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    Elexa nodded violently and looked at Sarah with sparkling eyes.

Smiling as if in response to his enthusiastic gaze, Sarah attached to Elexa another brooch she had previously enchanted with invisibility.


    "If we do this, we will be invisible to anyone other than us."

    "Like I couldn’t see Claude before"

    "Yes, that is correct."


    Elexa, who was tying the brooch on his clothes as if curiously, lifted his head at a sudden thought.


    "What if Mother can't see me"

    "You can just remove the brooch then."

    "Ah, I see."


    Elexa gripped the hem of his shirt as if nervously, then released it, then fiddled with the brooch and released it repeatedly.

Claude, who looked at Elexa like that, grabbed his hand and said,


    "Let's go see your mother quickly."



    When Claude took his hand, Elexa widened his eyes, then smiled softly and nodded his head.


    'I'm proud of you.

Our Claude-nim......'


    Sarah kept her mouth shut as she saw Claude, who suddenly learned how to inspire a friend.

Sarah didn't know what kind of lenses had in her eyes, but Claude looked remarkably mature compared to Electronics.

She was proud of him, but when she saw Elexa, who was just like a child, her mind got complicated.


    "When you arrive in her room, you may want to make a loud noise at first, but be patient.

This brooch doesn't block the sound."


    Grasping the idea of branching out, Sarah said with a smile.

The two pairs of kitten-like eyes looked at her making her heart beat loudly.

The two were very cute side by side.


    "Elexa-nim's mother's room is guarded by knights.

If you make a little loud noise, you'll be noticed right away."

    "Then I can't even talk to Mother"

    "If you wait a little longer, I'll use magic to block the sound.

You can talk to her then."



    Elexa clapped his hands as he really liked it.

He was very happy to think that he could get away with the knights who had been blocking him by just going near his mother's room.


    "So shall we go"

    "Yeah, let's go!"


    Sarah took Claude's hand as she announced the departure.

Claude then grabbed Elexa's hand and looked up at Sarah.

After a slight smile at Claude, who was making eye contact with her, Sarah snapped her fingers.




    Then, in an instant, the environment in front of them changed.

The room, which smelled strongly of medicine, was not flashy but simple, decorated with small flowerpots.

They could feel Penelois's personal touch one by one.

Sarah looked into the room where her taste and personality were reflected, and then immediately looked at Penelois, who was lying helplessly on the bed.

Contrary to the fear of Elexa's nanny, Crassida Orlin, that she might die, Penelois's condition did not seem so bad.




    Likewise, Elexa's face brightened when he discovered Penelois.

And the child who saw his mother after a long time quickly forgot Sarah's warning.





    Claude hurriedly grabbed Elexa's hand, who was about to run away, calling his mother out loud.




    When Elexa's voice was heard, Penelois, who had been lying down without energy, got up with a puzzled face.

And at the same time, the knights guarding the door rushed in.




    The knights strode closer, scanning the room with their sharp eyes.

Penelois said to the knights with a pale face.


    "Elexa’s voice......"

    "We just heard.

Where did you hide Elexa-nim"


    The knights looked at her with unquestioned eyes.

Then Penelois's face hardened horribly.


    "I've been lying down all this time.

You're keeping an eye on my son, aren't you"



    Penelois's words contained a slight accusation.

The knights who read it turned their gazes away, as if bashful, and bowed their heads.


    "We are sorry."

    "When can I see my Elexa"

    "When you're all better, you'll be able to see Elexa-nim.

Until then, please focus on recovering as Crassida-nim said."


    When Crassida's name came out, Penelois laughed briefly and sarcastically.


    "Crassida, who kept me from seeing Elexa even when I was healthy, would do that."

    "......Crassida-nim always wishes for the peace of Penelois-nim and Elexa-nim."


    The knights quickly said for Crassida as if they were defending her.

The family of the Marquis of Orlin, who served as the Honorary Commander of the Imperial Knights from generation to generation, was the envy of all knights.

Although she was an illegitimate child, Crassida was the Empress's older sister, a member of the family of the Marquis of Orlin, and the eldest daughter.

Crassida married a baron who owned a small estate, but after a tragic marriage, they divorced and she returned to the Orlin family.

And she was a woman who devoted herself to the Marquis of Orlin to make her sister, who was a slave, an Empress, and humbly accepted to become Elexa's nanny for the Third Prince.

