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Chapter 648: In My Past (Part 13)

"But first…" The delegate led everyone to a hotel to stay at, staring at Zaira, "You have an audience with the Emperor in an hour."

"I'll be ready," Zaira replied, somewhat nervous as she was meeting with pretty much the strongest of humanity.

The Hemish Emperor was a Pseudo-Saint Space Mage and Space Warrior. It was literally the strongest combo a human could attain, giving him the name of a walking fortress. He was pretty much the reason humans could spearhead the resistance against the Demons.

Zaira took a bath and changed into luxurious clothes, staring at Arnark that had begun to wear plain clothes, "What are you doing"

"You're the one that's meeting the Emperor, not me." Arnark said, "I probably wouldn't even be allowed into the throne room."

"Don't be silly, you're a Grandmaster Metal Mage. You're important enough to seek an audience with the Emperor." She said, forcing him to wear better clothes.

There were less than a thousand Grandmaster Mages in the entirety of the human race on their continent, not to mention in the Hemish Empire. Therefore, Grandmaster Mages were that valuable of an asset.

And what of Arnark, someone that attained this at a mere age of fifteen He would be considered a prodigy.

"Dad, are you alright" She then looked at her father, seeing that he was fidgeting like a child.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Baord nodded, lying through his teeth, even though it was pretty obvious for everyone.

"Be more confident, dad." Zaira patted his back, "We'll receive support based on our confidence and not on the truthfulness of what we speak."

"For a child, you are quite mature." The delegate complimented her, nodding as he said, "Let's get going, shall we"

"Yes," Zaira nodded, noticing the unconscious Gilthru being transported into a wagon, "Where is he being taken to"

"To the throne room, of course." The delegate said as if it was obvious, "The Emperor would decide his fate."

"…Alright." Zaira nodded, not commenting on the matter much after that, entering the carriage delegated for her as she took a seat, watching the streets as it sped past, 'Eonk City is more developed than the Mukar Kingdom. It seems just the wealth accumulated here surpasses our kingdom.'

She had been a smart individual since birth and hence had matured quickly post-disaster, despite only being thirteen years old. So, she was able to calmly analyse things through, getting angry at the end upon seeing the way Gilthru was being treated.

'They won't be executing him, definitely not.' She thought, 'He's a Grandmaster Metal Mage and Wind Warrior. They'll probably use him to the limit and dispose of him once he's overextended his use.'

Even though she didn't like the killer that slaughtered tens of thousands of her countrymen to be set scot-free like this, she didn't have a choice in the matter. Despite being able to use all six elements, she was just a Master Mage.

So, she neither had the authority nor the power to do as she pleased.

Her thoughts were complex as Zaira arrived before the throne room, entering when she was called. It was a long, narrow room, barely spanning a breadth of ten metres, forming a sharp contrast to its length of two hundred metres.

It was how the Hemish Emperor's taste in architecture rolled out as she didn't comment on it, trying her best to remain as respectful as possible.

'What the…' Zaira was confused to see that her father wasn't allowed entry while a couple of soldiers brought in Gilthru along with her and Arnark.

It was the three of them that were brought in while the rest stood at the entrance. Before Zaira could look around, her senses were strained on the human that was seated on the throne, emanating a suffocating presence that the very mana itself seemed to be drawn towards him.

"You've come." The Emperor stated calmly as all the ministers watched nervously, knowing that this was a moment that would make history.

"Yes, your majesty." Zaira and Arnark bowed automatically.

"Zaira…" The Emperor stared at her, asking while observing her reaction, "Do you wish to save the human race"

"Definitely!" Zaira responded resolutely.

"That's enough then." The Emperor didn't ask anything beyond that as his words resounded throughout the throne room, creating a solemn atmosphere, "I announce that the human race has produced a champion, a Hero that would slay the Saint of Calamity and protect our world."

"To the Hero, Zaira, and the braves that would accompany her on her journey!" At his announcement, three more individuals arrived, standing behind her, each originating from other races.

Even though she was aware of what she would get herself into after coming here, Zaira was still finding it hard to keep a track of when the Emperor got up and bowed solemnly, startling everyone present in the throne room.

And following that, his voice resounded with respect, "The deity of our world, the manifestation of mana, Lord of miracles, please coronate this event with your presence."


It felt as if the hearts of everyone in the throne room stopped thumping as the very mana itself seemed subservient towards this entity that had appeared before them suddenly. A robed old man with a cane, sporting a dishevelled appearance of a semi-senile scholar with eyes lusting after knowledge.


Magister extended his hand as Magic Tools were conjured before the five people designated as braves to accompany Zaira. Moreover, a formless stream of mana gushed into Gilthru, eradicating the enslavement spell cast on him, and turning him into a free individual.

As his wounds healed, Gilthru woke up with a start, looking around as he was unable to make sense of the situation.

Magister then stared at Zaira as he spoke, "The job of a Hero is to hear the pleas of the people and move in to provide them hope. And for that…"

He extended his hand, condensing a frightening amount of mana to conjure a Tiara that he placed on Zaira's head while thinking, 'Now, let me see what changes would she bring now that she can feel Mental Energy.'

He smiled in response, "Make the most of your gift, Hero."-

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