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Self-Awareness and Secrets (9)


It’s just… because of the title you’ve just said with your mouth.”

“That’s… because I can’t really call you Your Majesty over here.”

She hurriedly tried to explain what he uttered.

But Kergel only waved his hands as he cut her off.

“I’m not trying to blame you for anything.

I mean, it feels good.”


“I like it, that you call me that.

I wish you would call me that when we get home too.”

Kergel deliberately stressed out the word ‘home’.

The interior of the restaurant was so noisy that no one would listen to it even if it was about the Royal Palace, so what he just said had probably been a joke anyway.

“…home, you mean”

However, Roelin did not hear it as a mere joke.

Rather, her voice trembled and it even leaked out.

“Why Do you still think your home is the Royal Palace of Rakain That’s not good.”

Kergel opened his mouth while removing the flesh of the fish and moved it to Roelin’s plate.

Then, he beckoned to her as if he was asking her to eat.

Roelin bit her lips and shook her head while looking at the plate in front of her.

“No, I didn’t think so.

Do you think I’m just a fool who doesn’t even know my home now”

She smiled and retorted back jokingly.

Kergel saw that and started to raise the corners of his own mouth.

“If I had, I wouldn’t have welcomed you as my companion.

Even if I do look like this, I still have a pretty good eye for women.”

“Didn’t you not like this marriage”

“Oh, that… Let’s just eat first.

It’s going to get cold soon.”

Kergel remained silent for a while as if he was speechless before he turned around.

Roelin simply stared at him while still smiling.

Somehow, she could feel a little closer to him then.


“Wow! That’s where you go!”

“Net! Throw the net!”

The children were shouting loudly.

Roelin stopped crossing the bridge as she paused to look down under the bridge.

Young children were playing in the water while catching fish in the stream that flowed just under that very bridge.

It was so good to see that kind of energetic appearance.

Unknowingly, she couldn’t take her eyes off the scene as she leaned a little more against the railing.

“What if you fall down”

At that moment, Kergel grabbed her shoulder.

Roelin was surprised by his touch that grazed her and stood up again in return.

Then, he raised his hand with an awkward look.

It was actually Roelin who was embarrassed by it.

After she swept down her neck, she muttered softly as a tiny excuse.

“No, I was just a little surprised…”

“You don’t have to explain yourself.”

He smiled and took another step.

Roelin, who was also leaning against the railings, began turning away.

Kergel glanced at Roelin, who came close to him, and slowed down his walking speed slightly.

It was a consideration to keep up the pace with her.

Roelin noticed his consideration, but without showing any indication at all, she just walked slowly in response.

The wind lightly breezed against them.

Perhaps it had passed by the flower garden, but the scent of flowers emanated from the place where the wind had passed.

She raised her hand to smooth her hair that was ruffled by the wind.

The bracelet on her wrist also shook as it moved.


Kergel’s eyes, which were still staring at it, quivered momentarily.

A white wrist.

And a set of blonde locks that flowed ever so gently.

Suddenly, a ridiculous impulse had surged.

It was such a crazy impulse to hold onto her slender wrist and rain kisses on her soft hair.


That’s crazy.’

He narrowed his forehead while heaving a heavy breath and swept down his face as if he was washing his face dry with both of his hands.

It was a ludicrous impulse.

He thought that the problem was the fact that he had seen too many unexpected images of her.

He shook his head and casually looked up at the sky.

“Oh my… I think there’s going to be a shower soon.”

“A shower”

While walking, Roelin tilted her head back and looked at the sky.

Just as Kergel had said, the sky was full of black clouds as if rain would be pouring out at any moment now.

Just a while ago, the sun was all shining while showing a clear sky.

Roelin looked embarrassed by the sudden change in weather.

At the same time, she could hear a rumbling sound from afar and soon, raindrops began to fall from above their heads.

And she could hear the sound of children playing in the water under that bridge were starting to grumble as they came out of that very stream.

Raindrops dripping over the cheeks had gradually increased and the rain became even heavier.

Kergel glanced back at Roelin and clicked his tongue while frowning as if he was embarrassed.

Then, as he was looking around quickly, he pointed somewhere with his hand.

“Oh! You’d better go over there and avoid the rain.”


Roelin turned her eyes along to the place that Kergel had pointed.

A small cabin could be seen near the end of the bridge.

“Hurry up.

It’s going to rain at this rate.”

He hurried Roelin and tugged upon her wrist.



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