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He did not break through the bounded domain with a sword strike.

It was because even if the Cloud Realm world could not sense the Sovereign (stage) power that erupted outside the bounded domain, Rao Yaoyaos spiritual sense would not be so easily deceived.

He had to wait endlessly until Yis bounded domain transformed into a familiar dominating power.

And until his younger sisters bounded domain was once again replaced and transformed into the Yis Higher Void world.


The Higher Void world shattered in silence…

How terrifying would the energy that could blow up the Higher Void world be

However, under the suppression of the net of Divine Secret Veins, Lei Shuangxing who was nearby did not even hear the slightest sound of the explosion.

In the wilderness on the mountain.

It was silent.

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Who would have thought that by taking a step forward, where no one could see, a Higher Void great war was erupting crazily

Even the great void world was blasted out.

It meant that one of the two parties in the battle had come to a dead end.

Lei Shuangxing still did not receive any message asking for help from Xu Xiaoshou, nor did he receive any message redirected from Saint Servant.

Thus he knew.

The party that was at the dead end was Yi!

With a rational thought and an absolutely clear grasp of the opportunity, Lei Shuangxing made his move.

He never fought a battle that he was not confident in.

The Sovereign (stage) Way of the Sword was strong, but it was not stronger than Higher Void, even if Higher Void was at the dead end.

When facing high realm enemies, Lei Shuangxing never used his own strength.

Just like in the battle in Tiansang Spirit Palace back then, he met Ye Xiaotian and crazily used the sword cognition and sword ball of Baizhunan.

This time, Lei Shuangxing took out a page of a book from his chest.

It was from the Storytellers Yin Yang Life and Death Trap.

He didnt know if Xu Xiaoshou had any other tricks up his sleeve that could stop Yi from escaping.

Maybe he did.

Maybe he would also be caught off guard by Yis Terminal lucidity.

But to Lei Shuangxing…

With him around tonight, there was only one outcome…

“No one can escape!”

A page of the book.

Dimensional reduction attack.

“I dont care what happened among you guys inside, but the last layer of protection must be in my hands.

Whoever wants to live or run away, its impossible without my permission!”

This was related to his sister, so Lei Shuangxing only had this thought in his heart.

“Who are you!!!”

Yi, who was trapped in the ancient book world… had completely gone mad!

He had been forced to this extent by Xu Xiaoshou and Patriarch Wuji, and even running away was an extravagant hope.

And he didnt expect…

In his final journey, his people still didnt show up, but an enemy!

Moreover, this enemy, under the hundreds of thousand layers of Divine Secret Veins net, had pulled him into another spatial world.

How insane was this!

I, Yi, had only thrown that little girl lightly!

Why did things have to end up this way

Why did things have to end up this way that you had to make it extremely tragic!

A person, when he was already at the edge of despair, yet another fellow ran out and told him in a very indifferent manner.

“Even if you, Yi, succeeded in half of your previous move, in the end, after breaking through the 100,000 layers of the Divine Secret Veins net, youre still under my control.”

Who could endure this

Yi pounced forward like a madman and roared heart-wrenchingly, “I will take you down!”

He wanted to possess Lei Shuangxing!

If he was at his peak condition, he would be able to break through the ancient book space with a single move.

But now, there was only a wisp of spiritual will left in the Escape Divine Coin.

Yi could not even launch a soul attack.

He could only rely on this last wisp of spiritual will to possess this unexpected guest.

Lei Shuangxing didnt even dodge.

Yis Escape Divine Coin passed through his glabella as if piercing through his soul.

Everyone was stunned…

Including Xu Xiaoshou, Lei Xier, and Patriarch Wuji.

Lei Shuang Xing slowly turned around and took out a book page.

On the book page…

Xu Xiaoshou and the others could see that they were inside the two-dimensional world.

And there was no figure of Lei Shuangxing.

“Im sorry.”

There were traces of pitifulness in Lei Shuangxings tone, “You and I are not in the same world.

You have no chance of possessing me.”

“And next…”

As Lei Shuangxing spoke, he turned around and faced Xu Xiaoshou and the others.

His eyes were still tightly shut.

No one could tell who he had wanted to see.

Lei Shuangxing indeed could not see at all.

However, the sudden appearance of the Lifelong Vein allowed everyone to see the blind mans surging killing intent under his calm emotions.

Lei Shuangxing slowly lifted the famous sword — Divine-Beating Crutch.

“Remember, in your next life, no matter who you are or what level of cultivation you have, there are some things that you should never do in your entire life!”


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