

    In her tower, she always covered her face, and without even speaking her voice, she hid her identity so thoroughly that she could communicate using paper and pen or by creating letters by magic.    Unfortunately, they might be in despair at the fact that they didn't know a single letter of her name by now.


    "You have a long way to go…..."


    Sarah closed her eyes and thought of her dear friend, Dieline.

Would Dieline meet Hugel and spend her happy days When thinking of Claude, the child she had left behind at the Duke's house, maybe she regretted it At that thought, Sarah's lips hardened.


    'It doesn't matter who Sarah is or what she's been through.

You are precious to me and that won't change.

Sarah, you're not a monster.'


    She thought of Dieline, who held her hand and smiled brightly as she looked at the empty space like an idiot when she was young.

Sarah, who had received salvation with her little hand, murmured with a bitter smile.


    "I'll do my best, Dieline."


    Waking up the mana sleeping in her body, she groaned and twitched her fingers.

Then the blood in Sarah’s mouth, dress, and blood splashed on the sofa were removed cleanly.




    Her stomach had already been upset, so even with this simple magic, blood tried to climb up her throat again.

This led to the disciples going wild and overprotecting her.

But she actually felt pretty good.

    Every time she spent her mana, she felt Park Hyeyeon's body breaking down.

If she thought that it was atonement for Dieline, even this was sweet.

    Sarah swallowed the blood that was rushing up and closed her eyes again.

She intended to take a break until Veron and Ronda returned to the drawing room.




    So Sarah didn't notice that the door to the drawing room, which had been so slightly opened, had been closed without anyone knowing.


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