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This Eastern Moon Realm had completely become the gathering place for the fanatical admirers of the Eighth Sword Deity.

In order to commemorate him, everyone had worked together to change the name of the realm to the most revered name in their hearts – The Bazhun Realm!

Bazhun Realm, Fringe Moon Immortal City.

This was a huge city that spanned 99,810,000 kilometers.

It was vast and boundless, and was formed after the Eastern Moon Realm had been opened up to nearly a hundred counties and cities.

The person who had accomplished this feat called himself the in-name disciple of the Eighth Sword Deity, and his name was Xiao Kongtong.

Similarly, he was the Eldest Senior Brother of the current Fringe Moon Immortal City.

He was publicly acknowledged by all swordsmen in the eastern region as the number one worshipper of the Eighth Sword Deity.

The structure of the Fringe Moon Immortal City was divided into nine major parts.

Each part was divided into a main city, corresponding to a type of sword technique.

Those who practiced the Fantasy Sword Technique would live in the “Fantasy Sword City”.

Those who practiced the Nine Swords Technique would live in the “Nine Swords City”…

Following the same logic, there was also the Ten Thousand Swords City, Mo Sword City, the Heart Sword City, Swordless Sword City, Emotion Sword City, Ghost Sword City, and finally, Hidden Sword City.

The Fringe Moon Immortal City did not discriminate against multiple beliefs.

For example, the people who lived in Emotion Sword City did not only like and obsess over the Eighth Sword Deity, but also the number one sword woman in the world, Rao Yaoyao.

However, the level of obsession towards her was slightly lower than that of the Eighth Sword Deity.

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The Ghost Sword City occupied the smallest area and had the smallest population.

There was only one reason.

Hua Changdeng specialized in the Ghost Sword Technique, and this person was also the main culprit that caused thefall of the Eighth Sword Deity.

It was worth mentioning that among the nine main cities of the Fringe Moon Immortal City, the strongest one wasnt theFantasy Sword City that the Eighth Sword Deity specialized in, but theHidden Sword City.

There were a large number of mortals, old people, youths, and disabled people living in the Hidden Sword City…

Without exception, they all carried a saber with them.

The grade of the saber was very low.

Some were wooden swords, some were withered branches, and some even used their own fingers as sabers.

However, in the eastern region, this was publicly acknowledged as the city that could not be provoked.

This was because among the nine major sword techniques, the Hidden Sword Technique was the most difficult to study.

It was also the one with the least amount of people cultivating it and the weakest combat strength.

Anyone who wanted to learn the Hidden Sword Technique either had their brains kicked by a donkey or had thoroughly studied the other eight major sword techniques and wanted to start following in the footsteps of the Eighth Sword Deity.

And those who could live in the Fringe Moon Immortal City were not stupid.

Therefore, there was a saying circulating in the Fringe Moon Immortal City:

“You cant mess with normal people, you cant mess with old people who are missing limbs, and you cant mess with those brats who look like theyre easy to bully… the former is a genius, the second is a hidden big shot, and the last is a peerless genius!”

The entire city is full of geniuses who were following in Bazhunan footsteps.

Even those who were sweeping the ground.

The city they were referring to was Hidden Sword City.

At this moment.

In an ordinary courtyard in Hidden Sword City, the door was pushed open.

An old man with nine peach wood swords on his back and a missing left arm hurriedly rushed into the hall while jumping.


Such an intangible action made the boy, the old woman, and the young man who was still cleaning the fallen leaves, frown.

“Xiu Yuanke, the Hidden Sword Technique hides ones qi, form, and will.

Eldest Senior Brother has told you many times not to show your emotions.

Why are you still so anxious” The boys childish voice sounded.

He grabbed the black chess piece with his small hand and landed on the chessboard with a bang.

Sword energy shook the fallen leaves off the parasol tree, causing the young man who was sweeping the floor to freeze.

He opened his mouth slightly and wanted to say something, but he hesitated.

As the boy was ridiculing in the other direction, the young man seemed to hear his Eldest Senior Brothers patiently guiding words.

“A person who studies the Hidden Sword Technique should have a hidden nature.

They do not show their emotions, and Im afraid not even their grief will show up on their face…When one remains silent for ten years, theyll be able to amaze everyone the moment they make a move.”

“Ill endure it…” So the young man took a deep breath and didnt say anything else.

He continued to sweep the fallen leaves.

The old woman retracted her gaze.

The corners of her lips curled up.

She didnt say anything and followed suit.

The crippled old man who was called Xiu Yuanke cursed, “Im afraid that the few of you have cultivated some diseases from practicing the Hidden Sword Technique.

Our teacher has already been resurrected and reappeared in the world.

How can you hide your emotion on such a big matter Why dont you all hide in your coffins instead”

There was only one City Lord in the Fringe Moon Immortal City, and that was Xiao Kongtong.

Although Xiao Kongtong imparted the paths on behalf of his teacher, he did not see nor identify himself as a teacher.