Therefore, the knights regarded Crassida as a noble lady and trusted her completely.

Although such thoughts made the mistake of putting Penelois, who was to be their master, behind her.



All she wants is to be recognized by Marquis Orlin.

If she really wants peace between me and Elexa, why doesn’t she tell Eleon about my situation"

    "Crassida-nim has told His Highness the Third Prince everything.

That's why he sent doctors and all kinds of medicines."


    At Penelois's words, the knights hurriedly made excuses as if she had misunderstood Crassida.

They might not be aware, but Penelois knew, that Eleon was not the one to sit and watch her situation.


    "No, Eleon would have come in person if he had really known my situation."

    "As you know, His Highness the Third Prince is busy right now......"



    Penelois closed her eyes as if she was not going to talk to the knights anymore, and lay down on the bed.

It was clear that Crassida was intercepting Eleon and her in the middle.

But Eleon was really busy, and it was time to establish himself as the heir to the throne, so she lay there without much resistance.

Even though she knew Eleon would be very angry and sad if he found out that she was being treated this way later.


    "Get out of here, please.

I can't even see my son's face, so I'm hearing things now."

    "......We understand."


    The knights heard that it was a hallucination, but when they couldn't find Elexa in the room, they meekly closed the door again and left.

As the knights left the room, Claude relaxed his tense body and leaned on Sarah.

It was only then that Elexa realized that he had made a mistake and became pale.

Obviously, Sarah had warned him, but he had forgotten and said aloud like that, so his mother and the knights quarreled like that.




    Elexa, who was about to say sorry, hurriedly covered his mouth with both hands.

Tears welled up in the child's eyes.

Sarah smiled softly at Elexa and stroked his hair.

He could have made a mistake.

Because he was still a child.

Because it was the time when his body moved before his mind because he was glad to see his mother.

The soft air enveloped the room as she snapped her hands.


    "It's all right, Elexa-nim.

Anyone can make a mistake.

Be careful next time.


    "Uh eung......

Can I say it now"

    "Yes, Penelois-nim won't hear us either."


    At Sarah's words, Elexa took a deep breath as if relieved.

Then he looked at his mother as if asking for permission.

After arguing with the knights, Penelois lay exhausted in bed with her eyes closed.

Sarah was originally concerned about Penelois's health, so she just wanted to let Elexa see her face for a while.

However, seeing Penelois's condition, which looked healthier than she expected, she thought it would be good for the two of them to meet and talk.


    "I don't want Penelois-nim to be surprised, so please speak slowly."


    "Please keep the brooch.

The moment you pull it out, the knights will notice your presence."


    Sarah generated mana from her hand and caressed Elexa's brooch.

Then, the figure of Elexa, which was invisible to the eyes of others, was gradually revealed.

As evidence of that, Elexa's image began to appear in the mirror in the room.

She had used her power so that he could show his appearance while hiding only his presence.


    "Claude-nim, please come here.

We should say hello to Penelois-nim, too."

    "......Uh eung."


    Say hello to your friend's mother.

Claude stiffened his body a little nervously at the first situation he was experiencing.

It was cute, so Sarah smiled a little and took care of Claude's brooch.

Then, without disturbing Elexa and Penelois's meeting, she took a seat at a distance so she wouldn't be wary of.


    "You should try it again, Elexa-nim.

You should say hello to your mother first."


    Sarah gently patted Elexa's back and waved her hand slightly.

Now Penelois could hear Elexa's voice.




    Elexa approached Penelois with a stiff gesture as if nervous.

Then he gently placed his hand on top of the quilt covering her and whispered in a small voice.





    When Elexa's voice was heard again, Penelois's eyes widened.

And when she saw Elexa standing next to her, she sprang up, widening her eyes in great surprise.



    "Mother, it's me!"

    "Oh my God, heaven, my baby!"


    Penelois hugged Elexa and patted the child's body.

When she realized that the real Elexa was by her side, she burst into tears and hugged the child even more tightly.


    "How did you get here, sweetheart The knights must have been guarding outside! Did I not hear anything nonsense earlier"



    Elexa, who was held in his mother's arms after a long time, burst into tears.

He put his arms around her neck and rubbed his cheek against her shoulder, acting like a child.

Claude, who was watching the scene, squeezed Sarah's hem next to him.




    Sarah reached out to Claude and hugged the child tightly.

Like Penelois hugging Elexa.



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