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  When Sarah left Claude's room, she found that the servants, including May, were waiting in a line for her.

The butler Veron and the maid, Ronda, looked at Sarah, who came out of the room with an expressionless face.


    "I've been waiting, Countess Millen."

    "You are here, Countess Millen."


    The maid and butler spoke to Sarah in order.

They were different in height and body frame, but they spoke in the same tone with the same face, so it was confusing who said what to her.

They were two people who really looked alike.


    "You two are twins."

    "That's right."

    "That's what happened."


    The two of them spoke at the same time and then looked at each other.

There was no change on their expressionless faces, but somehow there seemed to be a look of disapproval of each other.

    But soon the two turned their heads back to Sarah again.

This time, the butler Veron stepped forward and introduced himself in a polite voice.


    "This is Veron Dwayne, the butler of the Ambrosia Mansion.

This is Ronda Dwayne, my twin sister and handmaiden."


    Ronda also took her example by lifting the hem of her skirt and bowing her head.


    "Ronda Dwayne greets Countess Millen."


    Both looked professionally trained.

The Dwaynes, who had been supporting the Duke of Ambrosia family since his grandfather, was originally the commoners.

They were recognized for their devotion to the Ambrosia family and were given the title of hereditary Baron on the condition that they would continue to dedicate themselves to the Duke family.

    In fact, the status was given to them thanks to their father, who brought in the predecessor Duke Ambrosia, so the two probably grew up as ordinary citizens when they were young.

    Originally, noble etiquette was an education passed down from each family.

From breathing, raising hands, moving lips to rolling eyes, all of which were thoroughly educated from an early age.

    That education was something she had to learn as if breathing since she was a child who didn't know anything.

So Sarah, who lived as Park Hyeyeon in Korea, realized how difficult it was.

    However, both the butler and the maid were using very perfect aristocratic etiquette, so she could see the level of the Duke of Ambrosia.


    'As expected, this is the level of the only dukedom in the Empire.'


    Those two, who were more outstanding than any nobles, were described in more detail in the Flowers of Darkness.

It was a fact that she knew in advance, but the feeling of being reconfirmed was not very good.

Whenever she found parts that perfectly matched the Flowers of Darkness, her shoulders became heavy.

    Perhaps because he noticed Sarah's slightly blurred face, Veron quickly stood in front of her and offered himself as her guide.


    "Master has asked me to deliver a message to Countess Millen.

Could you spare a moment"

    "Of course."

    "Then I'll guide you."


    The butler bowed politely and adhered to Sarah's polite attitude.

Although she was the Young Lord’s nanny and tutor, the butler in charge of the mansion did not have to be so polite.

Before coming here, Sarah even said that she did not want to be treated as a Countess.

    However, it seemed that the status of the magician and the Countess was difficult for them to treat her comfortably.

Sarah sighed quietly because she thought there would be a big barrier to becoming a perfect Ambrosia member in the future.




    As she walked under the guidance of the butler, Sarah glanced lightly at the faces of the servants standing in a line.




    May, who made eye contact with Sarah, avoided her gaze in a cold sweat.

There was something piercing her, and her restless expression could be seen from a distance.

    Some of the servants looked at May with a slightly twisted smile as if suing her.

Everyone seemed to want Sarah to say something harsh to May.


    'What else does that child do'


    Sarah followed the butler with a feeling of increasing trouble.

She was sorry for the servants who had high expectations, but Sarah actually had no intention of removing May right now.

    May Chenblun did not exist in the future Park Hyeyeon saw.

However, she existed in the Flowers of Darkness.

And like this, she actually appeared in front of her.

    Sarah was not confident in dealing with the consequences of the vacancy after chasing May out.

And there was a part that kept getting stuck in her mind.

Although it was not covered in detail in 'Flower of Darkness', why did May Chenblun remain by Claude's side until the end

    She wanted to know that.

Perhaps it could be the key to changing the development of the novel.


    "The drawing room is not far away, but should I keep the cane for you"


    When Ronda, who was following Sarah, secretly spoke, May's face was tense.

If Sarah said something to Ronda about May's atrocities, she would pay greatly.

Feeling May's earnest gaze, Sarah replied.


    "I'd appreciate it if you could, but how can I ask the maid for this trivial thing This kind of thing is…..."


    Sarah's gaze, who lightly glared at the servants, was directed to May.

