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Becoming a Monster’s Bride (16)

Kergel lifted a wine bottle and filled about half of her glass when Roelin began taking a seat opposite him.

“You might as well drink a little since you’re tired.”

“Thank you.

Ah! I’ll pour a glass for you.”

Roelin reached out to Kergel.

Then Kergel, who was just about to pour wine into her glass, glanced at her before raising the corners of his mouth as he handed her the wine bottle.

She took the wine bottle and slowly poured it into his glass.

Just as Kergel had filled half of Roelin’s glass, she also filled only half of his own.

Kergel, who saw it transpired, raised an eyebrow.

However, Roelin merely opened her mouth in a calm manner.

“It’s not a good habit to drink too much before you go to sleep.”

“I don’t know.

But to call it one or a half cup as excessive drinking…”

“Your Majesty must have been tired as well.”


“I didn’t get married alone.”

Roelin answered calmly as she faced him, who was pondering.

Kergel just smiled and raised his glass.

“Well, you are right.

Marriage is something you can never do alone.”

He took a sip of wine while staring at her with his eyes that seemed rather youthful.

Roelin felt somehow awkward and took her hand to the wine glass in front of her to avoid his gaze.

Perhaps because of the strong sweet flavor, it was quite good for her own taste, who rarely had any alcohol.

“If you drink it all at once, you’ll get drunk quickly…”

“What What did you just say”

At that moment, she heard that Kergel was muttering to himself.

Roelin put down the wine glass and asked him.

Then, he made a strange face and looked at the glass which she had just set down.

Roelin wondered why and looked down at her glass as well.

Only a faint lip stain remained on the empty glass that was without a single drop left at all.

“Well, I think you’re a pretty good drinker.”

As soon as she wiped the lip stain off the glass, Kergel shook his head and responded as if it was simply nothing.

However, Roelin could not listen calmly to him and let it pass.

“Hey, the alcohol isn’t that strong…”

“It’s not that strong This one”

He opened his eyes wide and asked again.

‘…Was it a strong kind of  alcohol’

She blinked slowly.

It was rare for her to drink alcohol, so she couldn’t even judge whether it had been strong or weak.

Moreover, what she had was simply as sweet as grape juice.

“It has a strong sweet taste…”

Was it because she flustered

Her face suddenly seemed to be heating up and her whole body became feverish then.

Roelin added words like an excuse and suddenly blurted the end of her words.

Obviously, her face would have turned extremely red by now.

She bowed her head down because she was embarrassed to see herself like that.


At that very moment, the floor abruptly spun around.

Simultaneously, her body tilted sideways regardless of her own free will.

At that rate, she might roll down to the floor and get hurt.

But somehow, she didn’t even think that it was dangerous.

She was just in a daze as if she had been merely dreaming.


So, Roelin blinked slowly without any resistance as her body tried to get out of the chair and straight away plunge to the floor.

“Are you saying that this isn’t a strong alcohol Are you drunk right now”

But she didn’t get plummeted at all.

Instead, she was suddenly being held in someone’s arms.

She was able to realize, albeit belatedly, that it had been his arms—Kergel, who was seated right opposite her a while ago.

“…Oh, Your Majesty.”

Roelin opened her eyes wide and looked at him.

She blinked slowly as she wondered what the hell was going on.

Seeing her like that, Kergel continued holding Roelin’s back as he revealed an astonished expression on his face before he carefully picked up her body.


When she floated while hugging him, she unknowingly exclaimed.

Then, he instantly muttered to himself along with a fake smile.

“You’ve become a child as soon as you are drunk.”

“…What did you just say I didn’t catch that.”

Roelin kept on exclaiming—the word; ‘wow’—with her head tilted back as she looked at him in admiration.

He only smiled and shook his head then.

“It’s nothing.”


She pouted like an inflated ball as if she was dissatisfied with Kergel, who had not been answering properly.

But he no longer said anything and proceeded straight to the bed.

Then, as soon as she lay down in bed and turned around, Roelin’s voice caught hold of his footsteps.

“I feel… weird.”

Roelin was lying on the soft bed while blinking as well as turning her head to the side.

Kergel felt her gaze as he brushed away his disorganized bangs and looked back at her.

“How do you feel”

Kergel turned around and approached the bed as he took a seat at the edge.

Roelin turned towards him and continued in a slow tone.

“I’m excited and nervous… but on the other hand, I’m relieved…”

“Since you just finished your wedding, you must have felt that way.”

Kergel smirked and tried to get back up.

At that moment, Roelin’s mouth parted open once again.



He turned around and looked back at her.

However, nothing more was said from her.

This was because she, who had been completely drunk, finally fell asleep.



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