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Self-Awareness and Secrets (2)

“…I guess so.

I understood then.”

Roelin calmly nodded and accepted his words.

Heinez’s eyes instantly lit up when he saw that.

“But Empress, you have shown me a lot of unexpected things as well.”


“It doesn’t seem to be a lie that you’re now concerned about His Majesty and you don’t appear to show any signs of unpleasantness in my words… I wondered if I was just too obsessed with prejudice as I met with the Empress.”


“Of course, I still don’t fully believe in the Empress.

I can’t actually do that either.

Even if the majority of people in the Imperial Palace—including His Majesty himself—are fond of and follow the Empress now, at least someone should not let go of their mind and therefore, be wary.”

“…will that be Chancellor Bashel then”

“That’s right.”

Heinez nodded and replied in a calm voice.

Roelin tilted her head slightly and asked the question again.

“But can I actually know this from you”

“Sometimes, I have to tell the truth too.

Just like how the Empress is treating me with much sincerity at present.”

Heinez’s purple eyes had become much gentler than ever.

Then, he continued to speak once again.

“Oh yeah! Do you have any instruments that you’d like to play”


At the sudden change of topic, Roelin opened her eyes widely and queried back.

Heinez proceeded to add further details once more.

“Yes, if there is an instrument that the Empress enjoys playing separately, I would like to designate a musician who is familiar with it as the education manager of the Empress.”

“Oh… There’s nothing like that.

To be honest, I’m not really good at playing any instrument in itself.”

While living in confinement back in Rakain’s Separate Palace, she had never encountered a single musical instrument at all.

It was all a luxury for Roelin, so she couldn’t even dream about it in the first place.

Although she had received a fairly overall liberal arts education as a substitute for ‘Erita’, it was utterly impossible to receive an in-depth education since she lacked the time for them.

The same thing was also true in regard to the education on musical instruments, thus she only learned it at a level that was nothing more than just a pretense.

Therefore, it was clear that if she were to have a musician in charge of her education, her performance would soon be revealed clearly.

That was why it would be better for her to be honest like this in the first place.

‘…even if that was just half true.’

Perhaps if her twin sister was here, she wouldn’t even have to talk about this.

The best musician in the Rakain Kingdom must have already taught Erita ever since childhood.

Unlike her, who had to teach herself through books alone since she had no such opportunity to receive proper education from someone at all.

“Okay, then.

Let us designate a person who plays the instrument well overall in that case.”

As soon as she tried to soothe her own bitter feelings, Heinez’s voice could be heard again.

He then proceeded to rise from his seat without noticing what Roelin had been thinking about.

“I will leave you now then, Empress.

Thank you very much for your precious time.”

“No, Chancellor Bashel.

I’m the one who is rather thankful.

You must have been busy, but you’re still here in person.”

Roelin got up slowly and reciprocated his greetings.

Heinez looked at her for a while before he once again stepped down with courtesy.

After he had left, she eventually moved to the terrace.

The terrace that was facing the drawing room had been fairly spacious.

Roelin took a seat at the circular table that was on one side of the terrace.

The breeze was blowing ever so pleasantly as she looked at the outside landscape and muttered to herself.

“When my education begins, I won’t be able to enjoy this kind of relaxation then.”

“Do you want me to tell you a secret way out”

“…Wha, who—Your Majesty”

Roelin turned her head in surprise at the voice that could be heard from the terrace door.

Kergel was leaning against the door before he entered the terrace as soon as he made eye contact with her.

“I greet Your Majesty.”

She got up from her seat as she gathered her hands neatly before greeting him.

Kergel soon gave a light gesture to Roelin before taking a seat right across from her.

Roelin was just about to ring the small bell that had been placed on the table in order to call upon Silloa.

But before she could even do that, Kergel opened his mouth.

“There’s nothing to prepare for the refreshments.

It was a tad too early for Lucy and the other maids anyway.”

“Oh, yeah.”

Now that it was mentioned, she thought that he must have first seen the maids before he entered this place.

Roelin eventually placed down the bell which she had picked up and looked at him.

Kergel was leaning against his back as he smiled when he made eye contact with her.

“You must have been wishing to ask what this is all about.

A husband who is looking for his own wife.

Is there anything that he actually needs”

“No, that’s not it…”

Roelin tried to deny his words, but she became silent for a moment.

Then, she proceeded to open her mouth once again.

“As a matter of fact, Your Majesty and I are not really close enough to face each other without any particular business at all.”

“That’s true.”

Kergel nodded gently at her words.

It had been quite a few days since the two of them got married, but the relationship between the couple was still a little awkward.

‘The Royal Daughter of Rakain who had mocked Seroif Empire before.’

And the Emperor of Seroif, who had no other choice but to ask for her hand in marriage.

Ever since the two of them became a couple, there had been people who were definitely concerned about the fact that they might treat each other coldly while turning a blind eye towards each other—even if it wasn’t that catastrophic.

Therefore, the current situation was certainly fortunate enough.


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