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Lin Yi and Cheng Yang looked at each other. 

After a prolonged period of staring at each other, Cheng Yang said, “Lin Yi Xiong, this isn’t what I’m thinking this is, right”

Lin Yi: “…”



Cheng Yang’s face was full of pain, “What kind of evil is this It was only yesterday that I got out of 7-7.

It was 7-7, wasn’t it”

Lin Yi bitterly nodded. 

Cheng Yang continued on, feeling pained, “It was only yesterday that I got out of the 7-7 Rule World, more scared than hurt.

And today I went in again.

We’re such model workers!”


Life is not easy.

Lin Yi sighed.

He really didn’t intend to enter any Rule World.

He hadn’t recovered yet.

If he really does overuse his brain, letting his thoughts run excitedly, he really will wind up with his “body not belonging to him”.

And that would be just terrible.

“Let’s go find Senior.” Lin Yi suggested.


Cheng Yang let out an ‘ah!’.

“Which senior The student union president”

Lin Yi nodded.

The pain on Cheng Yang’s face eased a bit and his eyes lit up.

“Did he come in here with us”


“Probably.” Lin Yi said. 

That soaring red light would noy have only involved him and Cheng Yang in the 2-6 Rule World.

Everyone present would have been involved.

Although it was unkind, for Lin Yi, it was a true blessing amidst misfortune that everyone present had been drawn into the 2-6 Rule World.

Qin Zhou, the president of the student union; Ou Ying, the vice president and several other members of the student union.

If they were all in this 2-6 Rule World, maybe he wouldn’t need to use his brain.

“Okay! Good! Good!” Cheng Yang said, surprised and just as unkind, “Let’s go hug their thighs! We’re going thigh-hugging!” 

Lin Yi glanced at Cheng Yang.

Based on Cheng Yang’s reaction, he temporarily ruled out the possibility of Cheng Yang being possessed by the 2-6 Monster.

Qin Zhou said that no matter how many people a Monster eats, it was still just a Monster and a Monster wouldn’t be able to create an appropriate human response unless there were relevant references within the memory of the person it possessed or if there were others around that it could imitate.

Otherwise, like Cheng Yang on the last day in the 7-7 Rule World, his expression would completely collapse.

Cheng Yang had no memories of how to react upon entering a Rule World — after all, he couldn’t remember what had happened in the 7-7 Rule World and there was no one else here besides the two of them. 

If Cheng Yang was unlucky enough to be possessed by another Monster, he wouldn’t be able to react like this, desperate to go hug some thighs.

Cheng Yang was a rich second generation.

In the real world, he himself would be a rich thigh who never had any need to hug other people’s thighs.

To Cheng Yang, Lin Yi was just someone to hug for warmth; he wasn’t any sort of thigh.


Cheng Yang looked left and right, “But Lin Yi Xiong, why don’t I see any of the thighs”

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Pc atf 7-7 Eeif Qbgiv, la kjr jirb bearlvf atf jqjgawfca yelivlcu atja Olc Tl tjv rffc Hlc Itbe.

Jtfcu Tjcu rjlv, “Ktfc ktja jgf kf rajcvlcu tfgf obg Ofa’r ub jcv olcv atbrf atlutr, Olc Tl Wlbcu.”

The two of them walked towards the villa and five minutes later, arrived at its doorsteps.

Lin Yi looked up at the villa.

Compared to the apartment building in the 7-7 Rule World, this villa was even more dilapidated.

Perhaps the word ‘dilapidated’ could no longer be used.

“Abandoned” was more appropriate. 

This was a villa that seemed to have been abandoned for many years.

It occupied a large area and it was completely rundown.

However, from what could be seen of the architectural style, this villa must have been designed by a renowned architect.

The materials were all of the most expensive kind.

Its construction must have cost a lot.

Cheng Yang said, “The architectural style is very similar to Liu Youhao.

He’s a famous architect in the country.

This person’s pretty arrogant.

The owner of this villa must be someone pretty high up to get him to work on it.”

Cheng Yang’s sudden display of knowledge attracted Lin Yi’s sideways glance.

