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    Second Prince Ilior headed for the Emperor's office with impatient steps.

    "Please take your time."

    His lieutenant gasped as he followed with difficulty, but Ilior's steps grew even faster.

    "Has the delegation sent to Alton Estate not contacted you"

    "It seems that the situation is still under control."

    "Damn it."

    Ilior bit his lip and looked at the Emperor's office in front of him as if glaring at it.

The Emperor, who had announced that he would step down from the front line and abdicate, again occupied the office and sat down.

In other words, it meant that he was going to withdraw his words of abdication.

It was also because of the First Prince, not anyone else.

Because of that idiot.

    "What about Viscount Nathan"

    "It is said that even his relatives who remain in the capital can’t contact him."

    "He’s useless to the end."

    Ilior clicked his tongue briefly.

Before entering the office, he took a deep breath and evened his breath.

    "Either way, I must have more information than His Majesty."

    "Of course."


    Hearing the lieutenant's answer, Ilior opened the door and entered the office with a stiff face.

And at the same time, the Emperor's shrill roar rang out loudly.

    "Bring Cazer to the capital right now! Right now!"

    The Emperor's wrath was full of anxiety.

Ilior looked sadly at the nobles who were sweating and stepped forward in front of the Emperor.

    "Did you call me"

    "Oh, Ilior.

You're here just in time!"

    The Emperor finally greeted Ilior with an angry face.

With a smile on his face, Ilior looked at the Emperor's condition coldly.

As expected, the Emperor was out of his mind.

The only son he acknowledged during his lifetime, the First Prince Cazer de Crombell, was in danger.

Ilior struggled to keep the corners of his lips, which were about to rise, as naturally as possible.

    "I heard the news.

What on earth is going on......

Is Brother Cazer safe"

    "What safe! Who knows what Cazer must have been enduring in that Estate now"

    The Emperor glared at the nobles who could not even answer him one by one.

The nobles who had suffered from the Emperor for a long time before Ilior came, all seemed to have lost their souls.


    Among them was Marquis Bollun, the only relative of the First Prince and the father of the deceased former Empress.

He had been closing the family door and living in seclusion since the First Prince was overthrown, and it seemed that he was called to the Imperial Palace due to the Emperor's turmoil.

Marquis Bollun was leaning on his cane with a tired look on his face as if his senile body had weakened even more.

Ilior whispered in a low voice to Marquis Bollun as he saw the Emperor brimming with rage.

    "Marquis Bollun also suffers a lot."

    "No, there is nothing to suffer."

    "The heir......, are you not looking for one in the end"

    "His Highness Cazer is in good health, so why do I have to find an heir in advance"

    "Ah, of course it is."

    Ilior swallowed a sneer inwardly and sighed in regret.

Marquis Bollun was about the same age as the Emperor.

No, he seemed much more senile than that.

Lying in bed at this moment and running all the way to the Imperial Palace for the remaining bloodline wasn’t something that could be done today or tomorrow.

Both the Emperor and his father-in-law seemed to be very dreadful.

    'What kind of woman was the late Empress'

    Ilior looked at Marquis Bollun and shook his head.

The deceased Empress was the daughter of Marquis Bollun, who was the result of an accident with the Marchioness before she reached adulthood.

As a result, not only the Marchioness but also Marquis Bollun were almost dismissed from the families.

Was it even more precious as they had protected the daughter despite everyone's opposition and criticism There were many other bloodlines that would lead to Marquis Bollun.

However, he did not recognize anyone as his grandchild except for the First Prince, who was left behind by his eldest daughter.

Just like the Emperor.

All the men involved with that woman were like that.

Ilior had no choice but to wonder what kind of woman she was.

    "Marquis Bollun's dream will come true only when Brother Cazer is safe."


    At Ilior's words, Marquis Bollun's sharp eyes turned to him.

    "It will be beneficial for Your Highness the Second Prince to be careful about that mouth in the future."

    "I'll keep that in mind, Marquis."

    Ilior shrugged his shoulders and walked past the Marquis and approached the Emperor.

Marquis Bollun hoped that Cazer, who had fallen from the throne, would succeed him.

It was hoped that Marquis Bollun’s family would be able to soar to be the Grand Duke’s family with the halo of Cazer, the royal family, on his back.

    'Impossible remark.'

    He hoped that Cazer would die slowly behind the mysterious veil that appeared in Alton Estate.

Only then would the heart of the Emperor, who lost face and dignity because of worrying about his son, be torn to shreds.

    "Useless things! Don't come near me until you find a way to rescue Cazer!"