Frowning, May rolled her eyes and looked at Sarah.

Seeing that reminded Sarah of how she messed up her first meeting with Claude today.

    Thinking it was okay to tease her a little bit, Sarah raised her hand and pointed at May.


    "Yes, that child.

That child should do it."

    "What, what Me"


    May, who was suddenly pointed out by Sarah, jumped and shouted.

Ronda's mood fell heavily at that frivolous attitude.


    "Miss May.

Please lower your voice."

    "Oh, I’m, I'm sorry.

Head maid…...

But I'm Young Master Claude!"

    "Even if it's not Miss May, there are many who will take care of Young Master."

    "......Yes, I understand."


    At Ronda's resolute words, May came close, drooping her shoulders.

When the servants saw her dispirited, they covered their mouths and giggled.

When Ronda glared, they straightened up as if they had never done so.


    "Shall we go"


    Sarah threw her cane at May and followed the butler.

May’s face contorted into tears as she followed her tremblingly.

The butler and the maid focused all their attention on Sarah, they didn’t care May was there or not.


    "As you know, Countess Millen's position in the Duke family is ambiguous."

    "I know, I am a nanny and a tutor."


    Originally, other noble families would choose a nanny to take care of the baby from birth.

However, Claude was so picky from an early age that the nanny could not bear it for a long time and often gave up or kicked out.

    However, for aristocratic children, the nanny was quite essential.

When a child grows up, it was the job of a noble nanny to stay by his side like a mother and take care of him until adulthood.

    But for now, Claude had no such nanny or tutor.

So, inevitably, Sarah Millen had to do both roles.


    "As expected, you're wise.

Originally, in most cases, the nanny was chosen in one of the vassal families or one of the maids who have worked in the family for a long time, so it is under the jurisdiction of the head maid…..."


    Following Ronda's words, Veron also spoke.


    "The family tutor is under the jurisdiction of the butler to invite famous people from outside."

    "My position is ambiguous, but even my status as a Countess is a problem."

    "That is right."


    Sarah was able to understand what Ronda and Veron wanted to say at once.

Those who worked in the Duke’s mansion were hired by the butler and the head maid.

However, Sarah Millen was a Countess who the Emperor himself recognized, and unofficially a magician who appeared in the Empire for the first time in 40 years.

If you had such Countess Millen under you, there would be no such thing as a mutiny.

    However, in everything, the upper and lower relationship must be made clear.

If it collapsed, the order of the Duke house would be shaken, so the butler's concern was justified.

    Although she was Claude's nanny, strictly speaking, Sarah, who was also a guest, had to give way.


    "Actually, I don't really care.

It's okay to do as you please."


    Sarah shrugged her shoulders, trying to get past the matter as if it wasn't a big deal.

She didn't want to care about any other problems other than Claude now.


    "I can't do that.

In this regard, Master has already made an order."

    "The Duke"


You are a close friend of the deceased Duchess and the head of the venerable Millen family, so all the employees of the Duke of Ambrosia are commanded to treat Count Millen as Duchess."

    "......Oh my God."


    Sarah's eyes shifted to May upon hearing the surprising fact.

May, who was slowly following behind, shrank even further because she knew the meaning of the gaze.

    Sarah could see how May might have whispered to Claude.

The Duke's decree would somehow make it look like Sarah was taking the position of Dieline, Claude's mother.


    'She was a smarter kid than I thought.'


    She subtly used Sarah’s position in the house to confuse Claude, and if she succeeded, it would be a great way for Claude to reject Sarah to the end.

The servants would treat Sarah like a Duchess, and Claude who watched it would have no choice but to harbor hostility.


    "This is the drawing room."


    Thanking the butler for opening the door for her, Sarah stepped in.

Before entering the drawing room completely, no one heard the sound of a small finger snapping.




    Except for May, who staggered greatly from the sudden weight of the cane.

No one noticed that Sarah had used a little magic on this occasion.


    "When I come out, I’ll ask for the cane later."

    "Ugh, yes.

I understand."

    "It's precious, so please hold it and don't put it down."


    At Sarah's command, May held the wand in both hands with her face reddened.

Ronda looked at her curiously, but she quickly paid attention and closed the door to the drawing room.

    May, who was left alone in the hallway, could only hug the cane, which became extremely heavy, alone.


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