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This is a bandit, right!

The people on the Fourth Dragon Range were all stunned by the slogan of the Xu faction.

They had heard that there was a troop of the Xu faction in the Yunlun mountain range that could sweep through thousands of soldiers.

But after they truly experienced the aura of this bandit army, they were all… lost!

What the hell!

Just based on this slogan, was this team really worthy of the name of the “Xu faction”

The leader of the attacking side and Luo Yin of the defending side each led dozens to hundreds of people, not knowing how to deal with them.

It was impossible to go down and challenge them.

They couldnt afford to lose their dignity.

Moreover, there were thousands of people on the opposite side regardless of how careless they seemed!

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“Report -”

Before they could react, another scout rushed up and said in a panic, “The people from the X-Xu faction are charging towards us!”

Charging towards us

Everyones heart tightened.

They heard a series of chaotic charging sounds at the foot of the mountain.

The sound of weapons clashing could be heard continuously, and there was even the sound of loud explosions.

“Boom, boom, boom…”

The entire mountain of the Fourth Dragon Range shook violently as if it had suffered an unbearable crazy impact.

“What happened…”

Even Luo Yin was a little stunned.

Even if thousands of people charged up the mountain at the same time, it shouldnt have caused such a loud sound, right

Were they attacking the mountain, or were they blowing up the mountain

“Report -”

At this critical moment, another scout ran up.

“Boss, boss, I dont know which traitor removed the spiritual array at the foot of the mountain, but it didnt have any effect at all.”

“The people of the Xu faction have already broken through the first layer of defense and advanced towards the second layer of defense.

Our people… Cant stop them at all!”

Hearing this, Luo Yin took a step forward and directly grabbed that persons collar, asking, “Whos the leader on the other side”

He had to make sure that the person leading the team this time was not Young Master Xu whom he had encountered before.

“The leader is a little girl.

Shes too scary.

That little girls spiritual source is like an endless stream.

Wherever she goes, she will explode.

Our people will be blown to pieces!”

Little girl

Luo Yin was stunned.

In his mind, he recalled the little wood attribute lass whom he had faced during the heaven geomantic battle.

But that lass didnt seem to be strong!

If it wasnt for Young Master Xu leading the troops, there wouldnt be over a hundred people attacking the mountain.

Why would they be defeated like this


Luo Yin couldnt think of a reason and could only curse in a low voice.

He turned his head to look at everyone who was attacking the mountain and said in a deep voice, “Everyone, for the time being, if you still want a share of the Fourth Dragon Range, listen to me.

Everyone, leave it to me to command!”


Everyone from the attacking party was immediately angered to the point of laughter.

A moment ago, everyone was still enemies.

Now that an even bigger enemy had come, Luo Yin wants to gather everyone and form his own army

“The enemy of the enemy is a friend!”

Luo Yin did not care about the others and looked at the leader of the attacking party, “You should not be stupid.

You can see that the Xu faction has no intention of letting all of us go.

If this drags on any longer, everyone will die!”

The leader of the attacking party paused and fell into a dilemma.

He did not want to hand over his military power to Luo Yin so easily.

However, the people of the Xu faction were even more ruthless.

Once they charged up the mountain, everyone would die.

What should they do

“Report -”

They were still in the decision-making stage when another scout rushed up the mountain.

“The people of the Xu faction have broken through the fourth layer of the spiritual arrays defensive line and are already halfway up the mountain.

Their firepower is so fierce.

It is as if each and every one of them has taken drugs…”

“Thats not right.

They must be taking drugs and going crazy at the same time.

Theyre using numbers to crush us!”

“Our people have been fighting for a whole night, and their condition isnt good to begin with.

Theres no way we can hold them off now…”

“Boss! What do we do”

Everyone panicked when they heard that the Fourth Dragon Range had been attacked halfway up the mountain in such a short period.

What kind of speed was this

It had only been a short while since the Xu faction had shouted out their slogan, right

Were their own people really that bad

Even if they were to be described as “Crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood”, it shouldnt be that bad, right

“Its over…”

When Luo Yin heard this news, he knew that there was no way he could turn the situation around.

The Xu factions army charging up the mountain was already set in stone.

Just based on the condition of the remaining soldiers on the mountain who didnt even have 30% of their full strength, even if he, Luo Yin, had the ability to reach the heavens, there was no way he could turn the current situation around.

“Send two men, go to the Dragon Guard flag now, I will help you stall for 15 minutes!”

Luo Yin unceremoniously commanded the leader of the attacking party.

He showed his sincerity and gave two positions to the Dragon Guard.

But the prerequisite was that these people had to be obedient.

The leader of the attacking party was still hesitating.

Luo Yin was furious.

“Do you think we still have a lot of time Is there a boss like you After witnessing your brothers sacrifice themselves one by one, you are still hesitating”

“Go and pull out the Dragon Guard flag.

In these fifteen minutes, I will protect you.”

“When the eight Dragon Guard flags are removed, I will directly take the Dragon Lords main flag and borrow the power of the Fourth Dragon Range.

Perhaps, we still have a chance of survival.”

Luo Yin ordered everything in an orderly manner.

He was certain that since the entire army of the Xu faction had moved out, they would only attack the Fourth Dragon Range.

Then perhaps, they had really been delayed by something last night.

And since it was their first time attacking the mountain.

Perhaps, among the people of the Xu faction, they didnt understand the Dragon Guard flag, the Dragon Lord flag, or thePower of the Dragon Range that they would obtain after attacking the mountain.

Information gap!

Luo Yin was fighting against the clock to get the information gap.

Faced with such pressure, the leader of the attacking party had no choice but to lower his head.

He felt that what Luo Yin said made sense.

Right now, there was indeed no more practical method than using thepower of the Dragon Range.


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