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In Dongtianwang City.

Tonight was destined to be a sleepless night.

Holy Divine Guards swarmed out from Holy Divine Palace, completely ignoring all the rules of the Imperial City.

Groups of people passed through the sky and rushed out in a hurry.

They accurately sniped at the strongest factions within the imperial city and all boundaries.

“What happened”

Everyone was alarmed.

The Sovereign (stage) led the group in full force.

Without any concealment, the majestic spiritual source of various elements passed through the various sects and factions.

Even the spiritual cultivator in seclusion was shocked out of seclusion.

As the local tyrants of Imperial City, the various organizations and factions had their own methods of obtaining information.

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In just a short while, someone obtained the information.


“Holy Divine Palace has suddenly gone crazy.

They used a search warrant to search the most powerful faction.

They didnt even bother to give the slightest bit of reason.

If there was even the slightest obstruction, blood would spill on the spot!”

“Great Mystic Heavenly Sect, Guiyin Pavilion, and the like… They just activated Sect Guarding Array and wanted to reason with them.”

“Holy Divine Palace didnt even have time to talk nonsense.

They directly used the higher void (level) to destroy the array!”

“I heard that Sect Master Leng Qi had wanted to resist, but in the end, he was hung up and beaten while they asked questions…”

In Imperial City, all the sects, big and small, were panicking.

Everyone understood it as Holy Divine Palace had suddenly made a big move to carry out a great purge.

However, no one could find out the reason behind this.

According to rumors, the sects that had a guilty conscience had only wanted to buy some time to figure out why Holy Divine Palace had made such a move.

And half of the sects higher-ups were killed as a warning, and the other half were taken down on the spot!

They were taken away.

The entire sect was desolate.

In Southern District.

In a small tavern where its signboard had been removed, an auction was in full swing.

This was the venue of the Spirit Gem Trade Fair in the past.

The tavern had a hidden universe.

Such an excellent place to attract money would not be used only when the Spirit Gem Trade Fair was held once every few years.

Usually, auctions of all scales were held here.

As long as the specifications were up, they could apply to hold the auctions here.

With Night Cat behind the scenes, there was no doubt that the auctions would be safe and reliable.

At this moment, the Night Cat Fourth Manager, Yuan Haisheng was sitting down and presiding over the smooth running of the auction behind the scene.

The venue was guarded by the strongest spiritual array.

Once getting in, the people inside would lose contact with the outside world.

Naturally, the people inside did not know what was happening in the outside world.

At a particular moment.

In the dark room, the only communication bead that could still maintain contact with the outside world buzzed.

Yuan Haisheng was surprised.

This was the communication bead that was in contact with the base of Night Cat headquarters.

Normally, it would not buzz.

Now that there was something strange, something big must have happened in the outside world.

Yuan Haisheng connected to the communication bead with a solemn expression.

“The fourth.”

“The second!”

Nangong Yins voice sounded from the other end with a great sense of urgency, “Yuan Haisheng! I order you to immediately stop the auction process.

In 10 breaths time, stabilize everyone at the scene and wait for orders.

In 30 breaths time, activate the teleportation portal and return to the headquarters base.

Remember to crush the communication bead and activate the self-destruction procedure of the teleportation portal.”

Yuan Haishengs mind went blank.

What was going on

He even shouted out his real name

He was stunned for a second and did not ask further.

He stopped the auction process and suppressed everything with the great array under everyones protest.

Then, he activated the spiritual array and teleported himself to the headquarters base.

It was still a dark room.

Under the pitch-black silence, there was no light for illumination.

One could only vaguely see a round table and seven high-back chairs.

Yuan Haisheng found the fourth chair and sat down.

He noticed that four people had sat at the round table.

These were the person-in-charge of various places.

Besides this, the remaining teleportation portal lit up one after another.

Soon after, other than the main seat, the six managers of Night Cat were all gathered.

Everyone was confused, but no one spoke.

It was obvious that they were waiting for something.

Yuan Haishengs heart beat faster.

He had joined Night Cat for a long time, but compared to the elders present, he could only be considered a new contestant.

He had only experienced once this kind of round table meeting where all the person-in-charge were gathered.

That was also the first time he saw the First Manager.

It was very obvious.

To be able to make the six person-in-charge put down what they were doing, there was no other reason other than the First Manager coming.

Not long after everyone sat down, a mist rose from the main seat and turned into a human figure.

The human figure was wearing a black robe and a beast mask.

His body was surrounded by water vapor, making it impossible to see his appearance or figure.

“First Manager!”

However, when this person appeared, the six person-in- charge of Night Cat were terrified and bowed to greet him.

Even the Second Manager, Nangong Yin, did the same.

No one knew who the First Manager was or what cultivation level he had.

All they knew was that the First Managers nickname wasWater Ghost.

He knew everything about everyone, including their life and death.

In Night Cat, betrayal did not exist.

The person who was chosen to be the person in charge was not only himself, even the lives of his wife and children were in the hands of the First Manager.

“Please be at ease.”

The First Manager, Water Ghost, knocked on the table twice with his fingers and motioned for everyone to sit down.

He then said, “I gather everyone here to say a few things.

You just listen, theres no need to reply.”

His voice was steady and powerful, slightly hoarse, and had the unique charm of a mature middle-aged man.


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