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“Dream on!”

Luo Yin rebuked him without holding back.

He was a descendant of the higher void.

How could he be subservient to others just because of the life and death of his companions

Although they were all brothers.

But the nature of the so-called “brothers” had changed after that slap on the shoulder…

Luo Yin understood the reality.

These brothers, in the end, were just “brothers in distress” that he made within the Yunlun mountain range.

For the sake of these people, he, Luo Yin, could choose to let go of some benefits, but that was because the descendant of the higher void was magnanimous, well-educated, and polite.

But if he had to directly pledge himself to someone…


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Him, Luo Yin, cant do it!

Xu Xiaoshou had long guessed Luo Yins answer.

The dignity of a descendant of the higher void had always existed, and Rong Dahao was an example.

However, dignity was something that could be destroyed, such as Rong Dahao…


Other people could not subdue a descendant of the higher void, but with Young Master Xus status as a demi-saints descendant, it would not be too much to have another descendant of the higher void under his command, right

“Dont be in a hurry to refuse.”

Xu Xiaoshou landed on the peak of the mountain and stood properly, fiddling with his clothes, he went straight to the point, “My factions ambition is not in the Fourth Dragon Range, but theLord of the Nine Dragons.

Your aptitude is very high.

If Young Master Xu was the one who came here this time, with the grudge between you two, I believe he would have sent you directly out of the Yunlun mountain range.”

“But I am different!”

As Xu Xiaoshou spoke, his tone became arrogant as he paced around, “Although we fought in the arena of heaven geomantic battle, I admire your ability very much.

As the saying goes, if you dont fight, you wont know each other.

I rarely hold grudges…”

“How about this, you come to my Xu faction and join my subordinates.

I will help you fight for the position of Dragon Guard.”

“You should know what it means to be one of the eight great Dragon Guards under the Lord of the Nine Dragons!”

Xu Xiaoshou strolled leisurely, his tone full of confidence.

This was clearly only his first battle in the Battle of the Nine Dragon Range.

As he spoke, it was as if he had already stood at the peak of the Nine Dragon Range and was beginning to command the winds and clouds.

Luo Yin muttered to himself.

He had to say that he was really moved by the other partys words.

He had fought in the mountain for an entire night and risked his life.

However, due to the fact that he had no one by his side to rely on, not only was he extremely exhausted, but the results of the battle were even snatched away by others.

Xu faction was different.

Xu faction had over a thousand men under their command.

As the number one faction in the Yunlun mountain range, no one could stop them wherever they went.

On top of that, there were also the two leaders of the Xu faction, Young Master Xu, and Mu Zixi before him.

They were all not pedantic people…

Look at this!

The other party attacked the mountain with a strategy.

With a poisonous attack, he obtained the greatest victory at the smallest cost.

Thinking from the other partys point of view, Luo Yin had to admit that the members of the Xu faction were all great talents.

In comparison, the one who attacked the mountain with brute force was the worst.

“You still have time to think, but your brothers might not be able to wait any longer.” Xu Xiaoshou casually pressured him.

Luo Yin turned to look at his brothers around him.

It did not take long.

In just a few words, the number of people on the mountain peak had been reduced by half due to the poison.

But this, after all, had nothing to do with him!

Luo Yin gritted his teeth, thinking about the key point that he was struggling with, which was freedom.

So he was unwilling.

However, opposite him, Mu Zixi attacked the mountain and struck at his heart with her words.

After listening to those words, he could not find the slightest breakthrough and did not know how to respond for a moment.


Seeing this, Xu Xiaoshou moved away slightly, finally, he said, “I know that you, the descendant of the higher void, are a good person.

Dont worry, the people of my Xu faction will come later.

However, the matter of you joining my Xu faction will not be publicized.

I will definitely take your dignity into account.

Even if Young Master Xu comes, I promise that he will be very polite to you.”

How could Luo Yin care about these things

If he really joined the Xu faction, would he be afraid of being criticized by others

The descendant of the higher void worked for the descendant of the demi-saint.

Even if he was unwilling, he would not lose dignity.

What Luo Yin cared about was freedom!

He thought for a moment and decided to haggle for a while.

“I can agree to these conditions of yours, but…”

“No buts!” Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand and interrupted him on the spot.

He backed away slightly again and pointed at Luo Yins black pants, “If you dont agree, you have to kill me.

Otherwise, once you leave the Yunlun mountain range, I will announce to the world that you, Luo Yin, defecated in your pants in the Yunlun mountain range!”

Luo Yin was speechless.

This time, the veins on his forehead popped out.

“You… are shameless!”

After holding it in for a long time, Luo Yin could only curse out this sentence.

He was shocked.

During the previous fight, he did not see that Mu Zixi was so sharp-tongued.

What was going on now Not only did this little girl become sharp-tongued, but she was also full of tricks.

She even dared to use a despicable threat such as “You defecated in your pants”


It was very effective!

“Ill give you three seconds to consider.” Xu Xiaoshou cautiously maintained a distance to prevent himself from being attacked suddenly and then began to count.


“I agree to your conditions!” Luo Yin gave up resisting, and his confidence was directly drained.

He knew that the moment he laid a hand on Mu Zixi, the Xu Factions army would certainly charge forward.

These were not important.

What was important was that Young Master Xu alone could fight against a thousand armies.

As long as this person came, Luo Yin would definitely not be able to withstand it!

Rather than putting up a stubborn resistance, he might as well choose to be the one who knew how to adapt to the situation.

Mu Zixi was right about one thing.

As a descendant of the higher void, working under the descendant of demi-saint was not lowering himself.

Moreover, Young Master Xu wanted to fight for the title of “Lord of the Nine Dragons”.

With Luo Yins ability, he would at least be able to obtain the title of “Dragon Lord” of one of the ranges in the Xu faction.

The result of the resistance would be zero.

He would be able to obtain even more if he submitted.


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