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The black Reborn Lily sea of flowers slowly swayed in the wind.

Within the bounded domain, almost no one was unaffected by this extreme demonic qi, even the master of the bounded domain, Yi.

“God Devil Eyes”

Yi looked at the thick blackness in front of him.

Only at this moment did he react.

The appearance of the Reborn Lily was probably due to the Life Force of the Ultimate Life Demon Physique.

However, the divine power and demonic power couldnt be brought by a mere sacred physique, even if there was the worddemon inUltimate Life Demon Physique.

“Ultimate Life Demon Physique…


“So, the prediction of Rao Yaoyao and Xiao Xiao has come true!”

Yi could not believe it.

The situation before him had gone straight to the worst.

There was not even the slightest bit of leeway to mediate.

He looked at the domain that covered the entire area.

He knew that within this domain, the people outside were unable to observe the situation inside the domain even if it was through the Cloud Realm world.

The best choice now was to close the domain!


Xuan Wuji had said that he had seized control of the world of Divine Secret.

Even if Rao Yaoyao realized that something was wrong and was trying her best to save it…

No one knew Xuan Wujis attainments in the Divine Secret better than Yi.

Even if he closed the domain, he would not be able to stall enough time.

The outsiders would probably only be confused and would not know what was going on.

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Moreover, there was clearly more than one Sovereign (stage) in this place.

Xuan Wuji also had a domain.

If he ended the geographical advantage, someone else might have to take over this sky demonic qi.

Most importantly…

“I havent been able to transmit the situation here to the outside world yet!” Yis heart sank.

The remnants of the Lei family had come out.

Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou had come out.

Xuan Wuji, who had escaped from Abyss Island, was also here.

The majority of the people who were involved in the current tense situation in Dongtianwang City had appeared in front of him.

And these people didnt hide anything from him when they discussed the matter.

What did it mean

“They all want to eliminate me!”

Yi suddenly smiled.

He might as well not clean his wound.

The residual power of the sword cognition could not be removed in a short period of time.

Yi looked at Lei Xier, who had suddenly turned from a girl into a woman, and his eyes narrowed.

“Xu Xiaoshou, Xuan Wuji…”

“At the end of the day, they are only the key people at the moment.

Even if I cant take them down in a short period of time, Rao Yaoyao has prepared to.

“But the remnant of the Lei family, the God Devil Eyes, will definitely not live past tonight!”

Yi immediately made a decision.

Lei Xier, her appearance was a big thing.

It was so big that it was enough to dig up the tragedy from 10 years ago and stir up a bloody storm on the continent.

Why would a person who should have died long ago be so reluctant to leave the world

Yi looked at his body which the other half could not be connected.

He gritted his teeth.

And thoroughly split his body into two!

“Lei Xier”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at this familiar yet unfamiliar woman in a daze.

He was still in a confused state.

“Wheres Mu Zixi”

“Let go of me first…”

Lei Xiers gaze moved down and landed on Xu Xiaoshous hand that was still on her waist.

Xu Xiaoshou let go of his hand as if he was electrocuted.

However, in an instant, he felt as if he had lost something.

His eyes were once again filled with demonic qi and turned black and red.

He couldnt control himself and shouted, “Im asking, wheres Mu Zixi!”

“Why are you so fierce” Lei Xier wrinkled her nose.

For a moment, she had a posture somewhat similar to Mu Zixi.

She quickly regained her indifference and replied, “Shes sleeping.”

“Sleeping” Xu Xiaoshou was so nervous that both of his hands clamped onto Lei Xiers shoulders.

“When will she wake up”

Lei Xier could not break free from Xu Xiaoshous strength at all.

As she knew that she could not break free, she did not even have the desire to resist.

She only said calmly, “Dont act rashly.

Shes just injured.

Shes only temporarily asleep…”

“Then why did you come out!” Xu Xiaoshous eyes widened in anger and he interrupted her on the spot.

In his previous life, he had ended his life in the ward.

He was alone and helpless.

In this life, he finally had friends and family.

However, all of them gradually walked further and further away.

Even his junior sister, who had accompanied him for the longest time, had ended this way after experiencing this disaster.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt like this.

Mu Zixi had changed too much.

She had grown taller, and her figure had also improved.

Even though her face and her voice didnt change much.

However, the tone and emotions in her words were no longer the little junior sister that he was familiar with.

Lei Xier was silent.

She looked at the changes in Xu Xiaoshous emotions and could clearly feel that the person in front of him had been completely controlled by the demonic Qi of the God Devil Eyes.

He had already lost the wisdom and resourcefulness that his little junior sister admired the most in her heart.

He had become an ordinary person.

“What do you think”

Lei Xier seemed to have Mu Zixis straightforward tone and didnt beat around the bush at all.

She only said calmly, “She was waiting for you until the end.”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

His lips and teeth trembled uncontrollably, and his eyes reddened.

“Im sorry, Im sorry.

I should have come earlier…”

“Theres no need to apologize,” Lei Xier shook her head.

“My appearance is only a matter of time.

You didnt do anything wrong.

Youve already done enough.”

She glanced at Patriarch Wuji.

Patriarch Wuji by the side was instantly terrified.

He knew that he had probably made a huge mistake.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt care about this anymore.

He tightened his grip and asked nervously, “So, what are the conditions for you to return and let Mu Zixi come out”


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