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It was a brand new year already, but things were a little different because Baobao was now two years old.


The Gu family and the Sheng family have discussed things.

Every time they celebrate the New Year, they would take turns visiting each other’s family.

Last year, the gathering was at the Sheng family, so it was going to be held at the Gu family’s place this year.


Early in the morning, Ye Zhi went out with Baobao as Gu Ren drove.

The family of three then went to the Gu family’s house.


As soon as Senior Master Gu saw Baobao, he decided to not stray away from the kid.

Like an old child, he trailed behind Baobao and couldn’t bear to look away from his great-grandson.


Baobao spoke very fluently, constantly calling out, “Great-grandpa, great-grandpa,”.He did it so much to the point where the corners of his great-grandfather’s mouth never curved down.


When Baobao arrived at the Gu family’s home, he was usually accompanied by Senior Master Gu.

Even though Gu Ren’s parents wanted to hold their grandson, there was no way to intervene.

They knew the elders’ loving thoughts for the child, so they just went along with it.


Baobao had also somehow mastered the skill of coaxing others.

When Mrs.

Gu walked in front of him, he would call out to his grandma and was very sweet.


Baobao wasn’t cold or inactive with anyone, so he gained a good amount of favorability among a group of adults who loved him.


Ye Zhi was completely idle as Gu Ren led her to the garden for a walk.


“Let’s go.”


As soon as Gu Ren stretched out his hand to Ye Zhi, she understood what he meant and placed her hand into his palm with a smile.


There was a greenhouse garden in the Gu family’s house.

It was indeed cold outside, but the temperature was as warm as spring inside.

A myriad of fresh flowers were also planted in the greenhouse.


The warm and clear sunlight shone through the transparent glass.

At first glance, Ye Zhi even thought that she was viewing a field of flowers in spring.


After having Baobao, Ye Zhi and Gu Ren became more intimate than they were before.

The affection between them hadn’t lessened, nor did their relationship with each other worsen even though they had a child.


Gu Ren and Ye Zhi walked and talked for a while before returning to the villa.


Even though they left for a while, with Baobao still surrounded by the elders, he didn’t miss Ye Zhi and Gu Ren at all.


In the evening, the Sheng family arrived.


As soon as Baobao saw Nie Jiqing and the others coming in through the door, he once again called out for his maternal grandpa and grandma, coaxing and melting the elders’ hearts(2).


(T/N: In Chinese, there’s terms used to distinguish maternal and paternal family members.

But for the sake of simplicity and the fact that each family has different terms e.g Granny/gran-gran/grandma, I’m going to stick with the same terms)


It suddenly snowed again outside.

The fine snow fluttered and the sudden drop in temperature was still bone-chilling, but it didn’t affect the warm atmosphere inside the house.


At dinner time, the family simply gathered around a table, which was full of dishes.

The fire in the fireplace of the living room was burning quietly and the warm fragrance of wood was evident in the air.


Baobao sat between Ye Zhi and Gu Ren, holding his special small bowl and eating by himself.


Whether it were the elders of the Gu family or the Sheng family, they would spoil and love Baobao tremendously, but they still wanted to cultivate his independence.


With a bib around his chest, Baobao held a small spoon and scooped his food into his mouth one by one.

He didn’t need anyone to feed him, so he was incredibly adorable and obedient.


Unless he was acting like a spoiled child, which meant that he required Ye Zhi to feed him, he would usually eat by himself.


Even so, Baobao was still a little unskilled.

His spoon fell into the soup bowl and the contents splashed all over his face.

Baobao hadn’t reacted to the mess and stared blankly at the bowl in front of him.


Ye Zhi smiled and took a towel, wiping Baobao’s face as Gu Ren picked up the spoon that was dropped in the soup bowl.

Then, he placed it back into his hands.


Baobao’s face had been wiped clean by Ye Zhi.

As if nothing had happened, he lowered his head to start eating once again.


A room of laughter was then enclosed in this warm home, isolating the cold from the outside.


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