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“I, why am I swollen Am I getting bigger”

“F*ck, why do you suddenly smell so fragrant Hiss, hiss, come over and let me take a bite.

Come, come!”

“Wahahaha, Wahahaha…”

“Its so itchy, so itchy.

Can someone help me scratch it Oh no, my skin has fallen off!”

“Help, what the hell is this thing Its so hot, so hot, mmm~”

“Get lost, you pervert!”




On top of the mountain peak, everyone seemed to have gone through a metamorphosis as they were tormented by the poisonous gas until they were no longer human.

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Some began to run, some began to have a fever, and some began to self-destruct…

“What kind of poison is this!!!”

Luo Yin was going crazy, he had never seen such a terrifying poison.

Or rather, in normal battles, no one could directly poison their opponent.

But todays incident…

Was it a disaster

Was it destined for him, Luo Yin, to suffer this disaster

Why was it that Young Master Xu was a pervert and even his subordinates were all like this too

Attacking the mountain was one thing, but using poison to attack the mountain, or cultivating poison on the spot…

This, who could have thought of this!


Luo Yin suddenly saw stars.

He felt that his symptoms were about to come out.

Just by relying on his own immunity, he could not withstand it at all.

Luo Yin did not want to become like the rest.

However, he did not know exactly what kind of poison he had been poisoned with.

In fact, the number of layers of poison he had been poisoned with might even be tens of layers.

Ordinary methods would be difficult to resolve.

“Dog **!”

Luo Yin hated that little girl to the extreme.

As expected, one could not judge a book by its cover.

He immediately took out a pill bottle and poured out a third-grade detoxification pill, the Li Hui Golden Pill, and swallowed it in one gulp.

A top-tier sovereign pill had excellent medicinal effects.

Even if it was not the right medicine, it had temporarily alleviated Luo Yins condition by quite a bit.

The people around the mountain were still wailing.

Luo Yin wanted to help.

But he was only a descendant of the higher void, not a higher void.

His wealth and foundation werent as rich as a higher void.

How could he take out hundreds of higher void level golden pills and give them to everyone to consume

“Xu! De! Ye!”

Luo Yin was burning with rage.

He raised his head and roared, “If you have the guts, come out and fight me one on one.

What kind of person are you to use such underhanded methods!”

This roar was infused with a surging spiritual source and spread to all directions of the Fourth Dragon Range.

Xu Xiaoji, as Young Master Xu, was still overseeing the battle at the foot of the mountain, and was confused by this sentence.

What happened on the mountain

He wanted to turn his head and ask Xin Gugu, but he held back.

Young Master Xus image was omniscient.

How could he reveal his identity just because of a single sentence from the enemy

If Xu Xiaoji didnt ask, someone else would.

Xin Gugu pulled over a member of the Xu faction who had run down the mountain to catch his breath.

“What happened”

The member of the Xu faction looked as if he had survived a disaster.

“Leader Mu used a poison tactic to attack the top of the mountain.

Our people ran down ahead of time.

Im afraid of death, so I ran the fastest!” He was still very excited.

Xin Gugu was speechless.

“Poison tactic” The members of the Xu faction who were watching down below were all astonished and started to become a little chaotic.

Using poison, no matter what era it was, was something that the formal path was ashamed of.

Moreover, all of the people present were young talents from all over the place and not old foxes, so they disdained using poison.

But the “Poison tactic” was used by Leader Mu…

It seemed to be understandable

After all, she was not a person on the formal path to begin with!

Xu Xiaoji saw that everyones reaction was strange.

He coughed lightly and raised his voice.

“A soldier had to be adaptable in all situations.

Leader Mu used a poison tactic in order to attack the mountain.

That was to protect everyone.”

“Think about it.

If you can take down the Fourth Dragon Range without bloodshed, why would you use the lives of your brothers to fill it”

These words were beautifully said.

For a moment, all the Xu faction members emotions changed drastically, and they became grateful.

After all, what everyone really cared about the most was whether or not they could participate in the trials in the future.

The life and death of the enemy should never appear in the hearts of their own people.

Xu Xiaoji saw that the feedback from everyone was good, but his heart was even more worried.

Poison tactic…

Young Master Xus brain was not ordinary.

If he had really used a poison tactic to attack the mountain, how terrible was the situation for the people on the mountain be to be so angry

“Should we go and take a look” Xin Gugu tilted his head and suggested.

Xu Xiaoji thought for a moment, but he still followed his inner choice.

“Lets wait first.

If we go up the mountain now, even you and I might not be safe.”

Xin Gugu went silent.

That seemed to be the case!

He already knew that Young Master Xu was actually Xu Xiaoji, and that leader, Mu Zixi, was Xu Xiaoshou himself.

Xu Xiaoshou was on the mountain.

What was there to worry about

If he had such a heart, he might as well worry about whether he would suffer together after going up the mountain!

On the peak of the mountain.

Mu Zixi, who was Xu Xiaoshous incarnation, had long left the range of the medicinal fragrance.

However, when his “Perception” saw what was happening in the arena, he was also shocked.

In the Yuan mansion world, the area related to the poisonous and spiritual medicine had long been separated from the normal space.

Therefore, Xu Xiaoshou didnt expect that the things he cultivated with these poisonous and spiritual medicine seeds would have such a high lethality.

“Its a bit too terrifying…” Xu Xiaoshou was speechless.

He knew that the rank of his spiritual medicine wasnt low.

Even the Greedy the Cat Spirit was evolving along with the evolution of the Yuan mansion world.

Spiritual Medicine had a much simpler way of growing.

Even at the beginning, it was grade ten or grade nine.

Now, it should have evolved to master grade five or six, right

Moreover, Xu Xiaoshous spiritual medicine rank wasnt low to begin with…

Although it wasnt low…

A land full of his poison seeds could directly poison hundreds of masters.

This opened up a new world in Xu Xiaoshou.


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