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    Sarah's face was bursting with red as she left the office and closed the door.

Leaning against the closed door, Sarah stared blankly into space for a moment and caught her breath.

Then Jade, who was waiting for Sarah and Ethan's conversation to end, came up with a bright face and asked.

    "Countess Milen-nim! Did you have a good conversation"

    "Pardon Ah, yes......"

    Sarah replied with a nod to Jade, but Jade tilted his head curiously as she looked somewhat dazed.

    "Um You seem to have a slight fever, are you okay Should I call a doctor"

    "No! It's okay."

    Sarah hastily shook her hand and strove to move her creaking steps.

    "......What's wrong with her"

    Jade, who was looking at her back, shrugged his shoulders as if he didn't understand the reason.

Jade, who lacked a bit of insight, opened the door to the office and entered.

However, Veron and Ronda, who had been standing outside the office for a long time, exchanged meaningful glances with each other.

    "......What do you think, Ronda"

    "What you're thinking is probably what I'm thinking."

    Veron, who looked at Sarah's back as she moved away, raised his hand and covered his mouth.

Ronda also placed her hand on Veron's shoulder and silently nodded.

The two, who noticed the feelings of their master faster than anyone else, did not miss Sarah's subtly changed expression.

A thought close to certainty ran through the twins' minds.

    "It's done."

    "It's working."

    "It's almost done."

    "That’s right.

It's almost done."

    The two clasped their palms together and nodded once more.

Ronda, who had been touched for a moment, raised her head and asked.

    "Shall I follow her"

    "No, wouldn't it be better to give her some time to think by herself"

    Ronda thought deeply about Veron's answer.

In times like these, maybe you need someone who could give you appropriate advice by your side.

The human heart was a very complex thing, so it could be seen clearly from the perspective of others, but they often didn't know their own feelings.

    "What if we sit still and Countess Millen-nim's thoughts wander into strange places"

    "She is a wise person, so she probably knows her heart well."

    At Veron's words, Ronda narrowed her eyes and asked.

    "Oh, my......

Veron, you've never been in a relationship, have you"

    "What Have you tried it"

    "I've tried it."

    Veron's eyes widened at her answer.

He asked urgently, not hiding his trembling voice with a sense of betrayal.

    "What When What kind of guy was he"

    "It’s a secret."

    Ronda snorted, turned her back, and walked in the direction Sarah had gone.

    "Ronda, I need to talk to you for a second."

    "No thanks."

    Ignoring Veron's voice from behind.


* * *

    Returning to the room, Sarah gently pressed her palms to her pounding heart.

The turbulence she was feeling was vividly felt in the palm of her hand.

    "What should I do......"

    The burning heat continued to be felt on her hot face.

Ethan Ambrosia's face popped up in her mind and then subsided over and over again.

She eventually sat down with her back leaning against the door, feeling no strength in her legs.

    "Is it because he's handsome Is it because of the face"

    Sarah clasped her cheeks with her hands and asked herself.

Ethan Ambrosia.

What kind of magic did the man with that harmful face cast on her to keep her awake

    "What did he mean, thinking about the time I'll spend with him"

    Sarah unknowingly punched her thigh.

Everything Ethan said just now went round and round in her head and made her dizzy.

She couldn't get herself together at all.

    "What does he mean What’s this......"

    Ethan's eyes as he looked at her, his large, firm hands gently holding her hands, and the feel of her palms on his cheeks.

It was still vivid in front of her eyes, and the warmth he left behind seemed to remain in her palms.

She tried to think about when she began to be swayed by Ethan Ambrosia.

    'I was worried, Sarah.'



Come to think of it, it was the same every time he called her by name.

She also felt a subtle tickling in her heart.

As Claude's nanny, she just wanted to be a little friendly so she could stick to Ambrosia.

    'I love it when Duke-nim calls my name.'

    Sarah loved the sound of her name slipping between his lips.

Ethan Ambrosia was a man who could easily change her mood with such a casual face.

    "This is guilty."

    Clearly guilty.

The sin of holding and shaking the heart of someone who was still.

Very bad quality.

Sarah could rant.

If Ethan Ambrosia said so with that face, no matter which woman of the Empire you brought, she would immediately take out her heart.

And it was no different with Sarah.

It was overwhelming just to suppress her beating heart like this.

    'You have to take responsibility for it, you.'

    The words that came out of Ethan's lips one day came to her mind.

He had realized something and had told Sarah that she should be held accountable.

Sarah wanted to return those words to Ethan.

    "Duke-nim is the one who's responsible for......"

    It was against the law to speak in a soft, low-pitched voice that was pleasant to hear as if she was becoming a special person.

When Ethan smiled sincerely at her, he said this.

    'Sarah is truly a miracle for me and Claude.'

    Recalling that time, Sarah hugged her knees and buried her face in them.

    "How can a person be like that How can he say that with such a smile"

    It was the moment when she felt that it was the first time she had seen Ethan Ambrosia smile as Ethan Ambrosia himself, rather than smiling with aristocratic manners and etiquettes.

After seeing such a smiling face once, Sarah had a habit of staring at Ethan so as not to miss a small smile on his lips.

When their eyes met, he raised his eyebrows for a moment, then disappeared between the lips that were relaxed.

Then she could see the corners of Ethan's lips gently rising without difficulty, and she really liked it.

Every time that happened, Sarah's heart would beat irregularly.

    'So, this is......'

    She should have noticed it since she felt proud that she had made him smile like that.

In the end, Sarah had no choice but to admit it.


    This was love.


    After realizing it, the untainted images of herself, as if seen in front of Ethan, passed by one by one.

She didn't behave like her fame of being once famous as the most educated Lady of the Empire in Ambrosia.

Instead, she ran around with Claude, threw water on Ethan, and ran away in front of him, betraying Ethan's sincerity to protect her.

No matter how much she thought about it, all she could think of was being too selfish in front of Ethan.

    "Why did I do that!"

    Sarah ended up in despair with her face buried in her hands.

She felt like she realized something tremendous as soon as she realized it.

    'It's unmistakably unrequited love, this one.'

    Ethan could never have liked her after seeing her behaving like that.

She had never thought that she would regret the past when she had only been acting selfishly, relying on his kindness.

    "I should've stayed calm......"

    She stamped her feet and hit the ground, regretting it.

She remembered only smiling brightly in front of Ethan and causing various accidents.

And she always remembered that he had taken care of it.

    'Still, Duke-nim was always kind......'

    Of course, Ambrosia owed a great debt to the great magician Sarah.

So Ethan would probably be kind to Sarah until the end.

Claude also liked her.

However, if Ethan had shown her such a favor because she was a great magician and was a needed existence for Ambrosia, she would be very sad.

    "That's what unrequited love is all about."

    Sarah mumbled bitterly and rose from her seat.

And she fell on the bed with tattered footsteps helplessly.

What if he was just as caring as he was helped by her Such worries already made her tear up.


    Sarah, who had been silently contemplating with her face buried in the blanket, got up with a face determined to do something.

Then she clenched her fists with a lot of strength in her white, soft hands, and murmured in a hoarse voice.

    "......Should I attack him"


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