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Self-Awareness and Secrets (10)


The scenery in front of them seemed to be washed away by the water.

Neither the village nor the forest was properly visible because of the heavy rain that was just pouring like crazy.

“This isn’t just a shower passing by.”

Kergel, who approached Roelin’s side as she was looking out the door, opened his mouth with anxiety.

Roelin’s expression, which had gotten nervous inside, became blurred at his words.

He looked outside as he noticed that her face had gotten a lot worse and clicked his tongue.

It was because he eventually realized his own mistake that made her nervous even if she was just relieved then.

“Don’t worry too much.

It’s just a shower still.

What’s the use of worry when I’m with you Don’t tell me you think I’m just an idiot who can’t even take care of my own wife, right”

“…It’s not like that.

However, I thought there might be people who would have been affected by too much rain.”

Roelin felt that her face started heating up at the word ‘wife’ from his mouth, but she still replied with a calm look.

It was also because she was embarrassed to react to everything he had inadvertently said.

Also, she was worried that he might get to know her feelings because of the wind.

It was an emotion that she had just realized then.

And it had also been the first feeling she truly had.

The feeling of liking someone was so unfamiliar and difficult for her right now.

“You look cold.

Wear this at least.”

At that moment, Kergel took off his outerwear and covered Roelin’s shoulder.

She glanced at him as she thanked him in a small voice before looking out once more.

Kergel also turned his gaze to the outside where the rain was pouring, but he didn’t hear anything else.

Roelin looked complicated for a while in that silence before she carefully loosened the outer garment that he had just covered her with.

She straight away rushed into the cabin, but she still couldn’t completely avoid the rain, so her body temperature became lowered.

However, her body eventually grew warmer thanks to his outerwear that remained as warm.

No, it wasn’t just her body that had gotten warm.

His consideration for herself also melted her heart as well.

…so, how could she not even like this guy

This was the first consideration and warmth she had felt in her whole life, which had always been cold-hearted and neglected.

Roelin’s face became flushed yet again.

At that very moment, a loud roar suddenly rang.

It was such a roar as if something was already collapsing.


“Oh, my…”

Kergel’s voice could be heard.

However, Roelin could no longer think of anything else.

The scenery outside the cabin had erased all sorts of misconceptions from herself.

“All, the legs… even the stream…”

She couldn’t even speak properly.

The bridge which they crossed a while ago had already been cut off and the stream was all flooding.

At this rate, not only this cabin but the village behind it might get swept away by that muddy water as well.

“Your Majesty!”

Roelin looked at him urgently.

She could no longer be just an ordinary person now.

Since they were the Emperor and Empress who had to protect the empire, they had to come up with some quick countermeasures no matter how.

Kergel also looked at the outside with a serious gaze and clenched his teeth to see if he was actually aware of it.

Then, he turned his eyes and looked at her.

His eyes were so complicated as if he was agonizing with himself over something.

“Your Majesty!”

However, Roelin could not afford to understand the complex gaze at that moment.

She just called him out one more time in a state of much urgency.

Kergel then closed his eyes before he opened them again and soon produced a long whistle outside, as if he had finally concluded his worries.


At the same time, an intense power started to erupt from him.

Roelin was surprised as she fell down while stepping backwards.

The power that was exuded out of him stretched out in all directions just like a storm.

It was an overwhelming power.

However, it wasn’t a power that could destroy the world.

Rather, it felt like a power with such will to protect the world instead.

And the evidence was himself.

Roelin sat down and stared at his back before looking downwards at herself.

Then, she took a look around her.

It was a force that spread as if it would sweep everything in the world, but that powerful force didn’t hurt her at all.

In fact, he had even wrapped around her as if to protect her entire being.

Since it was intangible, she couldn’t clearly see it with her own eyes, but she could still feel its willingness to protect her.


He whistled once again.

Roelin’s eyes opened wide to the whistle that seemed to have resembled that of a wolf’s cry.

And from somewhere, she could hear the sound of beasts that began flocking in groups at once.

“This, back then…”

Roelin recalled their wedding day, or more precisely, the day she held that companion ceremony.

After the ceremony that day, she had heard the same sound as well.

‘Will it be a group of wolves again today’

She looked outside without even blinking and slowly got herself up.

Perhaps the beasts that were running in groups had already reached right in front of the cabin as she could clearly hear the roar, the bellow and the howl.

“As your owner, I order! Build a bank in the flooded area right now and go to the village that had been swept by the overflowing water to save those in danger.

Especially the elderly, children, and women—they should be saved first!”



Roelin’s eyes immediately widened just like that.

It was not easy to recognize what she had already seen with her own eyes as of now.

No, she definitely saw it with her very eyes, but her head couldn’t seem to accept it entirely.


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