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“I caught it,” there seemed to be some fluctuation in Lei Xiers voice.

“You caught it Are you sick Why did you catch this…” Xu Xiaoshou didnt hear anything unusual and only asked, “Then what should I do”

“Curse it!”


“Be more ruthless!”


“Treat it as Xu Xiaoshou and curse it!” Lei Xiers charming voice now sounded cunning with mockery.

Xu Xiaoshou was silent for a long time.

“Are you kidding me”


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“Then Im cursing myself”

“You said that we cant make mistakes in the details.

Now its time to curse.

Its a quarter of an hour.

You can go a little over the time, but it cant be less.”

Xu Xiaoshou was lost for words.

What kind of weird habit was this

Was his junior sister sick

I should have noticed it earlier and found a doctor to treat her!

It must be Elder Sangs fault.

That fellows mental state doesnt seem to be normal.

As his disciple, Junior Sister was indeed affected to a certain extent.

Xu Xiaoshou took a deep breath and then stopped.

“How do I curse”

“Do it as ruthlessly as you can.”

“But I dont know how…”

“I… shes just copying your words.

Just follow your habits.”

“Are you trying to differentiate between us now”

“Are you going to curse” Lei Xi-er was suddenly exasperated.

Xu Xiaoshou was amused.

“The tone of your voice is starting to change toward my junior sister.”

The Yuan Mansion world suddenly fell silent.

Xu Xiaoshou snorted and ignored her.

Gritting his teeth, he figured ut for a long time and began to curse himself.

“Dong, dong, dong!”

The believer had not started the ritual to curse for long when there was a knock on the door.

Xu Xiaoshous Perception saw a trial officer in black.

He was surprised that the trial officer had come so early, but his face showed a pleasantly surprised expression.

“Young Master Xu”

“Dong, dong, dong!”

The knocking on the door was steady, neither fast nor slow.

‘Mu Zixi frowned.

She held the small wooden pot and the small wooden shovel, ran over while holding up her small skirt, and opened the door.

“Trial Officer.” The black-clothed man opened his bounded domain and it completely enveloped the place.

The little girl panicked at the right time and took two steps back.

“Who are you Why are you looking for me If you have anything, look for Young master Xu!” She subconsciously opened her mouth, wanting to shout.

“Ive told you that Im a trial officer.

You dont have to worry about your safety!”

The man in black interrupted the little girl in front of him and did not speak in a good tone of voice.

After all, he had a time constraint.

“Im only here to ask you a few questions.

It wont involve others.

You dont have to panic.

Just answer truthfully.”

“I, I… okay, okay.” The little girl crossed her arms in front of her chest.

The small wooden pot and the small wooden shovel were used as defensive weapons and were placed in front of her.

When she finished speaking.

A surge of mental strength suddenly invaded her mind.

In an instant, it made her feel drowsy.

This feeling was too familiar.

When she was fighting with Yi previously, the intensity of Yis ghostly energy was many times stronger than this!

Compared to Yi, the trial officer in front of him was too weak.

However, compared to an ordinary spiritual cultivator, just this surge of mental strength did not hurt anyones mind.

Xu Xiaoshou knew that.

The person in front of him was at least a Cutting Path (stage)!

And it was a cutting path (stage) that was proficient in mental interrogation!

Rao Yaoyao placed great importance on the existence of Mu Zixi.

When she discovered the anomaly, in less than 15 minutes, she had sent the mental-type Cutting Path (stage).

If it were someone else, wouldnt he be charged on the spot and tell the whole story

However, Xu Xiaoshous mental awakening was triggered passively and he woke up.

But his body went limp and he fell to the ground.

At the same time, he used his wood attribute ability to conjure a small wooden pot and a small wooden shovel.

They turned into the spiritual source and returned to his energy reserve.

Small details…

The trial officer in black lowered his eyes and saw this scene.

He didnt feel anything strange.

This was the most normal reaction of a wood attribute spiritual cultivator after being controlled by his mind.

He asked directly, “Tell me in detail what you encountered tonight and what you had done.”

“Tonight… I encountered the fiery rabbit… the colored tail chicken… the hornless cow… the two-winged bird… a… gulp… a big bear whose name I dont know…” Xu Xiaoshou imitated Mu Zixi, his eyes were lifeless as he muttered to himself.

He had read Yis soul memories and had a large amount of experience in mental interrogation.

Similarly, he knew how the person under mental interrogation would react.

To Yi, a small trick like the trial officer before him could only get the answers he wanted through questions.

If there was a deviation in the question…

The person being mentally interrogated would answer according to his usual personality.

As expected, when the trial officer heard the names of these spiritual beasts, his eyebrows jumped and he was somewhat baffled.

Then, he asked, “What did you do”

“I… ate them… gulp…” the little girl was in a coma, and she even swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

The trial officers face immediately turned dark.

But this was also considered a normal answer, so he changed the question.

“You are fighting with Young Master Xu for the position of the leader of the Xu Faction”

“Yes, Yes… d*mn it, Young Master Xu… not giving me back the position of the leader… d*mn it… ” The little girl who was lying on the ground suddenly trembled.

She seemed to be agitated and showed signs of waking up.

The trial officer was speechless.

He did not expect that the position of a small leader in the trial would have such a fatal attraction to the little girl in front of him!

The fluctuation of her emotions almost made her unable to break free from the mental restraint…


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