Lin Yi was very surprised, “Cheng Yang Xiong, you have hidden depths.

You even know about this!”

“It’s nothing.” Cheng Yang said, “My house has the same kind of design.” 

Lin Yi: “…Oh.”

Being rich is so enviable.

He said, “Damn it, absolutely detestable.”

When they stepped into the villa, the thighs that Lin Yi and Cheng Yang were looking for were already inside.

The two of them seemed to be the last to arrive.

Judging from the atmosphere of the room, Lin Yi keenly noticed that the people who had arrived before them seemed to be divided into three groups.

The first group was Qin Zhou, Ou Ying and someone unfamiliar. 

Lin Yi glanced at them quietly.

The three of them seemed extremely calm.

Qin Zhou leaned against the wall, posture relaxed, talking to the other two.

He put his hand in his pocket, seeming to look for something.

Seems he didn’t find what he was looking for; his calm expression became a little irritated.

Lin Yi’s guess was that Qin Zhou wanted to smoke.

He was upset because he just remembered that he couldn’t bring anything into the Rule World except clothes, including cigarettes.

The same was true for Cheng Yang next to him.

Patting down his body for cigarettes, he marveled, “F*ck, my smokes.

I remember I put it in my pocket…” 

Cheng Yang’s method for making friends was to offer them cigarettes.

Lin Yi took in a lot of things at a glance.

He guessed that the unfamiliar person was also a senior member of the student union, someone who held an important position in the organization.


He was able to talk to Qin Zhou in a natural manner.

He had chances to speak and contribute in this discussion with the president and vice-president of the student union, proving that he also had his own unique insights.

Remembering what Ou Ying said about the student union sending people to follow the students into the 2-6 Rule World, Lin Yi guessed that this was the person they originally appointed to go. 

When Qin Zhou told the escaped boy that he would follow into the Rule World, Ou Ying’s expression had obviously been surprised, showing disapproval.

The second group was still from the student union, a total of four people.

Lin Yi was familiar with these four seniors.

Two of them came from the direction of the teaching buildings, chasing after the fleeing boy.

The other two were ones who had followed Qin Zhou to intercept.

Although their expressions showed no obvious fear, they could not muster the same type of calm as the first three.

Faint alarm could be seen at the bottom of their eyes. 

Lin Yi reckoned that these four seniors were lower-level members of the student union and the higher ranking three wouldn’t include them in the discussions.

Their eyes would glance at the three people from time to time, trying to find a sense of security.

The third group was the flunking students.

There was a total of four people.

They stayed in the corner silently, their faces pale. 

“Cheng Yang Xiong, you can stop looking for it.” Lin Yi whispered to Cheng Yang, “Your cigarettes have been confiscated.”

Cheng Yang paused for a moment and said, “That’s just too damn much.”

Then Cheng Yang asked Lin Yi, “Lin Yi Xiong, are we still going to go hug thighs Why do I feel that the thighs don’t want to talk to us very much”

Before entering the villa, Cheng Yang had been certain of his goal — find Qin Zhou, this great thigh.

But after entering the villa, even Cheng Yang discovered that Qin Zhou didn’t really want to talk to them. 

After the two of them came in through the front door, Qin Zhou only glanced at them lightly and then looked away.

“That’s because Senior is…” Lin Yi deliberately lowered his voice, “wary of us.”

One of them was possessed by the 2-6 Monster.

Any one of them present could have been selected.

Qin Zhou wasn’t going to communicate much with them until he has ruled them out of suspicion.

Therefore, among the 13 people currently involved, a fourth groups was created, composed of two people, Lin Yi and Cheng Yang, the unlucky people. 

The Rule World had yet to officially start.

Lin Yi temporarily cast away the idea of hugging Qin Zhou’s thigh.

He and Cheng Yang went off to another corner of the villa’s living room that was of no interest to anyone.

Cheng Yang didn’t quite understand why Lin Yi brought him to this corner.

He said, “Lin Yi Xiong, the great thigh should be clear, right If he is the 2-6 Monster then he wouldn’t need to be so guarded against us.”


The more Cheng Yang talked, the more he felt that what he said was very reasonable.