    The Emperor was now furious and driving away all the nobles.

The faces of the nobles who were driven out by the angry voice were subtly distorted.

Now their loyalty was not entirely directed at the Emperor.

    "......His Majesty's wisdom is not as good as it used to be."

    "That's how old he is.

It looks like he can slowly step back now."

    "Take a look at His Highness Ilior.

How cold-hearted he is."

    The gazes of the nobles turned to Ilior, who took the Emperor's anger without losing his reason.

Power had a valid period of time, and when a power had to be withdrawn, the person who rose to it grabbed it.

    "......Let's go now."

    "Yes, a firestorm is going to go all the way here."

    The nobles hurried out of the Emperor's office.

Finally, Ilior, who was left alone with the Emperor, looked at the back of the Marquis Bollun, who was struggling to limp out, and then turned to the Emperor again.

    "It is said that people cannot pass through the veil created in Alton Estate.

Exactly half of the monster forest was covered by it."

    "I know that, too.

The important thing is whether Cazer is safe in it."

    "......The people of Alton Estate must also tremble with fear."

    Ilior mentioned something that the Emperor had not yet thought of, but his mind seemed to be filled with the thoughts of that foolish son.

    "Bring Duke Ambrosia!"

    "Your Majesty, I contacted him first.

He will soon enter the Palace."

    "Have Sarah Millen come with him."

    "......You mean Countess Millen"


Make sure Ethan Ambrosia brings Sarah Millen, Ilior.

Can you do it"

    The Emperor's eyes gleamed deathly.

The pressure that emanated from him was unheard of for an old man.

There was no longer the Emperor who had been running wild with rage until recently.

Not even a single hint of anger could be felt in the calmly sunken eyes and the cold voice.

As if what he did to the nobles was just a show.

Ilior, not knowing what the Emperor was thinking, narrowed his brow at the feeling of his tightened throat, and answered with difficulty.

    "Why are you looking for Countess Millen"

    "There's no reason for me to tell you that.

There is only one thing you can tell me.

Can you bring that woman before me"

    Ilior swallowed dry saliva, feeling as if he would be crushed by the Emperor's eyes.

He bit his lip as he remembered the image of Sarah Millen falling down, dripping blood that still appeared when he closed his eyes.

    "But Duke Ambrosia said that Countess Millen's health was......"

    "No one in this Empire can worry about her well-being."

    The Emperor, who resolutely cut off Ilior's rebellion, beckoned him as if there was nothing left for him to do.

    "Your Highness Ilior.

I'll take you outside."

    Then the Imperial Knights came up to him.

Ilior knew that this was an Imperial decree on him.

    'Damn old man.'

    Only then did he realize that he had been played by the Emperor.

His lieutenant came up to Ilior, who seemed to be kicked out from the Emperor's office, and asked.

    "How is it"

    "Damn Emperor.

I think he wants to show my incompetence in front of the nobles."

    "......Does that mean he didn't trust Your Highness"

    "If he had, he would have entrusted me with a more important task.

It's not just about summoning Duke Ambrosia and Countess Millen."

    At Ilior's words, the lieutenant's face hardened terribly.

He had just felt some changes in the eyes of the nobles who had just left the Emperor's office.

Their eyes were expecting something from Ilior.

In this situation, the intention was to obtain a just cause and firmly establish himself.

However, the only person the Emperor really needed was the Duke of Ambrosia.

If he, the Second Prince, received only a mere liaison, the nobles would naturally think of his incompetence.

It was the Emperor's desire to naturally exclude Ilior in this way.

    "Even when the life or death of the son he loves so much is at stake, he’s wary of me."

    A bitter voice leaked out from between Ilior's lips, fists clenched.

This time, he felt a sense of crisis that he had never felt before.

    "Still, I have a reason to meet Countess Millen......"

    Ilior remembered Sarah's face and tried to shake off the throbbing headache.

    "Let’s go to Duke Ambrosia’s mansion."

    "Would you like to go there yourself"

    "I must see Ethan Ambrosia first before he speaks to the Emperor."

    The Emperor's task was to bring Ethan Ambrosia and Sarah Millen in, but in the process, he would be able to negotiate with the Duke.

If that were the case, at least he would avoid exaggerating his incompetence, as the Emperor wished.

    'But what does Countess Millen have to do with this'

    Ilior realized that he had more to learn about Sarah Millen.

And that wasn't so bad.

He asked the lieutenant in a better mood.

    "Did you get any reply to the invitations sent to Countess Millen"

    "......There isn't."

    "I'm sure it is."

    His better mood soon subsided again.



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