Thus, he was only the Eldest Senior Brother of the Fringe Moon Immortal City.

The others were all his junior brother and junior sister.

All the ancient swordsmen living in Fringe Moon Immortal City only recognized one teacher, and that was the Eighth Sword Deity.

But without the recognition of the Eighth Sword Deity, they did not even dare to call him “Supreme Master”.

They could only humbly call him “Teacher”, which sounded even stranger.

But it was enough.

To be able to live in fringe Moon Immortal City and to be able to call the Eighth Sword Deity “Teacher” was already a great honor in the eyes of many swordsmen.

Xiu Yuanke rushed into the hall and didnt waste any more time talking to the three people in the courtyard.

In his eyes, his teacher had been “resurrected” and had even given a public speech to the five regions of the Shengshen continent.

This was the most important event in the world.

“Eldest senior brother!”

“Eldest senior brother Kongtong, come out! Where are you”

“Teacher has been resurrected, our teacher has been resurrected…”

He shouted.

Together with his surprised tone, he sounded more like “Teacher had fraud his death” to outsiders.

This of course made the three people in the courtyard unhappy.

“Do you think Eldest senior brother Kongtong cant hear what you can hear” The old woman said calmly.

Xiu Yuanke froze for a moment and immediately returned to normal, he turned around and roared, “Teacher has been resurrected.

Eldest senior brother Kongtong must be very happy! Happiness needs to be shared.

I came here in advance to share my happiness with Eldest Senior Brother.

Perhaps Eldest Senior Brother will even teach meSword Cognition when he is in a good mood…”

“PFFT!” The boy who was drinking water couldnt help but spit it on the face of the old woman opposite him.

He patted his thigh and said happily, “Xiu Yuanke, are you crazy Without teachers consent, Eldest Senior Brother cant impart sword cognition to others.”

Xiu Yuanke roared, “But previously, our teacher had alreadyfallen.

Its impossible for him to talk to Eldest Senior Brother and agree to it.

If this continues, if Eldest Senior Brother accidentally dies, wont sword cognition be lost This is a vicious cycle! I, Xiu Yuanke, must shoulder the heavy responsibility of revitalizing the way of the sword!”

“Youre already so old…” The old woman sighed.

“I have to say, your hot blood deserves the respect of all the young people.”

The young man who was sweeping the fallen leaves looked at the sky with a devout expression.

“I have always believed that teacher did not die and that he has always been watching me…”

The boy could not help but slam his chess piece on the chessboard.

“Hey! When you say that, can you not look at the sky”

Amidst the commotion, a figure suddenly turned around from the side of the courtyard.

“Who was cursing me to die” A genial voice sounded.

The four of them looked over and saw a man walking toward them.

He was dressed in a white swordsmans robe and had a well-proportioned figure.

He had a refined temperament and a gentle smile on his face.

“Eldest senior brother!”

“Eldest senior brother Kongtong!”

The four of them quickly stood up and bowed respectfully.

The person in front of them was the Eldest Senior Brother of Fringe Moon Immortal City, Xiao Kongtong.

It was this person who had single-handedly used more than 30 years to create a world-class top swordsmans faction in the Holy Sword Land of the Eastern Region, Fringe Moon Immortal City.

The reason why the burial sword tomb was famous was that it had been passed down since ancient times.

Each generation of heirs only needed to cultivate step-by-step.

As long as their aptitude was passable, they could almost reach the saint realm.

The reason why the Fringe Moon Immortal City was famous was because of… Xiao Kongtong!

Xiao Kongtong was not among the Seven Sword Deity, but his legacy as an ancient swordsman and his achievements in the way of the sword was incomparable to anyone of his age.

He had Bazhunans talent and the great achievements in imparting knowledge that Bazhunan had never had.

However, he was never proud of his achievements.

In the face of the worlds respect, he always took the last place and replied humbly, “This was all taught by my teacher.

You shouldnt thank me.

If you want to thank me, thank the Eighth Sword Deity.”

“Eldest senior brother, our teacher has been resurrected!” Xiu Yuanke was very excited when he saw Xiao Kongtong appear.

“Teacher has never fallen.

I also heard that voice just now.” Xiao Kongtong nodded in response.

“Eldest senior brother, are you happy” Xiu Yuanke clenched his fists, his old eyes burning.

“Im very happy, extremely happy because our teacher is finally willing to come out.” Xiao Kongtong smiled.

“Then…” Xiu Yuanke waved his arms with all his might.

“Happiness needs to be shared.

I also want to be happy.

Can you teach me theSword Cognition”

This swordsman was very direct.

“…” The other three people in the courtyard were speechless at the same time and revealed an expression ofas expected.

Xiao Kongtong had a helpless expression as well, but his temper was obviously very good.

Otherwise, Xiu Yuanke wouldnt dare to speak to him like this, he shook his head and said, “Ive already said that all of this needs to be approved by our teacher.

If he agrees, I can even teach you theSword Observation Manual.



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