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chapter 1


The child’s room door was firmly shut.


Beyond the thick door, there was an awful silence.  As if no one was in the room.

“Young Master Claude, Young Master Claude Please open the door.


The servants of the Duke of Ambrosia house knocked and called out their master’s name eagerly.

However, the child stubbornly locked the door and showed no response.

“Young Master Claude!”

The servants who were stamping their feet called the child’s name in a slightly firmer voice.

Then a voice with a faint weeping sound came from inside the door.

“I don’t want to……”

“Oh my God, Young Master Claude!”

When the child reacted for the first time, the servants finally felt relieved and patted their hearts.

But for a moment, the sad cry of a child who had been holding it back came out.

“No, I don’t like it! I don’t want to! Wahhhh!”

The servants read the tough stubbornness contained in the voice of their Young Master.

Perhaps that heavy door will not open today.

“You’re not my mother, heuk…… Because I killed my mother……”

“What are you talking about, Young Master Claude That’s not true.”

“I don’t need anyone other than my mom! I don’t need a nanny!”

“Young Master Claude!”

“Wahh! I don’t want to, I don’t need you!”

The quiet room was now filled with the crying of a sad child.

The stubborn rejection forced the servants to despair, swallowing only dry saliva.

As Claude had never cried like a child like this before, it became even more difficult for the servants to know how to deal with this unfamiliar situation.

In the end, their gazes all at once fell on one of the maids.

‘Why are you talking nonsense to Young Matter Claude!’

The maid, who received the gaze of resentment all over her body, rather smiled and turned her head away.


Her name is May Chenblun.

She was the seventh daughter of Baron Chenblun, one of the vassal families of the Duke of Ambrosia.

Maybe it’s because she was different from other servants, May had her nose in the air.

May was always next to the Young Lord of Ambrosia, sticking to him like glue.

So it was obvious what she was whispering to the Young Lord this time.

She must have provoked the poor little one by saying, ‘Someone is coming to replace Claude’s mother!’

The servants shook their heads in regret and thought.

If only the butler and the head maid were here right now, May wouldn’t be able to be so arrogant! He had gone out to see the Duke of Ambrosia, who had just left the mansion to attend the Imperial Palace meeting, but had not returned yet.

Therefore, the servants had to persuade Claude by swallowing their rising anger.

“Go away.

I, I hate you……! Heuk, heuk.”

The sobs of the disappointed child continued to flow through the doors, and there was nothing the servants could do.


Sarah Millen did not miss a single image of it and carved it into her eyes.

‘It’s twisted from the start.’

Having been unable to sleep at night due to anticipated tension from the previous day, she raised her hand, swallowing a throbbing headache.

“It seems that Young Lord Ambrosia is not ready yet.

Can I go back now”


The servants shook their heads violently from side to side and fired their desperate eyes at Sarah.

‘Please do something!’

It was as if they were looking for salvation.

They seemed to think that Sarah Millen could solve this difficult situation.

That was because the modifier that followed the name Sarah Millen was very unusual.

In the Crombell Empire, she was called the Lady’s Textbook, and even the Emperor himself bowed his head and asked her to oversee the education of the Princess.

Even though unmarried women cannot inherit the title and family, she was the actual Countess of the Millen family, who was promised succession to the title regardless of her marital status.

That was Sarah Millen.

“Countess Millen, I am ashamed, but I hope you can lend us your help.

Our Young Master Claude is not a stubborn child, so I guess he was a little nervous……”

They smiled and asked for help.

Although their pride was hurt, it was more important for them to carry out their Master’s order to introduce Sarah and Claude to each other.


Watching that, Sarah quietly swallowed a sigh.

It was not that she was unaware of the servants’ troubles, but in fact, she was also confused.

‘The novel has changed.  Why did it change now’

Claude Ambrosia.

An unfortunate Young Lord who was stigmatized for being born killing his mother as soon as he was born.

And the male protagonist of ‘Flower of Darkness’, who grows into a villain that will destroy this Empire.

That was the fate of the weeping child who was now locking the door.

Claude Ambrosia is devoured by the cursed power of darkness passed down from generation to generation in the Duke of Ambrosia, and is saved by Elena Preston, the female protagonist who appears in the distant future.

Until then, however, he hated himself and showed a growing madness.