He said, “Even if the thigh doesn’t want to talk to us, we just have to have thicker skin.

One’s HP is proportional to the thickness of one’s skin.”

Lin Yi felt that what Cheng Yang said in the second half made sense.

Otherwise, he, this social phobic, wouldn’t have thickened his face to approach Qin Zhou and form a team with him when the 7-7 Rule World started. 

However, Lin Yi said, “We can’t clear Senior.”

Cheng Yang was stunned for a moment.

“Huh Is there a problem with our thigh”

Lin Yi said frantically, “Keep your voice down!!!”

“Okay, okay.” Cheng Yang quickly covered his mouth and his voice came out carefully from between his fingers: “Why… why do you say that” 

Lin Yi looked at him, casting Cheng Yang pitying glance.

“Cheng Yang Xiong, before that, please promise me one thing first Please.”

Cheng Yang said, “Okay, what is it”

Afraid of hurting Cheng Yang’s self-esteem, Lin Yi tried his best to say tactfully, “Please play mute.”

Compared with Qin Zhou, his former teammate, Cheng Yang was instantly reduced to scum.

But right now the only one Lin Yi could rule out was Cheng Yang, he was very very short on choices for teammates. 

He couldn’t give up on Cheng Yang.

After all, Cheng Yang had followed him to get the textbooks.

If he left Cheng Yang to fend for himself, his conscience would condemn him.

Left with a non-god teammate, Lin Yi’s only request to Cheng Yang was to not talk.

Lin Yi stared at Cheng Yang, afraid that what he said could have hurt his feelings and also afraid that Cheng Yang would not agree to his request.

While he was feeling worried, Cheng Yang, though disapproving, gave an ‘OK’ signal. 

“I thought it was something big.

Something this simple, you’ve got it.” Cheng Yang zipped his mouth shut, then looked at Lin Yi, waiting for Lin Yi to explain just what was wrong with their great thigh.

Lin Yi said, “Senior is very powerful.”

He was even stronger than he had imagined.

Especially after coming out of the 7-7 Rule World and Lin Yi saw firsthand just how much authority Qin Zhou held within the university.

If he wasn’t powerful, he wouldn’t have been elected as the president of the student union.

Cheng Yang nodded. 

“Senior has gone to many, many Rule Worlds.

Most of the campus rules’ countermeasures are there thanks to him.” Lin Yi said.

Cheng Yang nodded again.

Lin Yi’s preamble was taking a bit long and it was making Cheng Yang a little anxious.

But because of his IQ, if Lin Yi didn’t explain clearly, it would be difficult for him to understand the relationship between this and the problem with their thigh.


Lin Yi made his voice quieter and quieter.

“In the Rule World, you can’t bring things in.

I think Senior should be more familiar with this rule than anyone else.”

Cheng Yang’s eyes widened, Lin Yi said, “Senior was looking for cigarettes just now.” 

This time, Cheng Yang understood.

He was a newbie who didn’t know about being unable to bring things into the Rule World, so his behavior of looking for cigarettes was reasonable but it was unreasonable for Qin Zhou.

Cheng Yang gave Lin Yi a thumbs up and winked.

Lin Yi Xiong, you’re amazing.

This was just a very subtle discovery.

With just this detail, it was impossible to prove that Qin Zhou was the 2-6 Monster.

But the fact that it had happened was enough to stop Lin Yi from rushing to hug this thigh. 

Cheng Yang blinked at Lin Yi in horror, meaning to ask Lin Yi what to do next.

Lin Yi glanced at Cheng Yang and knew Cheng Yang’s inner dialogue.

If there was a problem with Qin Zhou then everyone involved in the 2-6 Rule World was doomed.

One could easily imagine how many things were in Qin Zhou’s memory and how important these things were. 

“The only thing we can do if to respond unchangingly to changes.” Lin Yi thought about this matter and then in a bailan state of mind, he said, “In any case, at least, this time, we didn’t start off at night.”

It was dawn in 2-6 Rule World.

Although the sun wasn’t out shining bright and the weather was a bit overcast, it was indeed daytime.

NPCs only kill at night.

They still had time.


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