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“Whats going on”

“What happened…”

Everyone spread out their hands and felt that there was a transformation in their bodies, but they couldnt tell what the transformation was.

“This is the second stage of the emotion sword technique, the Emotionless Sword ” On the other side, Teng Shanhais eye was already staring straight ahead.

The grace of Rao Yaoyaos sword technique was too outstanding.

Using the Emotionless Sword technique, the second level of the nine the emotion sword technique, she able to let the thousands of spiritual cultivator present to forget their own demonic desires in the depths of their souls.

Then, everyone regained their clarity!

This sword technique attainment…

How terrifying!

Teng Shanhai simply couldnt believe that Rao Yaoyao, who was also in the higher void state like him, was able to slash out such a sword.

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“So, this is the difference between the Seven Sword Deity and the ordinary higher void”

Teng Shanhai felt bitter.

In the past, Teng Shanhai didnt pay much attention to the Seven Sword Deity, who was rumored to have the highest combat strength below demi-saint in the continent.

He always felt that among the Seven Sword Deity, other than You Tu and Hua Changdeng, the reason why they could control the power of a demi-saint in the higher void state was because they were strong.

However, these individuals were an exception!

The others simply couldnt compare to their achievements.

However, today, Teng Shanhai had witnessed something different.

Rao Yaoyao rarely used her full strength.

Teng Shanhai didnt even know that Rao Yaoyaos understanding of the way of the emotion sword technique had already reached the second realm.

It was said that if the Seven Sword Deity was given a sword, the Sword Deity would be able to fight against a demi-saint.

But the enemy now was the Holy Emperor Dragon Scale!

Rao Yaoyao was able to destroy the Holy Emperor Dragon Scale with one strike, even though she had borrowed the power of fate from the Cang Godhood Sword.

But the power of fate had to be borrowed by someone with the ability

For example, Teng Shanhai couldnt do it at all!

Rao Yaoyaos strike was nothing more than announcing to the world that “Sword Deity” and “Godhood Sword” were equivalent to the power of the Holy Emperor

“I succeeded…”

As the sword was slashed out, the world regained its clarity.

Rao Yaoyaos eyes were filled with an inexplicable light.

The previous sword, “Red Dust, Heart Refining”, she had not destroyed the Black Dragon Energy, but through a direct confrontation, she clearly understood the gap between herself and the Holy Emperor.

This was a valuable experience.

This “demon slaying” made her firm her dao heart.

Along the path of the ancient swordsman, Bazhunan was not the only one who could achieve perfection.

He wielded four swords and could suppress a hundred generations.

With the Cang Godhood Sword, the higher void could rival the Holy Emperor Dragon Scale!

At this moment, Rao Yaoyaos dao heart was consolidated.

The self-confidence that she had lost unconsciously for decades was restored.

The three great walls of the way of the sword, You Tu, Hua Changdeng, and Bazhunan, which had been pressing on her heart all this time, seemed to have started to crumble.


Rao Yaoyao heard the sound of her bottleneck breaking.

Her eyes brightened.

She knew that if she took this step, she might be able to touch the third realm of the emotion sword technique, as well as the qualification to be a demi-saint of the way of the sword!

However, at this moment, Dao Qiongcangs deep voice rang in her ears, “Rao Yaoyao, where is the Golden Fate Dragon”

“Huh” Rao Yaoyao was stunned.

She had just slashed out with her sword, borrowing the power of the fate of the Cang Godhood Sword.

Logically speaking, the Golden Fate Dragon would return to the sword body of Cang Godhood Sword afterwards, and it would not be consumed at all.

But now…

“The Golden Fate Dragon is gone”

Rao Yaoyaos heart skipped a beat.

That was nearly one-tenth of the power of fate that had been nurtured in the holy divine palace for thousands of years!

Why didnt it come back

How could it not come back

How could it not come back!

Rao Yaoyaos pretty face instantly turned livid, and then her blood drained.

Her entire body began to tremble.

“Where did the Golden Fate Dragon go”


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