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The mountain raiders from the various sects added up to several hundred people.

However, they were still unable to take down the dozens of spiritual cultivators who were defending against the mountain attack because of Luo Yin, who was the leader.

His sacred physique was too strong!

Luo Yin seemed to be immune to all damage.

He relied on his powerful physical strength to forcefully take down all kinds of master stage spiritual techniques and forcibly pull out their flag.

The other Dragon Ranges used numbers to attack and defend.

The Fourth Dragon Range used Luo Yin as its iron defense!

Although this seemed to be an impossible operation, Luo Yin managed to use his sacred physique to pull the progress bar to more than half.

If he really pulled out the seventh Dragon Guard flag, it would mean that the hundreds of people attacking the mountain would find it hard to go against Luo Yin, who was alone.

This was a humiliation!

Who could endure it

“Charge! Screw him!”

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The mountain raiders attacked crazily like an indefatigable battle machine.

Very quickly, they tore apart the defensive line of the people around Luo Yin and climbed up the mountain with quite a few ambushers.




The ambushers triggered their spiritual source and gathered its power.

They wanted to give Luo Yin, who could not move, a head-on blow.

But at this moment.


The mountain of the Fourth Dragon Range suddenly shook slightly.

A low voice came from afar.

It sounded like a war drum being struck, but it also sounded like an army of ten thousand people marching with a majestic aura.

“Whats the situation”

All of a sudden, the attackers and defenders were stunned.

What happened that could cause the towering mountain of the Fourth Dragon Range to shake

Even though the shaking was very slight, it shouldnt happen…


Everyone was suspicious.

“Report ~ ~”

At this moment, a scout from the attacking side climbed up the peak.

His expression was flustered, and even his voice was trembling.

“What happened down there”

The leader of the attacking side temporarily stopped all actions and asked in a deep voice.

The scout panted heavily, but his voice did not dare to stop.

Clearly, the situation was extremely urgent.

“A large number of trial-takers suddenly surged into the land realm that the Fourth Dragon Range belongs to.

They are marching and drumming at the same time.

They seem to have an extraordinary aura, as though they are competing for the Dragon Lord!”

Marching and drumming

The leader of the attacking party frowned.

This description made it seem like the two armies were about to engage in a battle.

However, which spiritual cultivator would enter the Yunlun mountain range and even bring a war drum

What the hell!

“How many of them are there” The leader of the attacking party asked.

“One patch…” The scout panted.

“One patch What one patch! Tell me clearly!” The leader of the attacking partys tone was getting a little unpleasant.

“What did this description mean I asked you how many people, and you said one patch”

The scout took a deep breath, paused for a moment, swallowed his saliva, and said, “One patch of dark mass…”

The leader of the attacking party was confused.

His expression immediately changed.

It was not just him.

On the mountain peak, all the mountain raiders had received intelligence from their own scouts, and their expressions changed drastically.

Even the people around Luo Yin also vaguely realized that the situation was becoming more and more strange.

The battle here was in full swing.

In the distance, it seemed like another army had arrived, and it looked like there were quite a number of people.

“So, how many people”

Luo Yins brothers were holding their swords as they asked the mountain raider in front of them.

Seeing that the other partys expression was not good, he added, “From an exchange of blows, friendship grows.

Tell me about it too.

Dont wait for us to fight to the death here and let others take advantage of us.”

Mountain raider replied, “Im f*cking fighting with you here.

How could I know something that you dont know!”

After this small interlude, everyone put down their weapons.

Everyone was smart.

No one wanted a cooked duck to fly away.

Since the fruit of victory could only be produced between the two of us, what right did they have to fight for the whole night and still hand over the victory to a third party

“How many people!” The leader of the mountain raiders saw that Luo Yin had also stopped pulling out the flag and looked over with an inquisitive look.

He immediately turned around and scolded the scout.

There was originally no enmity between them.

The fight to the death was all because of the rules of the Nine Dragon Range.

Luo Yin respected this group of attacking party for their perseverance.

The attacking party also admired Luo Yin for being able to defend the battle situation up to this point alone.

Both sides did not want to be treated like mantis and cicadas.

When the scout saw that the battle situation had actually subsided because of his one sentence, he was a little stunned, but when he came back to his senses, he immediately replied, “Theres a dark mass of people.

There are countless of them.

Just by looking at it, Im afraid there are more than a thousand of them!”

With a thud, everyones heart sank.

More than a thousand people

Damn it, how could there be so many people

A night had passed.

If there were more than a thousand people in the large team of the Yunlun Mountain Range, they would have long taken down the Dragon Lord and Dragon Guard from other places.

Where did these more than a thousand people come from

What were they doing last night

Mass diarrhea

“Are you sure you didnt see wrongly” The leader of the attacking side was shocked.

The scout rolled his eyes.

He didnt even want to answer.

Although he was only at the innate stage, he was still in the voidness state.

Did his leader really think that he is blind and useless

Luo Yin frowned in the distance as he walked over with the sixth Dragon Guard flags on his back.

“Theres really more than a thousand people Im afraid thats not the case!”

“As far as I know, theres only one Xu faction in the Yunlun mountain range that has more than a thousand people.”

“And for a big faction like the Xu faction, if they want to fight, they should fight for the First Dragon Range.

After all, they have a good reputation.”

“A night has already passed.

In this godforsaken place of ours, let alone the Xu faction, the other slightly larger groups havent even come over.

How could there be more than a thousand people all of a sudden”

Luo Yin completely ignored the previous conflict between the two sides and went straight in front of the scout.

He asked in a deep voice, “Are you sure that what you saw was not someone elses spiritual source clone, the kind that can only fill up the numbers and has no fighting power”



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