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    The Second, Third, and Fourth Elders presented a report to Sarah in which they wrote down the investigations in the magic tower.

    "This is all we could find inside the magic tower."


    Sarah quickly read down the records written with magic.

The letters that her gaze had touched were also disappearing as quickly as they could catch up with Sarah's reading speed.

It was a confidential report made of mana used by magicians.

Eventually, when Sarah's gaze reached the end of the document, an azure flame erupted from there and swallowed up all the papers.

    "That's amazing."

    Sarah briefly shared her feelings after reading the report.

Only then did the elders scramble to open their mouths as if they had been waiting for that moment.

    "Yes yes......

Doesn't it look like it's been prepared for a long time It's safe to say that everything happened in an instant."

    "The traces of black magic that they studied were said to have been very close to basic formulas."

    "Oliven, except for him."

    Sarah shook her head as she listened to the words that the elders of the magic tower uttered one by one.

There were not as many useful materials as she thought.

It was a different result than she expected that the study of black magic would have progressed considerably.

    "I don't understand.

It is impossible for that child to achieve this level of achievement with black magic in such a short period of time."

    "That's right, but I couldn't find any traces of black magic research anywhere in Oliven's room.

To learn black magic without leaving a trace like this......"

    "I know.

It will never be easy."

    Sarah sighed loudly with a throbbing head.

According to the research conducted at the magic tower so far, it seemed that Oliven and the magicians who studied black magic began to learn black magic relatively recently.

The formulas and research papers found were also close to beginner level, and few experiments, which could be called black magic flowers, were found.

This meant that most of the black magic using experiments failed, which meant that the achievement of magic was not very high.

    "How could they do research as a group, avoiding the eyes of Great Elder-nim"

    "Yes yes, that's right.

Do you mean they've been hiding like rats Maybe they don't have time to build up their strength"

    The Second Elder looked at Sarah's grimly stiff face and said in a cautious voice.

He seemed to be relieved that the level of the magicians who learned black magic and escaped from the magic tower was not high.

However, one thing kept bothering Sarah.

    "The veil created by Oliven is black magic that requires a very strong formula.

Such large-scale magic can only be used if you master the black magic......"

    Only Oliven was using a considerable level of black magic as if it had fallen from somewhere.

    "As expected, I'll have to go and check it out myself."

    Sarah finally made up her mind.

She had to find out how Oliven was able to learn black magic without leaving a trace in the magic tower.

    "Which means Sarah has to move after all."

    At that time, Ethan, who had been listening to all these conversations, slowly got up and opened his mouth.

    "This is the only thing you found out in the magic tower."

    When Ethan clicked his tongue a little, the bodies of the elders of the magic tower were flinching and trembling at the same time.

The elders had an uncomfortable feeling about Ethan Ambrosia, who had caused their struggle with daily necessities for the first time in their lives.

The thought that Ambrosia, who was merely a duke of the Empire, had the magic tower in his hand and played with it, the pride of the noble magicians was scratched.

The Fourth Elder coughed and opened his mouth on behalf of the other elders.

    "So did Ambrosia find out anything"

    The words seemed to be sarcastic, but the gaze of the Fourth Elder did not look at Ethan but hovered in the air.

The vaguely blurring of the end of his words made it seem like he was talking to himself.

Seeing this, Sarah smiled slightly.

    "If you have something to say, say it, Fourth Elder-nim."

    "No......, ehem.

I have nothing to say to Duke Ambrosia."


    "It's just that there's no one who can follow the magic tower......

Ehem! That's what I'm saying."

    "Look at this.

You did have something to say."

    "Hmm hmm."

    Sarah smiled quietly as she saw the wrinkled face of the Fourth Elder shaking awkwardly avoiding her eyes.

Then she looked at Ethan with a smiling face and asked.

    "So, did you find something in Ambrosia that the magic tower couldn't find"

    "Of course."

    The eyes of the Fourth Elder grew as big as a candle at Ethan's slow voice.

The Second and Tthird Elders, with their faces half surprised and half excited, leaned sharply toward Ethan.

The Second Elder asked, nodding his head sideways in his peculiar dragging voice.

    "Yes yes, that......, are you saying you found traces of black magic that we missed in the magic tower"

    "To be precise, we found the movement path of the test subjects needed to activate black magic."


    At Ethan's words, the Third Elder slapped his knees in admiration.

Only then did the Fourth Elder realize what they had missed.

    "Black magic requires a test subject.

Living humans, animals, and monsters are like that."

    "......That's right."

    Sarah could see what the magicians of the magic tower had overlooked.

Magicians who had lived in the magic tower for a long time studying magic only knew how to track magic, but they were ignorant of living things in society and nature.

Especially in human society.

    "Ambrosia tracked people who disappeared from the slums without even leaving a trace.

So that even if they are dead, their bodies can be found."

    Ethan said that and put down the video crystal ball handed over by Jade, who was standing next to him, in front of everyone.

In the crystal ball, the corpses of dead people, animals, and monsters in bizarre shapes were gathered in various ways.

    "Oh my God."

    Sarah clapped her hands and exclaimed.

He was talking like he had found it so casually, but it was by no means easy.

The slums were where dozens or hundreds of people died and disappeared a day.

It was really near impossible to find those who were victims of black magic in such a place.

Knowing this, she was able to see the intelligence network of the Duke of Ambrosia again.

    "These bodies are believed to be experimental subjects found all over the continent."


    Sarah hurriedly moved closer to Ethan and peered into the crystal ball.

The corpses had one thing in common: they all had limbs attached to them from a different race.

    "That’s right, the bodies that were sacrificed in the black magic."

    "How dare they!"

    When Sarah gave a definite answer, the enraged elders of the magic tower jumped up from their seats.

Their faces were dotted with astonishment and anger.

The magician had so much power that one had to take responsibility for that power.

Life should not be underestimated.

That was the basic mindset to becoming a magician, and it was the magician's honor.

Black magic was the source of evil that mercilessly trampled on the honor of such a magician.

    "......But it's not Oliven."

    "What What do you mean, it's not Oliven"

    "I'm not trying to cover up my disciple.

The mana seen through the crystal ball is not Oliven's.

By the way......"

    Sarah narrowed her brow and narrowed her eyes, looking closely into the crystal ball.

Obviously, she could feel the sticky and unpleasant mana characteristic of black magic, but it wasn't entirely Oliven's.

Something that belonged to Oliven but not his was mixed.


    Ethan carefully wrapped Sarah's hand, who looked confused.

Sarah could only then notice that she was shaking her hand.

    "......I think I'll have to think about it for a while.

What is the essence of that."

    She let out a small sigh and looked at the elders of the magic tower one by one.

    "Please take a look at those sacrificed ones with the people of Ambrosia while I go to the Alton Estate."


    The Fourth Elder nodded with a grim look.

The Second Elder looked at Ethan and Sarah alternately with curious glances, and the Third Elder stood still with a face not knowing what he was thinking.

Sarah noticed what they were thinking and said in a low voice.

    "Don't be overly interested in Duke-nim."

    "......Yes yes."

    "I know."

    Then the Second and Third Elders nodded their heads as if they were sorry.

Sarah sighed loudly at the sight and whispered to Ethan in his ear.

    "These two are very curious, so please don't deal with them."

    Ethan smiled slightly at the worried voice and whispered back as well.

    "You don't have to worry."

    "It's because I'm jealous.

Don't get along with other magicians except me.

Got it"

    Ethan's eyebrows twitched at Sarah's words.


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