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As for the remaining Lei Xier…

This woman carried the karma of the Lei familys tragedy.

Perhaps all of the Lei familys backup plans were on her.

It was naturally not safe to possess her.

However, the Lei family was only a Great Void family after all.

As long as it was a Great Void family, it meant that there was no Demi-Saint in the family, even if the Lei familys overall strength was comparable to the Demi-Saint.

However, in terms of will…

Even if the head of the Lei family came out, at most, he would only have the Great Void levels will…

And Yi was a Great Void!

In such a critical situation, Lei Xier was comparatively the best choice.

Of course.

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It was also the only choice!

Yis half soul body suddenly braked in front of the berserk giant and then tilted his head to avoid him.

This scene was so familiar.

Xu Xiaoshou subconsciously tilted his head…

Soul Reading!

That pair of blood-black eyes, which were surging with demonic Qi, suddenly shot out a dark light and focused directly on Yi.


Yi laughed mockingly.

He had been hit once.

With the previous experience, how could he not be on guard

“The power of Great Void…”

“Chaotic Ghostly Qi, spiritual embodiment!”

Yi put his palms together.

The green and black Great Void energy surrounded his body and protected him at the front, forming the second body of the spiritual will.

This body of spiritual will was only connected to a strand of his spiritual senses.

He had been hit by the Soul Reading before.

Basically, when one was hit by a spiritual technique, he could deduce what method the spiritual technique used and how it launched an attack, from the battle consciousness of the Great Void.

As expected.

Everything was under control.

Yi only had a strand of his spiritual senses.

According to Xu Xiaoshous Soul Reading, that body of spiritual will had the spiritual energy from the power of the Great Void and Yis spiritual will…

This was the foundation of a persons soul.

Hence, the perfect control skill of Soul Reading was blocked by Yis body of spiritual will!

If it had been another opponent, he would not have been able to find a way in terms of spiritual and soul to counter Soul Reading in such a short time.

However, Yi had started with spirit and soul.

He was a master in this aspect.

Even the power of the Great Void was a combination of soul attack and defense.

He had used a small trick to block the awakening technique that Xu Xiaoshou was proud of.

And the second body of the spiritual will was controlled.

Even if Yi only pulled a strand of spiritual senses, his body was still affected and was delayed for a moment.

However, Yi was prepared for it.

He had planned to give up on that strand of spiritual senses.

He immediately cut it off, and his soul body regained its mobility.

“Are you stunned”

As he passed by the berserk giants head, Yi turned his eyes and saw a flash of astonishment in the berserk giants huge eyes.

Yi smiled.

“At such a young age, you should be proud of yourself for being able to use so many methods to force me into this state!”

Yi said these words from the bottom of his heart.

Patriarch Wuji and Lei Xier did not interfere in the previous battle.

Xu Xiaoshou had destroyed the Great Voids physical body with his own strength and the Grandmaster Realm.

Furthermore, it was the physical body of the Chief of Transformation Division on the continent.

Even though he had the help of powerful external objects like the Fourth Sword which could ignore the cultivation realms.

However, external objects were also a part of his strength.

If the news of Xu Xiaoshous battle results were to spread outside, he would be able to stir up huge waves in the five regions!


That was all…

After a pause, Yi shook his head gently and sighed, “You have already used all your methods, but I still have the strength that you cannot reach.

Next, you should obediently sleep!”

The Great Void energy surged again.

The power of the Chaotic Ghostly Qi was not only able to construct a second body of spiritual will as a defense.

Ultimately, the move just now was just Yis battle consciousness in using the Great Void energy.

He countered each move as he saw fit and used the move as he saw fit.

The true power of the Chaotic Ghostly Qi was not a defense, but an attack.

“Spiritual Will, Fall!”

The moment Yi passed by, he waved his hand.

The Chaotic Ghostly Qi turned into a flying spirit butterfly and flew over, invading the mind and soul of the berserk giant.

“Controlled, Passive Points 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou felt as if he was hallucinating.

His eyelids instantly felt heavy, and he was about to fall asleep.

Yis Great Void power could make the enemy unconscious and fall!

This was something that couldnt be solved in a battle!


Xu Xiaoshou wanted to fight back and lift his eyelids.

However, he was too weak.

He was so drowsy that he couldnt even move a finger.

The absolute suppression of the cultivation realm…

The absolute suppression of the Great Voids energy…

Just like what Yi had said.

It was enough for a Master (stage) junior to do what he did.

Anything more would be too much!


Was there really no solution

Had he really done enough


Xu Xiaoshous consciousness was in a daze.

But in the next second, a furious roar sounded in his mind, and he continued speaking.

“I cant sleep!”

Along with this thought, a loud sound echoed in his mind.

It was as if a bucket of ice water had been poured on him, and Xu Xiaoshou instantly woke up.

Soul Awakening!

Disillusionment Finger: when it was under the control of the mind and soul, it would be activated passively.

It would accumulate charge points and then counterattack.

This move was not an active skill, to begin with, but a special passive skill that was used passively for a counterattack!

“Disillusionment Finger (charge point: 4.62%).”


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