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The strongest expert of the black-clothed people who spoke first was finally shut up by everyone.

The guy who had said that there was a third person at the scene added excitedly, “Higher Void! The third person must have a Higher Void (level) cultivation to have the power of extermination!”

Wang Dachuis eyelids twitched as he listened from the side.

These guys didnt care about the occasion, did they

After Yis death, the situation became chaotic.

Probably at this moment, the thoughts in Rao Yaoyaos mind were also a mess.

These guys didnt think that it was a big thing and wanted to add fuel to the fire

“Shut up!”

Wang Dachui immediately shouted when he thought of this.

He felt that as the Chief of the Physique Division, he should stand up for Deity Rao and stop this group of people from being nasty.

“Noisy, its very noisy, are you done Dont you feel that its very noisy!”

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All the black-clothed people immediately held their breaths, so quiet that only the sound of breathing could be heard.

Rao Yaoyaos head hurt so much that she pinched her temples.

Then, she slowly turned her eyes and met Wang Dachuis gaze.

“What, Whats the matter” Wang Dachui was frightened by Deity Raos terrifying gaze.

“You should be the one to shut up!” Rao Yaoyao snapped.

She turned her eyes to the few intelligence personnel and pointed with her delicate fingers, “Continue to make noise.”

The few intelligence officers looked at each other.

Very quickly, the anger that had been suppressed erupted once again.

“Speak, are you speechless We were talking about the third person just now.

You have nothing to say now, right Ive said that something is wrong with your brain.

The power of Yin Yang Life and Death Trap has appeared.

Isnt this the work of Storyteller”

The strongest mouthy expert of the black-clothed man seemed to have stirred up the anger of everyone.

But now, it was like a war of words between scholars.

However, he wasnt afraid.

He only frowned slightly and turned his head to think as if he was trying to grasp some details.

From the side, Teng Shanhai finally understood.

This group of intelligence personnel wasnt adding fuel to the fire.

Instead, they were helping Rao Yaoyao clear up her train of thought!

Yis death was fishy, and there were too few clues.

Only when these smart people gathered together and brainstormed could they help Rao Yaoyao clear up her train of thought, allowing her to recall some crucial details.

But this method…

Teng Shanhai didnt agree.

It was because he and Wang Dachui shared the same mentality.

Were they quarreling

They must be crazy!

Now that Wang Dachui was being scolded, Teng Shanhai calmed down and realized that these intelligence agents were indeed as smart as ghosts.

In the beginning, they directly made an impossible guess, which aroused their anger and allowed everyone to follow suit.

In the end, the situation was just like it was in the cloud and fog at the beginning, and now as if the clouds and fog had been parted and the sky had been cleared.

Teng Shanhai looked at the strongest expert of the black-clothed people who was pondering.

He tried hard to identify him, and finally remembered that this guy was the popular man by Rao Yaoyaos side.

During the previous mission, he had met him a few times.

Strictly speaking, this person was also the leader of this group of intelligence workers.

More than a quarter of an hour ago, he was in charge of the most important task of interrogating Mu Zixi — Yis mission.

He seemed to be called…

Huan Yi

The black-clothed mouthy strongest expert Huan Yi was still pondering, while the others tacitly agreed not to disturb him.

Just as Teng Shanhai had thought, this group of people was using a different method to help Rao Yaoyao clear her thoughts.

Similarly, they were using this method of arguing to gather all the different details of the intelligence that each of them had.

Among the six divisions, everyone knew that the Chief of the Physique Division and the Chief of the Combat Division were physically strong but simple-minded people.

They did not expect these two people to be able to see through anything.

Not disturbing them was their greatest care.

The quarrel of the fools was like a shrew cursing the street.

It was unreasonable.

Whereas the wise mens quarrel was like peeling the onion in a court case.

The brain of the black-clothed people Huan Yi was spinning frantically among his subordinates shouts.

He proposed an assumption that he thought was impossible and took it as the correct answer first.

Then, to refute this impossibility, his subordinates had to give a possibility that might be true.

Huan Yi was not seeking the truth.

He only wanted to use verbal confrontation to stimulate his thoughts and find the potentialpossibility

“A third person…”

“At least Higher Void (level)…”

Huan Yi pondered.

After a long time, he finally seemed to have found the key clue and his eyes lit up.

“I agree with the third person that you guys mentioned.

I think the Divine Sorcerer is restrained and Storytellers ability is there, but it is not enough to meet the standard of the power of eradication.

Therefore, there must be a third person here!” Huan Yi said confidently.

“Hmph!” his subordinate beside him snorted smugly.

“But that third person is definitely not the Higher Void (level)!” Huan Yi turned to look at him.

His words were as firm as nails.

“Are you crazy Its fine if theres something wrong with your brain, but its not the Higher Void (level) If its not the Higher Void (level), who had killed Yi Was Yi that easy to kill” his subordinates face turned green.

Huan Yi did not explain.

He turned to look at Teng Shanhai and said respectfully, “Senior, let me ask you a question.

If you met Storyteller and a Divine Sorcerer, and they wanted to kill you, what would you do”

Teng Shanhai was stunned, and he turned to look at Rao Yaoyao.

Rao Yaoyao nodded at him.

Teng Shanhai said, “Fight!”

“What if you cant beat them” Huan Yi asked again.

“If there were only these two people, I could defeat them.

I have fought with Storyteller before.

His ability is indeed strange.

No wonder he could be chased by white-clothed and still walk on the line of life and death for so many years.

But if we were to fight, he couldnt defeat me,” Teng Shanhai was certain.


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