Eventually, it leads to the unfortunate death of his father.

Claude Ambrosia had to be unhappy, and became a villain to satisfy his twisted desires.

That’s how it was written in the novel ‘Flower of Darkness’.

Sarah had come here to prevent Claude’s blackening.

‘It’s okay.

Claude has not fallen into complete despair yet.

Then why……’

Hungry for affection and love, the male protagonist only craved blind affection for his nanny Sarah throughout his childhood.

So Sarah was expecting a child to come running lovingly today and cuddle in her arms.

She didn’t expect Claude to reject her crying sadly like that.

She didn’t know that the development of the novel, which had frustrated her countless times in the past, would change so vainly like that.

“First of all, the Young Lord rejects me, so…”

As she was trying to ease her throbbing headache, saying that was really annoying.

May, who had been watching this situation with her thin snake eyes, stepped forward with a bright smile and opened her mouth.

“Hmm, is it time for me to step up”

The servants all looked at May’s arrogant attitude with uneasy eyes.

No matter how gentle she was next to Claude and controlling the child to her own taste, they wondered if she would be disrespectful to Sarah, the actual Countess of Millen.

But their concerns soon became true.

“But I don’t know what to call you.

Umm…… Miss Millen Lady Millen”


The servants were all in shock and shouted May’s name.

But May didn’t care and rolled her luscious snake tongue.

“Young Master Claude is someone who only listens to me, what can you do about it You guys should have left the nanny position to me.

Then there wouldn’t have been such a headache.

Isn’t it Lady Millen.”

May was deliberately ignorant of the fact that Sarah had been promised the title directly by the Emperor.

She seemed to have gained confidence when Sarah stepped down without even saying hello due to Claude’s fierce rejection.

“May! Be aware of your status!”

The servants were once again startled and scolded May.

Because Sarah Millen had no reason to be insulted by May, who was only a maid.

In the Duke house, May was favored by the Young Master, Claude, and walked around proudly, but even when the Duke of Ambrosia went outside, she was unable to speak to Sarah Millen.

So the servants have no choice but to stop her.

In this situation, May is the only one who can appease the Young Lord, and if things go wrong, they will not be able to carry out the Duke’s order.

“How can you be so rude to Countess Millen The Countess is the one the Duke himself……”

“Then are you guys going to bring Young Master Claude out Try it if you can! I can’t even approach Young Master Claude.”


Sara stared silently at May’s confrontation with the servants who stopped her from contemplating.

Then, slowly, she straightened her disturbed posture.

It was because the person who ruined her first meeting with Claude was right in front of her eyes.

“It’s interesting.”

A soft voice mixed with laughter flowed from between Sarah’s lips.

The servants and May stopped their quarrel and turned to look at her.


Their gazes fell on a gentle smiling face.

The face that was shining brightly with the blue eyes that seemed to have been studded with jewels.

May and the Ambrosia’s servants were at a loss for a moment due to the chilly atmosphere that could be felt even though she was smiling.

“What were you saying just now……”

“It’s interesting.”

Sara slowly approached May with a leisurely pace.

May unknowingly staggered and retreated behind.

But Sarah, who came out, looked down at May, who was smaller than her, and said with a soft voice.

“I’ve never thought that the people of this prestigious Ambrosia would not know the title that His Majesty, the Emperor of the Crombell Empire, granted me personally.”

At her words, as she gracefully looked around the Duke house, the faces of the Ambrosia servants stiffened all at once.

Ambrosia was a great pride for them.

Insulting the name was like insulting them.

It was the same for May, so she belatedly realized that she was insulting Ambrosia and screamed in surprise.

“Isn’t it common sense that an unmarried lady cannot be recognized for her title!”

“It is His Majesty the Emperor who personally made the impossible possible.

His Majesty also calls me Countess Millen…… If you have any dissatisfaction, would you like me to give you a chance to confess in front of His Majesty”

“What, what is that!”

When Sarah mentioned the Emperor, May stuttered.

Hi, I’m Eliza, the translator of “I am the Nanny of the Villain”.

After I posted chapter 1, I decided to join a translation group called “Otaku Translation”.

So from chapter 2, the group name which uploads chapters on NU may be different, but it’s still me who translate the novel.

Hope you enjoy it!


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